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The Planes Of Existence

The planes of existence are different milestones of existence that change with the vibration of the energetic frequency of the entity that is trying to perceive such planes. These milestones can be separated out usually into 7 main planes of existence, but there has been known to be subsets of planes with their own purposes. These planes of existence make up our universe, and are the levels of ascension on the way up to source consciousness. These levels have been studied by different magickal traditions, and have been named differently throughout history to make bunches of different systems to show the layout of our universe. These systems can coexist with each other, and be superimposed on top of each other in order to make a layered map of everybody’s understanding. These planes of existence are helpful to know in order to understand various different parts of the universe, and their connection to everything.

Physical plane- the physical plane is the one that you are most familiar with. It is dense, and solid and the energy here is very slow in a vibrating frequency sort of way. The physical plane is home to everything that you have grown accustomed to, such as animals, humans, trees, plants, and your physical body. In this plane of existence entities will feel separated from each other giving them the illusion that they are not connected to anything. The physical plane maybe mundane, and uninteresting to us, but it is a very unique place among the planes, and provides a very important space to learn, and grow.

Etheric plane- The etheric plane is the world between worlds. It is also sometimes called the in between. It is the place you go when you meditate, or dream, and is the place where elementals, and the fae live. The etheric plane has the most dense non physical energy, and is very deeply connected to the physical. So deeply connected in fact that a good number of people do not even remove them when talking about planes of existence. This plane like the physical plane is controlled by time, and space, but it has been known to become distorted at times. The etheric plane is our bridge to the higher planes of existence, and will be a conduit for our spiritual progression.

The Veil- The veil is a wall that separates the dense more physical planes from the spiritual ones. The veil can be passed through, but only by entities that are skilled enough to do so. In certain places, and at certain times the veil can actually be weaker, and less intrusive on workings to connect with higher frequency entities, and places. The Veil is an important wall that keep certain things where they’re supposed to be, while allowing others to do what they please. In essence it works more like a gateway that can be opened but chooses to stay close.

Lower astral plane- The lower astral plane is a place of a dark undertone, and is filled with entities that are not evil, but more aligned with darker energies. This is the place most commonly explored in astral projection. This is the first plane of existence where time, and space becomes irrelevant. Entities that usually dwell with in the lower astral plane are usually filled with lower denser emotions, thoughts, and feelings, though this is not always the case. The lower astral is also home to a lot of thought-forms, tulpas, and servitors due to the fact that they are mostly grounded to the physical plane. The lower astral plane maybe a deep dark place, but it is the first step to the rest of the spiritual world.

Middle astral plane- The middle astral plane is as it sounds a very neutral ground between light, and dark energies in the astral plane. It is the place where most of the astral entities can be found, and is a good combination between both of the higher, and lower astral planes. This makes it take on a lot of both of their features. The Middle astral plane is the no-man’s land of the astral plane where beings from both sides can gather, and connect with each other. It is said the environment of this place is a lot like earth. The astral plane in general is where our consciousness resides between lifetimes, and it said to be the place where we go when we die, after we cross over the Veil. All of the astral plane is highly connected to emotional energy, and can even be shaped by it. For this reason is why they separated usually into 3, but the middle ground is where the neutral party can meet, and experience the astral plane.

Higher astral plane- The higher astral plane is a place in the astral with a whole lot more higher based light beings. This part of the astral plane is said to be extremely beautiful, and awe inspiring. This place is the very last part of the astral before ascending to a different type of energy state. This is a place for higher understanding, and wisdom. The beings that exists here usually have a more sunny disposition, and are known for being wise, and spiritually powerful, though this is not always the case.

Causal plane- This plane runs adjacent to the akashic plane, and mental plane. This is a place in which you combine back with your soul, or higher self, It is said to be where these things reside while you explore, and live in the lower planes. It is the place where you come together with all your various bodies, memories, and understandings. You become whole in this plane of existence, and everything that is truly you comes together here to form the highest possible you that is still separate from everything.

