ethnic gifts


I’d like to introduce a Tatar folk tune via the song “Along the Riverside” performed by a 13 y.o. girl from my native city Kazan. She really touched the souls of two members of the jury at the “blind audition” of the Russian “Golos” /”The Voice”/ song project.


If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m a big fan of children in Sims 4.  I love, love, love beautiful CC created for children.  Here are 2 really great cc items that I love.

Both the hair and earrings have been reblogged by me on my tumblr page. 

FleurMoon is available for download on my Gallery page (origin ID: ilovesaramoon) and her cc is listed in the post below:
Slavic Folk Doll With Herbs Travnica (Herbalist) / Fabric traditional toy with marjoram / Faceless Stuffed Soft Ethnic Doll / Unique gift
Folk doll Travnica (Herbalist) - a traditional Russian charm doll. She cares about health, good mood and well-being of each family member. The doll

This pretty cute doll will be amazing unique gift to your beloved one! It has aroma herbs inside and is really pleasant!