Anniversary Dinners Are Far From Magical (Part I)

Ethan was awoken all at once by a sound that frighteningly resembled his boyfriend’s scream mixed with the urgent beep of the fire alarm. He groggily turned over on his back to see that Benny was missing from their shared bed. As he jumped from the sheets and rushed to the kitchen across the hall, Ethan tried his best to ignore the scenarios currently cycling through his mind. And the continuous beep of the alarm didn’t help his current state of panic. “Benny’s okay. He’s fine.” He repeated under his breath, not really believing the statement. He didn’t repeat it for very long due to the fact that he had fallen flat on his face after tripping over one of Benny’s eternal flasks.

“If Benny is still alive, I’m going to kill him for leaving his shit everywhere.”
“Only I, Benny Weir, could fuck up something as simple as chicken parm.” Benny said to himself as he was trying to remember a spell that could shut off the smoke detector. His frustrated muttering was soon interrupted by a smaller body hugging, no, tackling him with way too much force, almost knocking him into the smoldering pile of oven mitts on the stove.