Akashic plane- This plane runs adjacent to the causal plane, and mental plane. This is the plane where the information of the universe is at your fingertips. It is a place of knowledge, learning, and wisdom, and also acts as an archive for the entire universe. What is saved here is everything from the known universe. All the knowledge one could ever want. Recorded, and documented by the energies that were present at the time. Giving all possible views, standpoints, and outlooks on the subjects, and matter in order to get down to the very meaning of truth.

Mental plane-
This plane runs adjacent to the akashic plane, and causal plane. The mental plane is said to exist outside time, and space. This plane is completely comprised of thoughts, and are even created by them, but the main part of the mental in the title is actually more of a connection of consciousness between entities rather than this higher control of reality from mental thought. This is also the first plane were unified consciousness comes back into being, and you become a lot more strongly connected to everything around you through thought. This is the plane where you will be able to meet up with your soul groups, and fully connect with your soul group. It is said here you can also subdivide your consciousness, and become various different parts of you in multiple places all at once. This plane is the start of the coming together of consciousness, and is where you start to become less you, and more us.

The abyss- This is known as the higher veil, and acts just like the lower one. This wall keep spirits that are not ready down in the lower planes. Though certain information, energies, and beings can come down from it.

(At this point it,becomes very hard to explain the higher planes of existence, and I’m sorry if none of the rest of this makes any sense from here on out.)

Messianic Plane- In this plane of existence you come together with a bunch of other souls, and become more less of a individual. You become unified, and complete with the entities, and energies that were not you originally, but are now you. You love, and understand the oneness you now share with the entities around you, and that are you. This is not to say that you become them, but much rather you become connected to them on such a level that you can’t help love, and understand them.

Buddhic plane, Intuitional plane, or Unity Plane- In this plane you begin to combined with everything else that you are not previously connected to. You combine, and connect with all beings, all places, and all energies you become no longer you, but the whole of source. You will still a perception of you in this plane of existence though. In this plane of existence you are in the state in which you are everything, but yet you are also you. It’s like super collective consciousness.

Atmic plane- This is a place of freedom, and bliss. This is a place where the confines of the soul no longer exist, and there is no more you. This is the plane of the pure spirit, and is said to be the place of self-realization. This is the place where you as yourself is annihilated, but transmuted into the true spiritual self.

Monadic Plane- This is the plane where the monad, holy spirit, or oversoul exist. This is the plane where the spark of source is used to create new entities, and souls.

Adi Plane, Divine Plane, or The Unknown- This is said to be the highest plane of existence, and it is said what is on that plane is undescribable. It is also said that you combine with source, and actually become it.

ok I don’t think you people understand, legion is one of my all time favourite heroes ever, I’ve been reading him and obsessing over David haller since I was six, okay, you have no IDEA how much it means to me that he has his own show, that the xmen have a show, and that the show is Good. I’m actually, no bullshit, crying right now, I am so happy

I feel it’s important to point out that Magic Jar doesn’t actually allow a wizard to project their soul straight out of their body, they have to put it in an enchanted container first that they’re then free to leave. So before embarking on his badass ethereal plane rescue mission Taako first had to shove his soul into whatever container he could find among the crap in his pockets (which canonically sometimes contain loose pudding).

So basically he started one of the most awesome stunts he’s ever pulled by stuffing his soul into a half finished packet of gum or a tube of lip balm or a grotty old eyeshadow compact or something.

