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school is helpful, but you are a priority

{ 07:23pm }
- My little study corner!! (my desk doubles as a dressing table as well)
- I started reading “The Beautiful and Damned” today!!
- I got half my History notes finished today, and I’ve got an after school revision session tomorrow so I’m using that time to revise for my Philosophy&Ethics assesment which is on Wednesday:)


24/5/16 | 10:40am ~ making flashcards for unit 2 of rs on friday. tbh this resit really hasn’t been the top of my priority list so i’m quite a lot behind where i’d like to be, but i think i should still be okay for the actual exam; besides, i already have my A in this unit (a few extra marks would be nice tho!)

Animal Entertainment shouldn’t be Enslavement and Abuse. It should not take the form of rodeos, circuses, captivity, and so forth.

Animal Entertainment should be watching silly animal videos online, playing with your cats, talking your dog to the ocean, petting a rescued cow, and anything else that is mutually enjoyable and pleasant for both people and their animal friends.

No wipes, no chains, no saddles. Just love.