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Woman Reading - Thailand 

The Tibeto-Burman ethnic minority group, the Kayan People, are native to Myanmar. During the 1980′s and early 1990′s, a number of tribes fled over the border to Norther Thailand to escape civil unrest. Among the groups that fled were the Kayan Lahwi, a group famous for wearing brass coils around their necks. The coils are almost never removed, usually only to replace with new coils. 

Girls start to wear the coils when they turn 5 years old. While the women are known as having “long necks”, it is actually an illusion. The weight of the brass weighs down on the womens collar bones, and compresses their rib cages. Therefore, their necks are not actually lengthened, it just appears so due to the deformation of their clavicle. 


New Designer Wallpaper for your Sims Home.

Wallpaper-Set “Claire”

Pure seduction – this characterises the designs in the Claire collection. The luminous shading of delicate grasses enchants in sophisticated, fresh colour combinations. A romantic cascade of flowers is reminiscent of watercolour painting: playful yet elegant. In contrast, a ethnic-inspired graphical pattern gives walls a lively, extravagant look.

The tasteful colour palette ranges from earthy natural nuances to maritime blue, mint and aqua tones and mysterious scarlet red. Sensual colour gradations, restrained gloss and washed textures create patterns featuring weightless elegance. A subtle solid with an ultra fine texture and a modern stripe pattern supplement the diverse designs and give the collection its stylish finishing touch.

- 4 Patterns in 4 color options each

- 8 Solids

- Base Game comp.

- find them in Wall Paint section

You can mix and Mesh them like you want. I hope you like them!

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Hausa–Fulani girl - Nigeria

The Hausa- Fulani people are on of the largest ethnic groups in Nigeria, a country with over 300 ethnic groups. The group is a fusion of the Hausa and Fulani people, whose cultures have become intertwined. 

PoC Character Inspo on Pinterest

In response to this post I did some extra work filling out my character face claim boards on Pinterest and found there actually are a lot of good onsite pics. One just needs to search outside the primarily white & pretty “character inspiration” tag. 

Here are some safe search terms I’ve found useful so far:

  • poc character inspiration - woc character inspiration - character inspiration black/asian/latina - [insert ethnicity here] character inspiration - mixed race
  • indian character inspiration - native american character inspiration*
  • interracial character inspiration - poc couples - blaxican - blasian - 
  • #b(lack/Asian/white)m(an)a(sian/black/white)w(oman) couples** 
  • poc lgbt couples - fem black couples - [idk hard to search sfw lqbt pics] 


  • Pinterest searches are skewed toward photos of women, and what male photography can be found will generally fall into the “hot” category.
  • Searching “character inspiration” will always bring back only the most gorgeously Photoshopped human beings. 
  • Other keywords will likely bring back Instagram pics which aren’t very “story” like— especially if you’re writing a world sans smartphones.
  • Searches like “asian girls” will only bring back “pretty” images. Also, if you search “[any race] girls” Pinterest will show a disclaimer about their policy on nudity. Search for women not girls. 
  • Hispanic and Latino mean different things which confuses searches, and they apply to a variety of nationalities so be specific. 
  • Same goes for Asian, pick a nationality or be doomed with the skinny white girl equivalents of East Asia. Ain’t nuthin wrong wit skinny Asian/white girls, they’re just annoyingly prolific online.
  • BE VERY CAREFUL SEARCHING FOR LGBTQ IMAGERY. I was quick to clear my search history after finding content for this post. 

Look, if Pinterest writers start tagging PoC inspo pins with relevant terms it will make them easier to find; plus, making your collection searchable may get you more followers. If anyone knows of any additional and exceptionally useful Pinterest keywords, please tell me. I’ll (gladly) test them out and add them to the list. 

Thanks @prideandpen@lmartinezwrites@boothewriter@brynprocrastinates, and @ashleyddddd. I hope you find this useful. 

— — — — — — — — — 

*No worries, Pinterest search generally knows the difference between East Indian and American Indian.

**Search for specific interracial pairing i.e. bmaw, amww, ambw etc., but make sure to also type “couples.”

mtcorona  asked:

Is there anything you can tell us about the TMI graphic novel? Will any of the character's designs or ethnicities take inspiration from the cast of the TV show? I love graphic novels so this has me very excited!

A valid question, but when I draw characters from books, I go by the descriptions in the books. I don’t go by the film or show adaptations.

Not that the cast isn’t utterly gorgeous and lovely, which they totally are. But I generally consider all movie/film/show adaptations of novels to be separate entities, their own, different things. 

Chin State- Myanmar

Chin State, in north-western Myanmar, is an incredibly mountainous region, with an average elevation of 5000 - 8000 feet. Its highest peak is Mt Victoria, which rises to 10,017 feet. The Chin people often do not have middle, or last names, but one name which may reflect the achievements of their grandparents, or the grandparents wishes for the childs future. The naming of children in this region is of great importance. 

under the cut, you’ll find 90 small 160x160 moodboard gifs regarding gender, occupation, race, ethnicity, language, religion, and sexuality, separated by category. none of these were made by me, only gathered together, so all credit goes to the respective owners. please like/reblog this gif hunt if you found it useful. thanks! TW: misogyny, racism, homophobia, and biphobia. 

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Litang - Tibet

At an elevation of 4,012m above sea level, Litang is one of the highest cities in the world. The town sits on the edge of a grassy valley. Many people who live in the surrounding area are yak herders. The 7th Dalai Lama, 10th Dalai Lama, and 11th Dalai Lama were born here.  The climate is alpine sub-arctic, with an average temperature of 10.6 °C in July, and -5°C in January. Visitors can hike the mountains nearby, visit the local monastery, or relax in the natural hot springs just outside of town.