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Headcanon's for the bros and their s/o's first meeting is their s/o trying to steal the Regalia while they're away? Please I'm still surprised no one tried to take the Regalia in the game lol

Stealing the Regalia? I agree, it’s an awesome car so I’m surprised no one tried to steal it in the game ether! I’ll assume this happens in Lestallum.

Hope you don’t mind but this answer is a long one!

Noctis’ S/O would do it the typical way, you know, the coat hanger. Noctis would probably warp over and pull them away from the car. He’d try to question them what they were trying to do but they would only smirk and catch him off guard with a sudden kiss, giving them the chance to escape.

After that, Noctis would run into them, they always greeting him with, ‘How my future car doing?’ Much to his annoyance and future amusement, he always replies, ‘Last I checked, it’s MY car.’ They smirked and say, ‘Not for long.’ But they never actually try to steal it again.

Gladio would notice them and run at them at full speed, giving them a full body tackle, sending them to the ground, demanding that they were doing. His S/O would glare at him and sarcastically reply that they were admiring the car, insert innocent face with mischievous eyes. Gladio is about to get angry when they suddenly bolt, yelling that they would get even with him.

Time passes and Gladio forgets the encounter, until one day while he’s wandering Lestallum as the others are at the markets, he’s suddenly slammed into from the side, sending him straight to the floor. He’s disoriented for a moment until he realizes he hears laughter coming from what hit him. He gets a clear look at the person, who looks back at him with a smug smirk, he doesn’t recognize them at first until they smack him and say, ‘I told you I’d get even with you!’ They jump up and run off, laughing still.

Gladio is stunned before he becomes angered at being caught off guard and vows vengeance. This vow starts off an odd relationship of pushing, shoving, and basically body slamming one another to the ground as a greeting.

A long time later, when they’ve been together for a while, Gladio’s S/O would blame him for starting the whole thing. Which he smirks and doesn’t deny.

Prompto would have probably left his camera in the car while they were staying in lestallum for the night and would have come back to grab it, suddenly spotted them after they opened the door and had his camera in their hands. He would shout at them, which would startled them greatly and they would bolt like a frighten animal, camera in hand. Prompto would chase after them, shouting for them to give back his camera, but he loses them in the crowd. Prompto is incredible depressed for days after the incident, not even cheering up when they visit the chocobos, which worries the others.

After two weeks, they return to Lestallum for errands, he is asked by Ignis to go to the car to grab something for him. As he heads over, he notices something on the roof of the car. As he gets closer he is absolutely delighted to see that it’s his camera. He immediately examines it to make sure it’s not damaged and checks his photos to see if they were still there. But the moment he turns on the camera, the photo of someone he doesn’t know pops up. He notices they are holding a sign, and soon turns red and smiles when he reads it. The sign says, 'I’m sorry for taking your camera, you are a wonderful photographer.’ He gleefully tells the others and keeps the photo. He meets the one in the photo after a while, and the first thing he does is take their photo to their surprise. He smiles and thanks them for returning his camera to him. This leads to them conversing and getting know one another and you probably know what happens next.

Ignis is a toughie cause I don’t see him just chasing after someone. The way I see it, he would notice them trying to open the car door, and doesn’t look impressed at their methods. He quietly walks up to them and leans against the car, watching them, after a few moments, he would inform them that what they are doing is sloppy at best, which startles them of course, but before they can run, he goes into the proper way to actually open a car without risk of scratching the paint or windows, which leaves them stunned.

After he finishes explaining he waits for them to reply. They stare at him for a moment and simply say, “Do you give advice to every person that tries to steal your car or am I just special?”

This then leads to a 40 minutes conversation of the proper methods to gain entry to things and places. When he notices that he should get back he waves at them, hoping to converse with them again.

Give a few days since the incident. He is in the hotel room while the others are out when he notices the door handle faintly move. Before he can do anything, the door opens and a familiar stranger falls to the ground.

They stare at each other for a moment before Ignis raises an eyebrow and simply says, “Do you break into everyone’s hotel room or am I just special?”

This breaks the ice and leads to them to properly getting to know each other.

(ugh this was long!!!)

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I currently have a few running projects in RPG Maker: 

The Most Horrible Dating Sim Ever

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The Magician’s Assistant 

A fantasy horror game based on a dream I had, which follows the young apprentice of a powerful sorcerer and her adventures as the magician’s assistant.

Markiplier Through the Looking Glass

A Markiplier puzzle-based fangame based on Alice Through the Looking Glass, featuring riddles and physical puzzles and some new Lore. 


A game based on my experiences with the Ether and my memories of Dana. A short narrative experience of her life and the space between reality. 

Public School No. 4

A urban horror game based on Jacksonville Florida’s most haunted locale. Following the series of fires and student disappearances surrounding the long-closed public school, an urban photographer finds herself trapped in the school overnight.