New photos from Geekopolis (sunday) …Enjoy :) I only made the black chocker and the sleeves this time~

Model - Shae_ ( | |

Corset - Ethereal threads (

Photographer - David Vuong/Event Pics (


Yay! So this got published today, this is my set with A.Nomaly. I love this chick, she’s so amazing! This was post steamposium (the con we all went to to rep the crew.

Model: A.Nomaly
Necklace: Tragically Adorned
Skirt: Discerpo Necto Decrepitus
Chest Harness:
Underbust: Ethereal Threads
Ring: creationsbyacat

Location: Seattle waterfront carousel (which closed the next day).

That time Ashley and I did that shoot for Kato. Shrug by, the corset handmade by Ethereal Threads and the socks by Sock Dreams as well as the necklace was made for the shoot by me, Sarah Trickler under the shop name CreationsbyaCat 

photograph by Cheryl Fair, Corset by Ethereal Threads, model Deena Lynn

I had a shoot with Deena while I was in Albany, NY recently.  This photo from the shoot is now on the Ethereal Threads site.  It was an unseasonably hot day, but we had a good time anyway.  More photos from the shoot can be seen on my facebook page

I am not used to being in front of the camera. So much different than being behind the lens…

The custom capelet is by

The underbust is by

Photography: Photo taken with the help of my friend Malene who often is my set help.

Jupiter sings when she seeps into me
She is the angel in my sun-kissed dreams
The way she catches light in between her fingers
Makes the memory of her beauty linger
Much better person than I,
I wouldn’t question giving her my life
Water color eyes, spring green
The most beautiful glass balloons you’ll ever see
When she cries, heaven sighs and angels slowly fall from the sky
She is every sunset, the sea, the very best of me
There’s hidden poetry in her skin with stardust within and every stitch of her veins are threaded with ethereal sin.
samantha, a few days ago you commented on my writing in a tag and that was enough to break me of my silence and write for you because you are beautiful and deserve it and you bring more light to my life than I thought was possible so thank you for everything and thank you for being here for me especially these past few days. i love you. (- fxckbxtch)

Placing a #rutilatedquartz #crystal in your space raises the energy of your environment, filling it with uplifting energy. Rutilated Quartz also attracts angels and blessings, as it has a very strong healing and ethereal vibration. The threads of #rutile infuse your body and #chakras with divine light, energizing your mind, body and soul. They also help to bring scattered energies and thoughts back into #balance. #crystals #crystalhealing #healingcrystals #rutilequartz

Behind the scenes shot of what’s to come in Gothesque Magazine, Clowns/Living Dolls issue 12.4, Mid May!!!

Model: Rene'e Mahaffy


Striped thigh highs:

under bust corset:

All makeup/hair/styling and photography Chantell Reid Photography