Double trouble, double fun

Original Imagine: Imagine Aiden and Ethan falling in love with you at the same time, Imagine having a threesome with the twins, Imagine having the twins share you because even thought Ethan is gay he is very attracted to you and imagine sucking them off both at the same time and Imagine Stiles and Scott being protective of you, but you still having hot threesomes with Aiden and Ethan.

Author: Anna

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 1902

Warnings: I think I should warn for changing Ethan’s sexual orientation to bisexual, smut, anal sex and oral sex and I think that’s about it.

“Damn, I can’t believe she’s mine.” Aiden stared at you, his eyes watching how you were making homework, sitting in his bed room.
“Well….” Ethan blushed and scratched the back of his neck. He probably had never thought he could feel something like this for a girl, but it had happened and there was nothing he could do about her. “I want her to be mine too.” He turned his face towards his brother and for a moment they didn’t say anything. It was strange. Since they had been baby’s they had been sharing everything. They had been sharing toys, clothes, schoolbooks and even a bedroom, but they had never had to share their loves with each other. 

“Okay…” Aiden took a deep breath. “Let’s ask her, okay?” He shrugged his shoulders. A part of him was confident that you wouldn’t like him less, even if you would like his brother too, but a part of him knew all too well that Ethan was the softer twin, the more tender twin. He would be able to come up with a few reasons why anyone would pick his brother over him.
“Okay…” Ethan nodded, his arms crossed over his chest. He had always thought that he would only be happy with a guy, with a boy, but the jealousy he already felt because he was certain that you would not love him as much as you loved his brother proved him wrong.

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anonymous asked:

honestly I don't get guys who don't wear makeup cuz they think it's "gay" like dude... its paint... on your skin... just like all the Manly ™ tattoos u admire... like I'd be happy to help u match to a foundation just ask &don't be a dick to lgbt ppl

firstly i hope you realise i was being completely sarcastic beforehand but yes i completely agree, and like that kind of homophobia in general is so weird and dumb like why the fuck would you forgo makeup, cocktails and musicals? makeup is useful, cocktails taste good and musicals are fucking fun??? get off the couch, put down the lightly ethanoated barley juice and stop watching grown men beating each other up in a game of glorified hot potato and enjoy the world bradley

Mercury Part 3

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: You have been homeschooled by your uncle Tony Stark for years, suddenly you’ve decided to attend public school, more specifically Midtown High. At this public school you acquaint yourself with a cute brown haired Spider-boy and his ragtag team of friends. You must find a way to juggle your school life and your hero life!

Warnings: Slow burn

A/N: Oh my gosh hello! I’ve decided to post twice today because I’m in such a good mood right now! Thank you for all the support and this just in, I’ve got my first request for a tag! Flipping out right now. GAHHHH, thank you guys so much! So tags are open and request are open as well! 


“Okay class, easy question here:  What is the product of water and pentyl ethanoate under acidic conditions?” Mr. Harrington asks the chemistry class. A handful of students arms shoot up, wanting to answer the question, even yours, you knew this answer, it was so easy.

“Well, Miss. Y/N, let’s see how your uncle did homeschooling you, why don’t you answer the question?”

“Easy, ethanoic acid and pentanol. This is because when mixed with water under acidic or basic conditions, esters undergo hydrolysis. The products are a carboxylic acid and an alcohol.” Going deeper into your answer. The class turns to you, even Peter and his friend, staring wide eyed, and mouths open.

“What? My uncle is a very smart man.” You accused. You turn to Michelle, who even with her cool façade seems shocked as well.

“That is um correct, thank you Y/N.” Mr. Harrington says quietly.

The bell soon rang, the class getting up putting their backpacks on and Mr. Harrington telling you guys tonight’s homework.

“Y/N, may I speak to you?” Mr. Harrington asks while you were on your way to the door.

“Sure, what’s up?” You ask popping the p.

“Great work today Y/N, from what I saw, you seem like a very smart girl. I think we need your smarts on the academic decathlon team!”

“The academic decathlon?” You ask with an incredulous look.

“Yeah I mean-”



“Sure I’ll try out.” You reply.

"Great! We meet in the auditorium straight after school. I’ll introduce you to the rest of the team.”

“Sounds good.” Then you make your way through the door, and in front of you, you see Michelle.

