Yay! So this got published today, this is my set with A.Nomaly. I love this chick, she’s so amazing! This was post steamposium (the con we all went to to rep the crew.

Model: A.Nomaly
Necklace: Tragically Adorned
Skirt: Discerpo Necto Decrepitus
Chest Harness:
Underbust: Ethereal Threads
Ring: creationsbyacat

Location: Seattle waterfront carousel (which closed the next day).

photograph by Cheryl Fair, Corset by Ethereal Threads, model Deena Lynn

I had a shoot with Deena while I was in Albany, NY recently.  This photo from the shoot is now on the Ethereal Threads site.  It was an unseasonably hot day, but we had a good time anyway.  More photos from the shoot can be seen on my facebook page

I am not used to being in front of the camera. So much different than being behind the lens…

The custom capelet is by

The underbust is by

Photography: Photo taken with the help of my friend Malene who often is my set help.

Behind the scenes shot of what’s to come in Gothesque Magazine, Clowns/Living Dolls issue 12.4, Mid May!!!

Model: Rene'e Mahaffy


Striped thigh highs:

under bust corset:

All makeup/hair/styling and photography Chantell Reid Photography

“Glad to see she softened a bit! :D” I say about Masae as she goes and freaking slaps Yuto (manga Yuto muse) for saying the wrong thing.

@fusion-ether-empath This is seriously what came into mind when you said this:

Achievement Unlocked: Shiny Button!”

Level up! Yuto: Lv 12 –> Lv. 13

Reason: For finding one of ally’s (opponent’s) weaknesses

+1 Intuition

+1 “Reading others” skill

-1 “Social Skill: Speaking what’s on your mind at appropriate times” (do this wrong and points will be docked from overall skill level) 

-1 “Flirting” (Yuya, you aren’t allowed to dock my points!!)

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sorry for not doing stuff today like i wanted but there was more books to arrange and clothes to go through ad blah de blah. anyways. here’s a list of the threads i have saved as of now. shoot me a message if there’s anything i missed or anything someone wants dropped.

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I am currently working on a photography project named “Self Image.” Whether you are a size 2 or 22, there is beauty in all of us. So many times, I read comments on petite models of “you need to eat a cheeseburger” or on the average or commonly named plus sized models “good for her, that she is confident enough to wear that” etc. It’s all judgemental.

I for one have NEVER been a size 2. I fit into the average or “plus size” category. Am I happy about it? Most of the time..well not happy…but I’m “OK” with it. I am currently wanting to do something about that but not because society thinks I’m too big but because I need to be happy with myself. Your health and happiness should be top priorities.

The most recent outburst of “size” is from a well known clothing designer..well, I wouldn’t call him a designer but I am sure you know who I am referring to. I wish that more designers would carry larger sizes. It is very hard to keep the positive outlook on yourself if you are stuck wearing the brands made specifically for “plus size” women/men. I know. Some of you are going to say, “Well, if you want to wear the other brands, you are going to have to lose some weight. There is your motivation.” It’s not that easy and 9 times out of 10, it just pushes the person in the opposite direction.

Please stay tuned for the completion of this project.

*corset by Ethereal Threads