etheral rose


One thing that keeps striking me as the series continues is the way Steven and Rose serve as foils for one another. It’s easy to see how similar they are and yet the most beautiful part of Steven– the way he is capable of intuitively picking up on emotions, his consideration for others and how gently he treats others’ feelings– is what is sorely lacking in his ethereal mother.

What a contrast. Rose attempts to understand Greg’s emotions, Steven picks up on others’ feelings right away, be they gem or human. In his short life, Steven has already reached a depth of emotional maturity that was closed off to Rose for the millenniums she existed. 

As willing as she was to try, even Rose knew she’d never experience true love the way a human being could– and that’s why she gave up her physical form. This precious cinnamon roll bridges the gems to the human condition and helps them find the humanity in themselves. Steven is the embodiment of humanity’s beauty– vulnerable, gentle, complex in simplicity, and more capable of love than any other species.


From December, 2013.

The time Ethereal Rose and I did a Fallout themed photoshoot in a decommissioned Titan 1 nuclear missile silo my pal owns.  

That’s his AUG.

Apparently, he used to own the prop AUG that was in Die Hard… which isn’t really all that hard to believe, given that he owns a fucking nuclear missile silo.

Dude’s family has been in the surplus business for generations.  If you need a classic snowmobile that was in Antarctica, or a leaky missile silo for a server farm, I know a guy.

Fun Fact:  Thanks to the SALT treaties signed with Russia, newer nuke missile silos get imploded when decommissioned.