“Hey Michelle what’s up?”

“Well, being the nosy person I am, I was peeking through your schedule and coincidentally we have every class together. I don’t want you to be a deer in the head lights so I thought I’ll walk you to class.” Michelle shrugs.

“Really? Thanks Michelle that means a lot to me.” You smile and follow Michelle to your next class. This was the deal for every single class up until lunch. You would also voluntarily sit next to Michelle after you introduced yourself to the class mates of your classes. You’d even seen Peter in maybe two of them. He always smiled, and you in return would do the same.

Now here you were, standing in front of the cafeteria with Michelle right by your side. All eyes are on you, and you feel glued to the floor. Michelle walks in front of you, “Don’t mind them, seeing a new kid is like seeing snow in July. Follow me.” You shake your head out of the daze and walk in Michelle’s direction. The students then continue on to their midday meal. Michelle stops at a table, you see that the only two people sitting there were Peter and his friend.

“Hey Peter!” You exclaim while standing in front them.

“H-hey Y/N! So you’ve decided to sit with the cool kids?” You grin and nod.

“Well of course! I’m sorry that I didn’t introduce myself earlier, I’m Y/N L/N.” You take out your hand for Peter’s friend to shake while you introduce yourself to him. He looks at you with wide eyes, and shakes your hand.

“I’m… Ned Leeds.”

“Ned, you don’t have to look at me like I’m a 400 year old grandma, I’m a regular student just like you.” You point out as you sit down next to Michelle, and in front of Ned. You look to your right and see that Peter is spaced out, looking ahead with dreamy eyes.


He says and does nothing.


Still he looks ahead.

“Peter!” You exclaim waving your hands in front of him. His eyes flutter and he looks at you.

“Oh what’s up?”

“What’s up me? What about you?”

“Oh, Peter is looking at Lizzz Allleeenn.” Ned says in a sing-song voice.

“Who’s that?” Then Ned points behind you. You turn around to see a really pretty girl walking past the cafeteria staring at Peter. You grit your teeth and turn your head sideways.

“That’s Liz.” You scoff trying to seem unimpressed.

“Yeah Peter has the total hots for her. But get this… she’s a senior! Peter is digging on a senior!” Ned declares.

“Shh Ned! Could you be any louder?!” Peter inquires with a desperate look on his face.

“Haha, Ned be louder please.” Michelle joked looking up from her book. Peter turns his head and glares at Michelle.

“Whatever lets talk about something else.” You change the subject, taking out your lunch box. More specifically taking out a plate of ratatouille, your stomach grumbling from the lack of food. You lick your lips in delight.

“Whoa there fancy pants what’s with that fancy dish?“ Michelle asks laughing.

"I’m a vegetarian so my uncle likes making me these really unique dishes, this here is ratatouille.” You bubbled, even though F.R.I.D.A.Y makes your food. You had no interest in explaining that a non-entity creates food for your consumption.

“Ratatouille? Like the movie? With the rat?” Ned joked.

“Yes.” You say taking a bite out of your dish.


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kurooyama  asked:

what would happened if i asked for kuroyama. anything. just. kuroyama.

A/N: They’re so cute I couldn’t help myself. This is inspired by all of the asks we’ve gotten about KuroYama being such a cute, sappy, teeth-rotting couple. So here’s some fluff with zero plot because you guys are the beesssttt (there’s more under the cut)

Kuroo smiled at his boyfriend, who currently had his forehead pressed against the table they were using. “Auugghhh,” Tadashi groaned softly, and Kuroo’s smile grew fonder.

Despite his boyfriend’s pain, Kuroo couldn’t help but feel happy right now. Tadashi was at his house for a weekend visit, and they were spending Sunday morning revising together so they can go out later.

“Okay, what about a change of strategy?” he asked, poking at Tadashi’s forearm.

Tadashi turned his head to look at Kuroo, his cheek now smushed against the table. “Hm?”

“Chemistry could be fun,” Kuroo said.

Tadashi didn’t even move. “That’s why you’re so good at it,” he responded.

Kuroo chuckled. “Yeah there’s definitely a correlation there. But,” he emphasized, “there are also ways to make chemistry fun.”

Still unconvinced, Tadashi lifted his head. “Okay?”

