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Blue Lives

This has to be the best damn post I have seen posted about police officers on Facebook.

“It’s not the police who need to be retrained, it’s the public. We have grown into a mouthy, cell phone wielding, vulgar, uncivil society with no personal responsibility and the attitude of ‘it’s the other person’s fault’, 'you owe me’. A society where children grow up with no boundaries or knowledge or concern for civil society and personal responsibility.

When an officer says "Put your hands up,” then put your hands up! Don’t reach for something in your pocket, your lap, your seat. There’s plenty of reason for a police officer to feel threatened, there have been multiple assaults and ambushes on police officers lately. Comply with requests from the officer, have your day in court. Don’t mouth off, or fight, or refuse to comply… that escalates the situation.

Police officers are our sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters. They’re black, white, brown, all colors, all ethnicities, all faiths, male and female, they are us. They see the worst side of humanity… the raped children, the bloody mangled bodies of traffic victims, the bruised and battered victims of domestic violence, homicide victims, body parts… day after day.

They work holidays while we have festive meals with our families. They miss school events with their kids, birthdays, anniversaries, all those special occasions that we take for granted. They work in all types of weather, under dangerous conditions, for relatively low pay.

They have extensive training, but they are human. When there are numerous attacks on them, they become hyper vigilant for a reason, they have become targets. When a police officer encounters any person… any person, whether at a traffic stop, a street confrontation, an arrest, whatever… that situation has the potential to become life threatening. You, Mr & Mrs/Miss Civilian, also have the responsibility of keeping the situation from getting out of control.

Many, the majority, of law enforcement officers are Veterans. They’ve been in service to this nation most of their lives, whether on the battlefield or protecting us here at home. They are the only thing that stands between us and anarchy in the streets.

If you want to protect your child, teach them respect… for themselves, for you as a parent, for their teachers, for police officers. Police officers do not make the laws, they merely enforce them. If you don’t like the law, be proactive in the political process. The police officer doesn’t have, or want, the role of judge and jury.

If you get a speeding ticket… were you speeding? Don’t blame the cop if you broke the law. Go to court, pay the fine, don’t do it again.

It’s easy to judge, it’s harder to look within oneself and see what your role should be as a citizen, as a responsible person seeing both sides of the issue.

All lives matter, Blue lives matter, too!“

Amen to that

The Ethnic Men (Part 2)

I have completed the male version of nationalities from the Middle East and South Asia with a few extra countries such as Indonesia, Sudan etc. They are available at The Sims’ The Gallery, so anyone wanted to download these sims, check out. The female version is happening, next week. Keep growing diversity!!

First Row: Yannis Stassino (Cypriot), Aki Nir'on (Israeli), Kiki Farrel (Indonesian), Aldo Deng (Sudanese), Abdulhadi Khalaf (Bahraini)

Second Row: Ibrahim Al-Nafisi (Kuwaiti), Nasser Al Attiyah (Qatari), Zayed Al Maktoum (Emirati), Jigme Tobgay (Bhutanese), Gamini Rajapaksa (Sri Lankan)

Third Row: Karim Gamaleldin (Egyptian), Khaled Al-Shammaa (Lebanese), Said bin Taimur (Omani), Amin Rayahneh (Jordanian), Ismail Seezan (Maldivian)


Also don’t forget to download ’The Ethnic Men (Part 1)’: LINK3


Hey there, folks! Have you seen this video on how they decide the running order? It really serves as a great argument in favour of the return of random draw, as we see the whims and tastes of a few people play a huge rôle in their chances of shining in the contest. I reckon this is a bit of an own-goal on the part of the EBU - they spend the video going on about colour palate and genre and how everything is so neutral, but some of the country notes have anything but neutral labels, like Poland’s “female angry”, what seems to be “hopeless” for Spain, “very odd” for Croatia and a few instances of just “good” - in Björkman’s eyes. So, here’s a list of how Björkman sees your favourite songs! Those with keener eyesight may be able to pick out even more detail:

Poland: Musical ballad, female angry
Spain: Male, midtempo pop, guitar based, hopeless(?)
Hungary: Male, ethnic gypsy style, mid tempo
Germany: Female, mid-tempo pop, white
Ukraine: Male, band, rock, mixed dark and ?? blue
Romania: Duett (sic), rap and yodel, happy pill, canon (sic) with pyro, graphic content(?)
Portugal: Intimate, sensitive, audience participation, b-stage transition(?)
Azerbaijan: Supermodern, cool, good
Israël: Happy Guetta pop
Bulgaria: Male, pop ballad
Belarus: Happy pop, ethnic
UK: Boot camp, extra time, pop ballad
Israël: Male, europop, white to yellow orange red, happy guetta ref, small to big
Australia: Soul/pop ballad, modern, ___ (half wiped out pencil marks)
Greece: Female … swimming pool(???)
Belgium: Female pop, sulky(?) cool
Sweden: Extra time, 80s ray of light posters(?)… turquoise, bluec
France: Female, cool pop song
Croatia: TWO DIFFERENT VOICES, operatic and pop, very odd, cool blue, yellow, orange
Denmark: Pop ballad modern, ??? intimate
Italy: Male, ironic (or iconic?) pop, ape
Moldova: Male, wedding theme, quite amusing
Netherlands: Female, three women, countrypop schlager, follow the video, blue
Cyprus: Male, 2 dancers… ok (??)