ethiopian beads

These are 2 of my favorite newer pieces.

This one in particular takes the cake for me.
A collaboration between my wonderful husband and I…  created with  a thick copper circle, hammered and sanded it down as well as forging the long steel dagger out of salvaged /found steel scraps.
I threw them together, wire wrapped the steel to the copper and added a large antique metal bead i had scrapped from an ollllld vintage necklace.
Probing bryan to forge more of these larger “ steel daggers”
They would make some great ear weight components : )

Another collaboration piece with the hubby <3
Bryan hammered out another large copper circle base and gave it to me to throw on all sorts of gadgets and salvaged trinkets…. of which include all sorts of beads acquired through trade with many of you lovely followers, little Ethiopian copper spacer beads, old shell beads gathered from an old lei, beautiful stone bead sitting in the center of the circle ( gifted by Nearly Lost, go check out here jewelry… its fantastic) a large bone salvaged either from our back yard or through trade  then stained in black tea and an etched copper charm made by my husband.

mindless blabber

Wild Run

Ive had the same bag of horse hair for the past 2 years… only every pulling a small tuft out on occasion…
But i found myself looming around the bag of hair,  and decided to try and use a small bit for a necklace…..and thus…. ’ Wild Run’ Was born.
Threw up some wire wrapping, tiny golden seed beads ( of which i have also had a long while) various beads from various trades and flea market finds, a little sliver of quartz and some teeny seed beads i purchased through a local shop in Olympia ( i actually bought new beads? this is INSANITY!)

Which throws me into a dream glimpse of last night…. i was flea market shopping and found a 10 foot long strand of old silver Ethiopian beads, seed beads, wooden disk beads and long tarnished silver tube beads…. the 10 foot strands were 89 dollars for all…located at a weird market held within a dusty dim flickering light horror movie basement… this basement was full of all sorts of forgotten treasures/books/vintage clothing and textural lace!

Ill cross my fingers and hope
the dream was prophetic, some old silver beads would be delightful.
Moving on….

These weird looking odd balls were made from a bunch of random beads that had no matching partners aside from the vintage squared beads up top.
I have been trying to delve into the stash of misfit supplies i have, and perpetually avoid. Square beads and colorful glass faceted beads being terrifying perfect examples.
I like circles and rounded beads, not squares and i love rustic earthy tones…. not colorful sunny vibrant hoohah tones…but just because i prefer the dismal tones of an overcast day.. doesn’t mean everyone else in the jewelry world does…right?

So into the stash of scary angled cubes and colorful glass beads i go!  
Silly how those 3 glass beads seem so colorful to me.

Another hint of color… These lopsided ladies are also from a stash of beads i feel lost in, aqua blue wooden beads scrounged up from yet another flea market…
Light sea foam lava rock beads ( i brushed with a hint of deep gold to tone down the brightness), a beige vintage bead salvaged from an old necklace and teeny sheen pinkish white seed beads gathered from the local Olympia bead shop. Odd ball mermaid sea foam earrings, for all you odd ball mermaids.

Now to the good stuff <3

Ive got a real weakness for some good feet, specifically dinosaur feetsies.
This black hen claw was acquired from Jesse ( whom does wonderful work) and chaotically wire wrapped to a hammered wire circle base… I then threw on 2 scrap pieces of wire both sanded and hammered and a final old dyed bone bead   ( acquired through trade)  
Love the way the back claw curls up a bit.

There is my goofy mug sipping coffee out of my favorite fox mug and arranging product photos.

Another dinosaur claw acquired through the same lovely soul, this one is larger and belongs to a rooster. Old scrap leather has been sewn at the ’ wrist’ of the claw and a piece of rounded hammered wire threaded through, then some ornamental wire wrapping for extra support and simple aesthetic.
There are teeny bronze colored seed beads going across the leather, cant see them well in the photo but they make a nice tiny detail i think.

This past week i have been meticulously chipping away at my owl pellet supply and organizing tons of supply lots, curiosities and inspirations for skull shadow box necklaces …. i also got a pleasant surprise from my land mate of.. MORE PELLET FINDINGS<3
Ive collected a bunch from her offer and have been strewing them away for future projects<3 <3 my giddy excitement is out the roof.

Since i had already gone through my own and organized them, i decided to do some miniature rodent bone sets for you fellow crafters and creative types.
Here is an example of one…

2 lovely mandibles, 2 femurs, two tibia and fibula bones and 2 coxae
Are they not the loveliest little bones?
I am even making tiny baggies for them with pieces of old paper bits and dictionary pages <3
So many of these will be listed in the following weeks. Not sure what to charge for them, each bone does take time to dig out and give a general clean to, … few bucks perhaps? A dollar? the soul of your first born?

No clue why i decided to make a post with little snippets of my mind and projects being made… I think its because ive been on a binge of reading all sorts of jewelry blogs and love when they throw in commentary on their own pieces and thoughts…………………..