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nevermind my last ask lol "the right way to hunt" kys you disgusting animal hating creep. they did nothing to deserve to die.

Just posting this as an example. Please read through this and try to have an open mind. People have different ways of viewing the world. That’s totally ok. Some people hate hunting, and on the other end some are really obnoxious when it comes to hunting. But, from a biological and wildlife management standpoint, things are going to die awful deaths constantly no matter what. To ignore how cruel nature really is is to ignore reality. This doesn’t make it morally right to hunt or to abstain from hunting, it just boils down to a personal opinion. Wildlife is literally always considering that they are going to die and we can see this in their fecundity. When a frog lays a couple thousand eggs in a sitting, it’s doing so because it knows 95% of their offspring is a snack. Rabbits are similar. Deer, wild turkey, and other commonly hunted animals are almost solely funded (in management and scientific studies) by hunting dollars. Wild turkey was actually extinct for a period in NY before hunting funded a complete reintroduction of the species. That’s not me trying to make hunting seem great, it’s just a fact.

Right now hunting is significantly more environmentally friendly than eating farmed animals. Not to mention that even if you are completely vegan, when vegetable farmers harvest crops with machines they’re killing any creatures in that field. Skunks, rabbits, mice, snakes, raccoons, even bedding fawns are frequently killed when tractors harvest crops. Especially when it comes to corn and wheat raking. Even to plant large vegetable fields is taking away and fragmenting natural habitat. You can just never really know the entire journey your food is making unless it’s being harvested yourself. If you only garden and collect wild edibles then you’re about as guilt free as you can get, but that’s a nearly impossible lifestyle to keep year round. I will not criticize you for being vegan or abstaining from meat, because who am I to say what’s right and what’s wrong.

John is literally obtaining a phd in wildlife science, so based on our shared education what’s right for us is a hunter gatherer lifestyle. We don’t trophy hunt, and we eat almost everything down to the organs. I’m not just going out into the woods with a thirst for blood or just to have something on my wall. We harvested two deer last season and since have not bought an ounce of meat otherwise. The only protein we buy regularly is fish and even then we opt for bottom of the food chain fish to avoid large bioaccumulaters when possible.

Deer are especially overpopulated in our area. The problem with an overpopulation of deer is the spread of CWD (chronic wasting disease), which is extremely contagious and debilitating. In order to avoid massive population destroying diseases like that the Department of Environmental Conservation calculates a healthy amount of population to be removed through hunting. If CWD is found to be present DEC will literally send sharp shooters out to lower the population and continue testing. Geese are also extremely over populated in our area so DEC must literally put oil on goose eggs in the nest (killing the baby without the parents noticing so they don’t re-lay) to control the population.

My point is, death really is a requirement to maintain a healthy population. In places that are really lacking predators, like where I live, wildlife populations are prone to disease and starvation from too large of a population. At some point nature will take care of overpopulation. The risk of letting nature take its course (when predators are absent) is the spread of diseases that can last 5+ years just in the soil or overgrazing to the point of mass starvation. Too sheer of a drop in one population creates a domino effect among others, and eventually leads to mass death that may take years and years to recover from.

Like I said, I am not going to claim my lifestyle is better than yours or anyone else’s. I am very welcoming if you’d like to speak with me privately about your concerns and promise to be open and honest. Let’s have this conversation instead of just being mad at each other, ok? I’m sure at the very least we can find some middle ground!


Unique jewelry and art for unique personalities….life after death; gilded immortality.

Every piece is handmade with accents of real gold, silver and semiprecious stones. Specimens are salvaged from naturally deceased wild animals…these lives are ended only by nature, never man. All taxidermy work is done by the artist with the use of captive dermestid beetles and other environment-safe methods. Custom requests are always considered, and no two pieces are alike.

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No Etsy account? No problem! Email or send a private message to to arrange a private sale. Paypal, checks, money orders all accepted. USA sales only due to wildlife laws.

Hey uhh… I am all for animal welfare. Working with ethical taxidermy and zoological specimens, Animals are perhaps the most important thing to me.