“There are conceivably an infinite number of Prime Material universes composing an all-encompassing Polyverse.”  The worlds of Greyhawk, the Forgotten Realms, DragonLance, and every homebrew setting each coexist as separate Prime Material planes, bounded by their own Ethereal planes, all linked to the same inner planes through which travelers might pass between worlds.  (Jeff Easley, AD&D Manual of the Planes by Jeff Grubb, TSR, 1987)

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B4 Taako, "Yeah, I got a fucking Idea" newest episode

Okay, I realize he probably wasn’t lit up with crazy blue magic when he cast magic jar. But for the sake of a single images drama lets pretend that when viewed from the ethereal plane he lit up like a fucking christmas tree. That fits the level of awesome I felt anyway. Also I tried to indicate some Ghibli hair fluffing.

astral projection

I’ve had this information stored in my computer for a while, and decided it was about time I shared it with you all. As some may know, I am very interested in astral projection and have been practicing it for a while (although I have not been able to for the past few months because I’ve been feeling out of balance). Below are some accounts about astral projection I’ve gathered from primary sources–people who have been practicing it for years. I have found their advice and knowledge to be very insightful and helpful and hope it benefits you as well.

“We are multidimensional beings, and are living in an energetic form on many levels of existence. Astral Projection is simply the practice of learning how to transfer consciousness into our other bodies.”

“Something to think about though - It is possible for our energy bodies to be out and about, with consciousness STILL in the physical body. A few weeks ago, I was floating above my physical body, and went to touch my face. My conscious awareness SNAPPED back into my body, and I perceived something touching me. It was me.”

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what do you think taako looks like on the ethereal plane? his disguise self probably didn't work, but did the li he's change what his soul looks like too? either way, i think he was probably one of the most beautiful things magnus has ever seen in that moment

i just wanted to say first i love when ppl send me asks like this and i got a big smile on my face reading it!! 

i was actually thinking abt this the other day bc. i think that this is a very interesting thing! 

like. do u think that your soul probably resembles how you feel/how you think of yourself? if so i think magnus would still be young because he still has the knowledge and experiences of a younger man, only his body aged. but other than that, he’d still look pretty well like himself. and taako…………i think how he sees himself changes from day to day. i mean, we see him go from ‘i need all the friends and admiration i can scrape together’ to ‘it’s me??’ in like 2 seconds flat


the way a soul looks is based on your opinion of a person, so no soul looks the same to any two people. and taako and magnus love each other (platonically or not folks, theres no denying this one) so in that moment they were the most beautiful thing EITHER of them had ever seen

Goopvitz: A fearful fling to the future


Everything was dead. Or it was going to be. Magnus was fighting some puppeteered beings, something from the ethereal plane that had been absorbed by the hunger. Merle was casting his angel against the corpse that had been Pan, once. Taako, meanwhile, had confidently sauntered towards the core of the creature, raising a hand. 

“No problemos here, buds, let’s do this-”


His heart skipped a beat. That was-

Kravitz. The Reaper. He was there…Taako felt his chest tigthen as the oil parted, shifting away as the figure of his lost love rose from it. He was clutching his scythe, wearing his suit and cloak, and his eyes were empty. 

“Taako. You’re not strong enough to finish this.”

His face felt hot. Was he crying? Fuck, he was crying. 

“You’re not him.”

“I’m the closest thing that’s left.”

He could hear his friends shouting. They were going to lose. He needed to do something. 

So he did. 

“ABRACA-FUCK YOU!!!! FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU!!!!” He screamed it again and again, casting again, and again, and again. Scorching Ray. Magic Missile. Disintegrate. Fireball. Ray. Missile. Fireball. Disintegrate. 

When the spells stopped coming, he ran forwards and just started swinging the umbra staff like a club-But before he could, he felt Magnus and Merle grab him by the arms and yank him back. He kept trying to rush forwards, sobbing and struggling like a wild animal. 

“LET ME GO!!!”

“Taako, it’s-” Magnus couldn’t finish the statement, his voice wavering just a moment. Merle did it for him.

“Y’did it, it’s done. We…won.”

“Taako, please just…please just stop for a second.” 


Victory had never felt so utterly…


there are only three kinds of episode 56 art:

  • deeply emotional and impactful tres horne boys saving each other from the ethereal plane.
  • magnnequin passionately yelling “ill be having my body back you undead fuck”.
  • dupree.