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Portrait – Anna von Griesheim

This designer dresses powerful women, among them chancellor Angela Merkel and does so sustainably and in style

Anna von Griesheim has her Studio on Pariser Straße, in former West Berlin. It is here that she designs, produces and sells her collection and this is also where she meets her customers – most of them stay with her for decades. She isn´t from Berlin originally but hails from Munich, grew up in Wiesbaden and learned her trade at Elise Topell’s couture house. Her fashion is decidedly feminine, her signature design is a relaxed and chic daytime dress but she specializes in evening gowns and bridal couture as well. All of her designs are custom-made to fit her customers like a hand in glove.

Sustainability has always been important to her

Sustainability has always been an issue dear to her heart: “I didn´t jump on the bandwagon once sustainability became a fashionable issue”, says the designer, “it´s something that I was convinced of from the start. To me sustainability means to not buy into any new trend but rather choose just a few pieces carefully and invest in the good quality of the materials, the craftsmanship and the timeless style.” Anna von Griesheim does her entire production in Berlin and buys her fabric at the Prémiere Vision in Paris. “That´s the only part where it´s hard to maintain transparency all the way”, she says, “I don´t know the fabric down to the field it was grown on.”

Anna von Griesheim´s work isn´t limited to fashion

The designer doesn´t limit herself to her work in fashion. She is also a keen supporter of Welthungerhilfe, a private organization for humanitarian help. She´s also hosting a charity event to support the DKMS – the Bone Marrow Registry – and has invited Fair-a-porter to join her.

Anna von Griesheim and Fair-a-porter Charity Event at Ellington Hotel, Berlin on November 4th from 12pm to 8pm. For more info please click here

Images from left to right, Portrait of the designer by Sammy Hart designs by Anna von Griesheim Miriam Knickriem