Unique jewelry and art for unique personalities….life after death; gilded immortality.

Every piece is handmade with accents of real gold, silver and semiprecious stones. Specimens are salvaged from naturally deceased wild animals…these lives are ended only by nature, never man. All taxidermy work is done by the artist with the use of captive dermestid beetles and other environment-safe methods. Custom requests are always considered, and no two pieces are alike.

Etsy shop: Silver Skull Creations

No Etsy account? No problem! Email or send a private message to to arrange a private sale. Paypal, checks, money orders all accepted. USA sales only due to wildlife laws.

*(Reblogs enormously appreciated!!! If I get 2,000 reblogs I will raffle off a FREE 18-14k gold accented bronzed grey fox skull! It is a complete skull with all teeth and lower jaw. I will choose a random tumblr blog winner out of 50 first-come first-serve entrants. Winner may choose to have the skull as either a necklace or a shelf display, along with their choice of finish. Shipping is included. Winner must reside in the USA.)*

So this is Mickey! She is a licensed and professionally trained taxidermist who travels internationally to teach affordable and professional taxidermy classes! All of her specimens are legally and ethically obtained (which you can read more about here) and she has classes scheduled all over the world!

She’ll be in Boston in March and my roommate Mal and I have already signed up! Head over to her site to see if your city has a class scheduled already, and if not, get some people together and tell her you want a class where you are!

Mickey Alice Kwapis 

I am an animal lover, a sometimes pet owner, and an environmentalist dedicated to protecting wildlife and their habitats. I am also an omnivore, a hide and bone artist, and engaged in a fierce war with the ants that get into my apartment. A large portion of my spiritual path involves animal totems, and every day I consume some portion of their physical counterparts, whether in food or medicine or other products.

I’ve also spent years detangling the inherent contradictions in these relationships to my fellow animals. I’ve toured the free range ranch where I get a lot of my meat, and I’ve watched the (probably staged) videos put out by animal rights groups on fur farming. I periodically assess my personal ethics with regards to the animal remains I incorporate into my artwork, and I research environmental groups and their track records before donating a portion of the money made from that art to them. I’ve played with baby teacup pigs, and then gone home and eaten bacon, and considered how the life of one pig was different from another. In short, I’ve done a lot of thinking about the animals in my life.

So has Hal Herzog, anthrozoologist and the author of the 2010 title Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat. The cover features three common animals in the American landscape to go with the tripartite title: a puppy, a rat, and a pig. The opening question, then, even before you open the book, is why do we eat pigs and not dogs, why do only a few of us keep pigs and rats as pests, and why do we become incensed about some people in Asia eating dogs specifically bred for meat while ignoring the plight of pigs in factory farm conditions?

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Each week, we showcase an emerging artist from around the world who is already garnering attention for their work. Taking inspiration from the Saatchi Gallery’s 25-year history of discovering new talent, ‘One to Watch’ presents some of the most exciting artists on Saatchi Online helping collectors to identify strong emerging talent. Click here to see our exclusive look at Karley Feaver’s creations.


That’s right folks, three days until my wonderful store of fantastic curiosities is up and running. While we mostly do business in the weird and the strange, we also have a side business in interesting bath and body products designed to fit our customer’s eclectic tastes! Look to us for many of your odd and utterly fantastic shopping needs!

Pictures of some of our products will be up soon, as well as a giveaway to start the store off right. I look forward to seeing you on the weird side!

I’m an aesthete and I’ll reblog anything that I believe is beautiful. My favorite movements in art are Symbolism, Pre-Raphaelite, Renaissance, Gothic, and Art Nouveau. I love Romantic poetry and Victorian novels. I’m also head over heels for ethically sourced taxidermy and skeletal articulation.

That’s my about me for the day. More people should talk to me on this gosh-darn website.