Peter Gentenaar’s Ethereal Paper Sculptures Float in the Air Like Jellyfish

Remember making those paper mache doohickeys at the craft table back in kindergarten? Well, multiply that by a very, very large number and you get the work of Peter Gentenaar a paper artist based in the Netherlands. Comparing a sheet of paper to a leaf on a tree, his amorphic, floating sculptures defy conventional thinking on the material’s colloquial, everyday use. via:inhabitat

Title: Growing up

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 3011

Summary:  He was chasing starts with unanswered wishes and trying to convince them that something in his life was worth it, and all the raindrops were stained needles and all the insects in the grass were shining like blades, and the moon was so bright that the side of Castiel— no, his face was all sort of pale, all sort of ethereal, beautiful still but stretched in a perverse way that had nothing to do with him and everything to do with Dean’s mind.

It’s all to do with his mind howling as a caged in, beaten up, stretched out, thin, thin animal, like any sort of seventeen year old animal who was trapped in its own reality.

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bigzizzo asked:

What was your first reaction when you heard ether? I know you've probably been asked this before.

Ether was all insults, Takeover was #factsonly. The beef was intense, I remember hoping they’d end it before it resulted in violence.