Can I just say I love people who do Zanpakutos? Everyone does a really good job and it’s just so nice to see them. Because they are either like their masters, or completely different and it’s not easy to simply try and do it. I absolutely love the Tiburon’s I’ve come acrossed.. I love my babies, and my Fraccion.. -gives much love to both-

Cause Fraccion also have a hard time too. They aren’t as popular, but you all have done a good job and it’s just so much fun watching you all interact. I know I’m not the best Harribel when it comes to interacting with all of you. But I do love you, I do watch what type of things you all get into. If you get harassed or it looks like it I jump in cause your my baby. Your Harribel’s babies and I feel the need to protect my fraccion even if you don’t need it. 

So if I ever screw up an RP because I jumped in to protect you, or stand up for you, forgive me. But you all of you are just someone I need to cuddle and protect. Or in Harribel’s instant to protect and tell other’s get back off from.