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Chin State- Myanmar

Chin State, in north-western Myanmar, is an incredibly mountainous region, with an average elevation of 5000 - 8000 feet. Its highest peak is Mt Victoria, which rises to 10,017 feet. The Chin people do not have first, middle, or last names, but one name which may reflect the achievements of their grandparents, or the grandparents wishes for the childs future. The naming of children in this region is of great importance. 

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Is there anything you can tell us about the TMI graphic novel? Will any of the character's designs or ethnicities take inspiration from the cast of the TV show? I love graphic novels so this has me very excited!

A valid question, but when I draw characters from books, I go by the descriptions in the books. I don’t go by the film or show adaptations.

Not that the cast isn’t utterly gorgeous and lovely, which they totally are. But I generally consider all movie/film/show adaptations of novels to be separate entities, their own, different things. 

Hausa–Fulani girl - Nigeria

The Hausa- Fulani people are on of the largest ethnic groups in Nigeria, a country with over 300 ethnic groups. The group is a fusion of the Hausa and Fulani people, whose cultures have become intertwined. 

The land is so powerful here .:. The Aboriginal people say we don’t own the land, the land owns us:.:.:.:.: #Sydney #Australia 🌏 


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dark google images show me pictures of women who actually look like how I’m picturing my OCs