There were pieces of eraser dust stuck to his cheek, and Kuroo resisted the urge to flick them off for a moment. “Yep,” he replied, scooting closer to Tadashi on the floor. “Reward system.“

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dirkstriider  asked:

tell me about your fantrolls i need context for this blease

Ok ok ok its between the kids Ethano and Auruem
I literally started the base of their relationship on them being quality kismesis/moirails
They met when they were both robbing the same convenience store for shitty off brand snacks
Like bickering siblings 85℅ of the time
Literally partners in crime and just steal shit like all the goddamn time
Ethano has an interest in mechanics and engineering while Auruem would just (hypothetically) fuck a robot
Constantly starting some bullshit for hilarious purposes
Their third friend who serves as a auspistious(????) for them, a moirail for Ethano and hate crush for Auruem, is 5 min from stabbing them both at all times
Would expose each others secret bullshit in a heartbeat if it was funny/stupid enough
Shitty nicknames galore

50 shades of Ethan

Original Imagine: Imagine Ethan fulfilling your 50 shades of grey fantasy

Author: Anna

Reader Gender: Female 

Word Count:  2.224 words

Warnings: Hitting, scratching, bleeding, a little anal, an attempt to BDSM and not as much kink as you think it will contain. Ethan having sex with a girl, whips, clamps and clumsiness. 

Note: I’m so sorry for this mess, Charlie. You probably had something else in mind when answering my question with 50 shades and Ethan, but I’m too cute for that ;-)

You looked around and held your breath. You had never seen any of this before. And it wasn’t like you had never been in Ethan’s room. 

“And? Do you like it?” Ethan placed his hands on your shoulders and you nodded. You had a weird feeling in your stomach. Maybe you were just nervous, maybe you were a tiny bit afraid. Or maybe it was nothing more than excitement.
“I didn’t know you had all of this…” Your eyes were still wide open, while the room was only lit by a slightly bit of candlelight.

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Ethanol From Corn Is Bad Policy, Especially In A Drought

External image

Colin Carter and Henry Miller, Corn for Food, Not Fuel

The drought has now parched about 60 percent of the contiguous 48 states. As a result, global food prices are rising steeply. Corn futures prices on the Chicago exchange have risen about 60 percent since mid-June, hitting record levels, and other grains such as wheat and soybeans are also sharply higher. Livestock and dairy product prices will inevitably follow.

More than one-third of our corn crop is used to feed livestock. Another 13 percent is exported, much of it to feed livestock as well. Another 40 percent is used to produce ethanol. The remainder goes toward food and beverage production.

Previous droughts in the Midwest (most recently in 1988) also resulted in higher food prices, but misguided energy policies are magnifying the effects of the current one. Federal renewable-fuel standards require the blending of 13.2 billion gallons of corn ethanol with gasoline this year. This will require 4.7 billion bushels of corn, 40 percent of this year’s crop.

Other countries seem to have a better grasp of market forces and common sense. […] Our government could learn from the Brazilian approach and direct the E.P.A. to waive a portion of the renewable-fuel standards, thereby directing corn back to the marketplace. Under the law, the E.P.A. would first have to determine that the program was causing economic harm. That’s a no-brainer, given the effects of sharply higher grain prices that are already rippling through the economy.

The price of corn is a critical variable in the world food equation, and food markets are on edge because American corn supplies are plummeting. The combination of the drought and American ethanol policy will lead in many parts of the world to widespread inflation, more hunger, less food security, slower economic growth and political instability, especially in poor countries.


Any defense of the ethanol policy rests on fallacies, primarily these: that ethanol produced from corn makes the United States less dependent on fossil fuels; that ethanol lowers the price of gasoline; that an increase in the percentage of ethanol blended into gasoline increases the overall supply of gasoline; and that ethanol is environmentally friendly and lowers global carbon dioxide emissions.

The ethanol lobby promotes these claims, and many politicians seem intoxicated by them. Corn is indeed a renewable resource, but it has a far lower yield relative to the energy used to produce it than either biodiesel (such as soybean oil) or ethanol from other plants. Ethanol yields about 30 percent less energy per gallon than gasoline, so mileage drops off significantly. Finally, adding ethanol actually raises the price of blended fuel because it is more expensive to transport and handle than gasoline.

But do you hear any of our leaders calling for these sensible policy changes? Not with the energy and agribusiness lobbies throwing money at them.