Ha quedado muy claro que todo lo hecho a mano nos pirra, mucho, y esto no iba a ser diferente, una mochila (que también nos gustan mucho) hecha a mano en San Francisco por Ethanmade, una joven marca que viene pisando fuerte. La Grace Pack está echa en piel y disponible en varios colores, y por supuesto la podéis adquirir en su web.

It’s clear that we love so much everything that’s handmade, a lot, and this won’t be different, a backpack (we also love backpacks) handmade in San Francisco by Ethanmade, a young brand with a large projection. The Grace Pack is made in leather and available in many colours, of course, you can buy it on the web.

Ken Tsunas in Stock

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So the wait is finally over!!! The new Ken Tsunas are all in stock and for sale in the STORE. From left to right we have dark brown, maroon, light brown and a medium brown. The maroon, light and dark brown are all made with thicker leather. So at first they will be hard to get in but we did that on purpose so they stay tight over time. One major thing to mention is getting your dama in and out of them. The best way to do so is to leave them closed at all times (like seen above) Then just wiggle the dama around the loop and in. Each color has about 10 of each so grab them while they last!!! 

Behind the Scenes - Ken Tsuna

Jake came over to the studio the other day while we were working on the next round of Tsunas. Of course in normal Jake fashion he made this amazing video to give you a little glimpse into the process. 100% handmade by us here in SF. I’m going out of town next week and when I get back the next round of Tsunas will be up for sale. So the first day of spring, March 21 we will have around 30-40 more in the store. They will go fast, so don’t sleep!