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school is helpful, but you are a priority


09. 19. 16 // some notes from this year. i’m already so disorganized and stressed and it’s only the third week of school. instead of starting my ridiculous amount of homework i took pictures of my notes so here you go - i clearly have a great work ethic!

100 Days of Productivity

With finals coming up soon, I’m going to start doing the 100 days of productivity tag

But because school is getting particularly tough and I’m finding it quite hard to keep on top of work as well as my fitness and other aspects of my life, I’ve made a set of rules that I’m going to follow :)


  • Do at least 2 hours revision every night
  • Only allow yourself one late homework assignment per week
  • Pay full attention in at least 5 / 6 lessons a day
  • Wake up at 6 (or earlier) every morning
  • No bed before 11


  • Cardio at least 3 times a week
  • Drink a litre of water a day (minimum)
  • Eat between 400-1000 kcal a day
  • Only eat healthy meals


  • Wear makeup every day to school
  • Never let your hair go greasy
  • Change bed sheets every week
  • Never wear the same outfit twice in a week
  • Make sure room is tidy before going to bed every day
  • Don’t dress like a slob - even if you’re home alone
  • Don’t fall out of touch with too many people
  • Be kind to everyone 
  • Don’t start watching any new TV shows
  • Draw at least once a week, even if it’s just doodling
  • Maintain this blog
  • Read more non-fictional books

i hate the fact how so many people on youtube try vegan foods and snacks and act so disgusted and act like vegan alternatives suck. like okay, it might not taste exactly like your favorite burger or your favorite chocolate, but the point of veganism is not solely to make healthier versions of “good” food. it is to eliminate the cruelty to animals and the environmental detriment of the animal farming industry. so stop acting like vegans are just trying really hard to have good food, and that it’s impossible for any vegans to ever enjoy food because it doesn’t include the death of animals.