ethiopian fire opal

nepheline-universe  asked:

Could you list the types of Opals, Rubies and Amethysts?

-Arizona Landscape Opal
-Black Opal
-Blue Opal
-Boulder Opal
-Brazilian Opal
-Cat’s Eye Opal
-Cherry Opal
-Chocolate Opal
-Dragon’s Breath (Fire) Opal
-Ethiopian Welo Opal
-Fire Opal
-Honduran Opal
-Hyalite Opal
-Koroit Opal
-Light Grey Opal
-Matrix Opal
-White Opal

-Cherry Ruby
-Hot Pink Ruby
-Fuchsia Ruby
-Pigeon’s Blood Ruby
-Royal Ruby
-Star Ruby

-Black Amethyst
-Brandberg Amethyst
-Chevron Amethyst
-Rose De France Amethyst
-Twilight Mountain Amethyst


The youtube video for the stunning Ethiopian Fire Opal!


This is the smallest pendant I have made to date! It was a struggle, but I love the result. It is an Ethiopian fire opal wrapped in 14k rose gold-filled wire.
The sounds of the children screaming at the park mixed with the music to make a delightfully eerie effect, haha!

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