Unique jewelry and art for unique personalities….life after death; gilded immortality.

Every piece is handmade with accents of real gold, silver and semiprecious stones. Specimens are salvaged from naturally deceased wild animals…these lives are ended only by nature, never man. All taxidermy work is done by the artist with the use of captive dermestid beetles and other environment-safe methods. Custom requests are always considered, and no two pieces are alike.

Etsy shop: Silver Skull Creations

No Etsy account? No problem! Email or send a private message to to arrange a private sale. Paypal, checks, money orders all accepted. USA sales only due to wildlife laws.

So this is Mickey! She is a licensed and professionally trained taxidermist who travels internationally to teach affordable and professional taxidermy classes! All of her specimens are legally and ethically obtained (which you can read more about here) and she has classes scheduled all over the world!

She’ll be in Boston in March and my roommate Mal and I have already signed up! Head over to her site to see if your city has a class scheduled already, and if not, get some people together and tell her you want a class where you are!

Mickey Alice Kwapis 


Mousequerade, Camden May 2015

Mousequerade is a store in London that only sells cruelty free ethical taxidermy. When I was strolling around Camden admiring all the pretty gothy clothing I would never expect to find this amazing store.

I love oddities and taxidermy, but Im also a vegetarian and I love animals - I despise anyone that builds their odditty collection at the cost of animal suffering.  Mousequerade it’s the perfect place to buy your taxidermy if you feel the same way. You can feel the love that was put on all those beautiful furry creatures - and of course I had to bring a little mouse with me, her name is Charity Hope <3

You can check the store’s website here

At the moment they don’t have an online store, but I spoke with the owner and she said she’s working on it! Unfortunately I don’t think they’ll be able to ship outside the E.U.


Stunning 10 point whitetail buck skull, undamaged and *perfect* with no missing or cracked teeth. He has been airbrushed a deep, rich metallic copper with hints of blended brushed gold and dark bronze that reflect light to a gorgeous degree. The antlers have been recolored by hand to restore their natural woodland color. The skull was a salvage, killed only by nature, and was beetle-cleaned, degreased, sterilized and preserved by me.

This magnificent fellow includes a wall mount bracket that allows him to be displayed on any wall at a dramatic angle. He is not attached to the bracket and can simply be set on it and lifted off at any time for handling.

Still for sale, and available on my Etsy. <—– click

No Etsy? No problem. Contact me at to arrange a private sale. :)

Okay so after looking up a few tutorials I’m going to ask here.
SO. Yesterday I came in possession of a recently dead field mouse. Thinking “Oh hey maybe I’ll try mounting it” because I rarely find animals in such good condition, I skinned it using this tutorial (obvious gore tw) an It went surprisingly well (though i ripped the tail off, whoops).
But anyways, halfway through I had the idea that instead of mounting it, it would be cool for this doll I’m working on to have a mouse fur slung over her shoulder, as she’s going to be this little fairy wood witch.
SO. I was looking at this tutorial (again, gore tw). I’ve never really dealt with animal skins before, so I’m wondering
-How would I go about softening up the skin?
-Is the denatured alcohol step necessary for something this small? Is there any possiblity of it doing damage?

Like I have experience preserving animal parts and newts in borax but I’ve never really dealt with a pelt before. And it’s so rare I have get such a good find I really don’t want to fuck this up.
thanks ahead of time. <3