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Ethne: ⛓

In a horrible, twisted sense, it was almost ironic. You spend most of your life running after being a slave, and now you were a slave again, this time to someone barely above you rather than someone who could really afford to get away with it. You found yourself bound in anti-psionic cuffs and a collar, unable to do much more than glower and bare your teeth at your would-be new owner.

You had a thousand different biting remarks. A million threats of what you would do if and when you got free, but for now you refused them the satisfaction of speaking. Only wordlessly glaring up at your captor, daring them to try you despite the obvious lack of power you had in this position.

OPEN RP!!))-> instincts

Ethne dashes through the forest, it had been a long time she just went with the wild like this, and she relished it, all her senses, predatory and non were beautifully on fire. And her flowing open-ish outfit helped, she paused  around the edge of a large carnival.Her eyes shone brightly, her instincts screaming in glee. “so pretty….they have no idea… lucky they are…to have something so beautiful….” she watches the glittering lights and listens to the music of the carnival from a distance.Her body paint and eyes shimmer in the darkness she hides in, as she observes the carnival intensely.

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“It’s midnight, where the hell were you?!”

> You walk up to Ethne, making a face of disgust. You did not owe her an explanation, why was she even here?

“(M)y job, (P)upa.”

> Your arms had scratches on them, along with the blood of various lower castes, the most prominent being a ruby color on your forearm. Perhaps you should’ve cleaned up before returning.

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srry this is second question I asked but im so bored ^^'))Ethne:☢

> You attempt to lean against the counter before your elbow slid off, nearly causing you to fall. Luckily, with ninja like reflexes similar to that of a clumsy nut creature. You recover and lean against the counter, as intended.

(H)eeeeeey (P)upa, so ye know that whole… (H)ate date thing?

(I)’m at least… 99% certain dates end in hatesnogging. ©hecked the uhhh manual on hatedates. (I)t said it’s a requirement.

Name: Ethne

Age: 8 sweeps (17 y/o)

Gender: Female

Height: 4’6 feet

Blood Caste: olive(but is mutated …her mutation is her tail and when she was a grub  someone put piisonics in her head and they could kill her)

Hemoloyalty: No

Psychic Abilities: somewhat but hides it {her piisonics consist of telekinesis, being able to cause small bolts of electricity and shielding}

Lusus: Giant rabbit OwO

Weapon: dual knives and sledge hammer

Personality: Ethne tries to be nice and is generally a very happy person but has a HORRIBLE temper that can easily be set off

Other Info:

Job: does random jobs and  actively gets in trouble for resisting the imperial rulers law and resisting the castes

Other: she despises the castes system and the mindset many trolls have about death, and ethne is a supporter of the signless memory and has a necklace of his sign, and she genrally just wears a t-shirt with her symbol on it and a pair of jeans, or a hoodie with it. She often causes as much trouble as she can for hemoists, and has gotten a bit of a rap for it and her firey temper.and by firey I mean she is passionate and can be very violent.

She is also very possessive of her quadrants, but even more so over her moirail, which she would literally do anything for,. Aralto and Ethne have a strong platonic love, to the point where they are basically siblings.

She also is a mutated olive blood, her mutation being her green cotton bunny tail

Ethnes made a deal with a highblood to get rid of the trolls who were threat to her moirail (and as cost for that, the highblood got the right to sell her) after this, once she heard she was sold, she managed to escape and she ran for almost a full swep during the day, eventually she was caught by Treu, who was the one who bought her, he treated her kindly and sent her back to her home, with his symbol carved in her neck for protects,(the two eventually become matesprites)

Hive: Rather large for her caste, drawings littered every where and tunnels bridging out from it all over alternia

Ancestor: The solider and The beauty

Likes: drawing, helping friends

Dislikes: cruel people, those loyal to the imperial ruler

Fears: loss of friends  and failing to save people

Planet: Land of Forests and night

Orientation: straight


Moirail: Aralto (female, gold blood)

Matesprite: Treu Schild (male, indigo blood)

Kismesis: Mardig from @possiblytrolls

Auspitice: [None]

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What's important is that once the empress is dead, you throw a big feast where everyone can CONSUME HER FLESH AND FEAST ON HER ENTRAILS

Ethne:………….Aralto no……….we will not do that…. after she’s dead we need to restore order, and have a balance….we need to get it across THAT EVERYONE is EQUAL

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"Heyyy!! Yyyou're the troll that likes rabbits too right?? I wanna sayyy hi!!" @brownbloodedcrab [From: Zorowa To: Ethne]

Ethne:*squees loudly and picks Zorowa up* SO KAWAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!! BE  MAH FRIEND!!