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Hogwarts: a Founding

I have seen many writers assume that the Hogwarts has remained exactly the same since the time of the founding. Fanfiction often describes the first students having very similar experiences to Harry.

Although the founders created what would become Hogwarts School, the modern school we see today evolved slowly over time. 

The original establishment had no resemblance to a modern boarding school with four houses. In fact it could not have been a school as we would understand it. What the founders really set up was four different apprenticeship schemes with four different trade masters within in the same fortified town called Hogwarts.

I explain

  • What existed on the site of Hogwarts before the founders
  • Where the name Hogwarts comes from
  • Why the founders choose to located their “school” a remote part of Scotland
  • What the founders actually taught and the style of education the first students would have received
  • What each founders actually did for a living – because there were no professional teachers in the Dark Ages.

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