I’ve heard some things in the animal welfare/vegan/animal rights communities that are concerning.

I’m talking things like

“fur farm animals are skinned alive”
“Race horses have their vocal cords cut so they don’t scream out in pain”
“Pigs are killed by being electrocuted through the anus” “slaughter house workers work there because they love killing and feeling blood on their hands”

And umm…. WHAT. I

I understand that things like bull fights and dirty mass slaughter houses are bad and need a serious change. But spreading strange and dramatic lies like that don’t help make your cause any more trustworthy.

There is no need to add extra shock factor. Especially to already shocking things. Please… this is coming from someone who is a huge advocate of animal welfare.

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You did the random question thing and I just randomly thought this. You're a vegetarian right? But you also have done taxidermy. How are you okay with taxidermy/ possibly contradictory ethical views of vegetarianism? And I could be misremembering if so I do apologize for the weird random question.

You’re remembering both correctly - I’m a vegetarian and I’ve done taxidermy. The way I square it is that I’ve only worked with specimens I’ve considered ethically obtained. Which I’m aware is a very subjective term and what’s considered “ethical taxidermy” will change from person to person. For me, it means that the animal wasn’t killed for the purpose of taxidermy or trophy display and wasn’t hunted or farmed. I’m all right with natural deaths from illness, old age, and injury or deaths from pest control. Basically animals that are dead for reasons completely beyond my scope of control. That’s not the same for everyone though. Some people consider it very ethical to work with animals from hunting if they were hunted for food or to cull animal populations. While some people consider pest control unethical because it’s technically purposefully killing animals because they happen to be invasive species. Basically there’s no standard of “ethical taxidermy” and it hinges on how individuals view animal ethics and on complete legal transparency about how specimens have been obtained. 

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11,18 and 26 for the ask meme thingie? I love you and hope you are having a nice day! 💕

(11) What Is Your Eye Colour?

Dark blue!!!

(18) Do You Collect Anything?

I collect a lot of things, funko pops, dragon/owl things, and ethically sourced taxidermy (I have a slightly morbid fascination with skulls and bones)

(26) Favourite Tumblr Blog?

I have LOADS!!! Rae, beanie, robyn, char, elia, y’all are amazing!!!!!

thank you, luna, I hope you have a nice day too, love you!!! <3

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Hey there! I'm a big fan of your blog though I've only discovered it recently. I'm very into the "macabre" side of nature. I was wondering; what would you say to those concerned with the ethical or ideological implications of taxidermy, especially when performed on former pets? What is your philosophy and how does it affect your work? What are your ideas on preservation of integrity of the body and the body/mind/soul connection in general? Cheers and respect your way :) ~

hello! glad you’re enjoying the blog! i don’t have many ethical issues with taxidermy/vulture culture, other than not being a fan of sport hunting/trapping [no issues with Natives or First Nations making a living off these things, obvs]. i don’t think that processing dead animals is ‘disrespectful’ to them because, well, they’re dead. dead animals can’t experience anything, not fear or pain, so i don’t see any logical reason why the acts of processing and preserving them alone would be seen negatively apart from being grossed out by dead things and bad smells.

i am vegan, so while i dislike hunting/trapping and wish there were some other feasible way of getting supplies without interacting with most hunters and trappers, there really is no other option. i do collect a lot of roadkill, but most of my raw skulls are purchased from hunters and trappers. many vegans would dislike me for that reason, lol.

i’m not really into the whole ‘animals have souls and spirits’ thing, my mind tends to think more about real world things. i’m not spiritual and don’t believe in most things like that.


Stunning 10 point whitetail buck skull, undamaged and *perfect* with no missing or cracked teeth. He has been airbrushed a deep, rich metallic copper with hints of blended brushed gold and dark bronze that reflect light to a gorgeous degree. The antlers have been recolored by hand to restore their natural woodland color. The skull was a salvage, killed only by nature, and was beetle-cleaned, degreased, sterilized and preserved by me.

This magnificent fellow includes a wall mount bracket that allows him to be displayed on any wall at a dramatic angle. He is not attached to the bracket and can simply be set on it and lifted off at any time for handling.

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