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Ethical Luxury- the Real Beauty of Fashion


Author: Jacqueline Harba

Who said that style and sustainability could never come together in harmony? Well, whoever said that, or thought about that even for a second was absolutely wrong. Vivienne Westwood’s Ethical Fashion Africa collection is living proof that beauty, luxury, style and sustainability can work together as a team. Even more, they can constitute the key ingredients in creating a beautiful line of handbags that any fashionista would want to add to her collection.

The line includes a number of different designs for men and women,  all featuring vibrant colours and breath taking textures. They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. The beauty of Vivienne Westwood’s collection is not only defined by the the eye-catching features of the unisex handbags, carrier bags and backpacks, but by the ethical values behind the making of the line- every single item was produced by women from some of the poorest areas in Kenya, offering them work places and the opportunity to a fair income. Sustainability and fair trade, but no compromise in terms of luxury and Westwood’s unique design aesthetic- that is the true beauty of fashion!