The Demon In Him (Vol. IX)

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Word Count: 2.6k (Sorry, it’s long but I didn’t want to make two parts out of it because you need to read it all at once)

Warnings: None that I can think of, other than maybe typos. I read it so many times I can not see anything anymore. So sorry for that.

A/N: Originally, this was supposed to be the last part to this series. But I might an epilogue. 

I want to thank you all for taking your time and reading it. I am kind of sad that it’s over but on the other hand, I’m glad because this series was hard as hell to write. I spent hours pondering and even pulled @panic-angel3314 in to brainstorm with me. I can not thank her enough. I hope you guys like the last part. I know I suck at endings. 

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She waited until the sun came up. Finn hasn’t returned. Time passes by. It was afternoon and soon the night came back. Then, it was the next day and the next and Finn was still nowhere to be found. There was no sign of him anywhere and Finn didn’t even have a phone that she could call.

She tried showing up at his gym, for maybe someone will have an answer on his whereabouts. When she opened up the door, she bumped into Becky.

“I’m sorry, I haven’t seen you.”
She apologized, before stepping in. Becky made way for her before she tugged at her sleeve, pulling her to the side.

“It happens sometimes that people don’t notice me.” She smiled at her before she went on. “I’ve heard about Balor. Go home and stay put. We’ll let ya know about our plans as soon as possible.”

She looked at Becky puzzled. “What does that mean? Who are you? How do I know that I can trust you?”

“So many questions, me banríon? I’m one of the Banshees. Listen to me and just go home now. Just do what I’ve told ya, please.” Becky grinned and whispered into her ear before she rushed out into the night.

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