“We watched your back while you watched ours.” -Dagger

This moment in FFIX meant so much to me as a child that I played through the entire game again just to create a save before this scene so I could reference it and listen to the music in the days before the internet. FFIX is an amazing and emotional adventure with an incredibly well done story, fantastic hand painted backgrounds, and a killer musical score. Honestly, everything is pretty much A+ across the board for me. It remains my favorite Final Fantasy game of all time.

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Hey everyone! Long time no see! I’ve been pretty busy going into my senior year for my Bachelor’s, but now that it’s summer, I can finally get back into the scene and rejoin my fellow nerds and friends and celebrate by throwing art at anyone and everyone. SO LET’S GET TO IT!

I’ll be going to ★★Anime Expo!! ★★ You can find me in the Artist Alley, at table C78 And in case you can’t make it there, I’ll also be going to SacAnime Summer this year! And in case THAT doesn’t work out for you, then you can find me updating my shop throughout the summer at:

So I hope to see you there, I miss being in touch, and I look forward to meeting you all! PEACE TIL THEN! <3

Aidan the Insaitiable [meme]

Good lord I was tagged like a billion times for this FINE ILL DO IT

Full Name: Aidan Khontus

Gender and Sexuality: Male (bisexual)

Pronouns: He

Ethnicity/Species: Wildwood/elezen “Xaela/ au ra”

Birthplace and Birthdate: North Shroud, 4th sun 2nd Astal moon

Guilty Pleasures: Gardening, sweet cakes and cookies. Miqote

Phobias: Claustrophobia and he doesn’t like people poking into his navel at all.

What They Would Be Famous For : Man with big dick in tiny clothes

What Have They / Would They Gotten Arrested For:  Public indecency.

OC(s) You Ship Them With: Oh jesus like everyone in the fandom and anyone who will have him. @tiergan-vashir @sedatayuun @zornsable @etherelle-ffxiv @jace-hunter @kokiron @reksblanc @cero-tia I can’t think of any other URLs off the top of my head

OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Why would someone do that. Also probably someone looking to get their head bitten off

Favorite Book Genre: Sappy romance novels and hot steamy ones. He hides them in book sleeves that have boring science titles or generally anything regarding geography on his book shelf is prolly a smutty novel.

Least Favorite Book Cliche: Poetry is not his favorite.

Talents and/or Powers:

  • The ability to fit into leather subligar without breaking it is a talent and possibly a magical power.
  • Oh right he can also turn into a wyvern  (link to picture)
  • He’s actually a very impressive dragoon but he prefer to be a pacifist regarding any combat.
  • He can stand on one foot for one whole minute before stumbling and knocking over everything in the room.

Why Someone Might Love Them:  Easy going and willing to go at the pace of his lovers. He’s thoughtful, forgiving, and full of patience. He’s all sugar and honey.

Why Someone Might Hate Them: Cause they’re bitter. Or a dragon slayer. A bitter dragon slayer. (stares at Estinien)

How They Change: Typically Aidan is super shy and modest. It takes him a lot of working up and confidence for him to try and do anything that’s outside his comforts. He’ll easily ask you out for coffee, but then not speak a word on the date cause he didn’t think he’d get that far. Usually for my ERP I leave all this googly nonsense out

Why You Love Them: Cause hes big buff speedo puff. And also cause hes a dragon now that makes me 100% like him more.

anonymous asked:

not an angel, but that glass harp thing is funny 2 me because thats what my voice sounded like a space entity thing! a sort of etherel humming noise?

!! that’s really neat

“Even if all the trees grow back, it won’t be his forest anymore. The Forest Spirit is dead.”
“Never. He is life itself. He isn’t dead, San. He is here with us now, telling us, it’s time for both of us to live.” -San, Ashitaka

Princess Mononoke remains my favorite of the Studio Ghibli films, though it is a very hard won title among the many masterpieces made! The story’s emphasis on perspective is a theme that remains close to my heart and it’s a movie that I can watch over and over again and still find something new to appreciate. I hope I can one day find the full documentary on the behind the scenes of this movie. I have yet to watch more than a clip, but when I find it, I’m going to study every moment!

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