Derek's Pack

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by TeenWolfGirl

Scott and Stiles are both bitten. Scott has Allison but who will Stiles turn to? Sterek!!

Words: 1879, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Derek's Pack

read it on the AO3 at

by TeenWolfGirl

Scott and Stiles are both bitten. Scott has Allison but who will Stiles turn to? Sterek!!

Words: 1879, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

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Period Sex Preferences - Teen Wolf Boys

Requested By Anon

So tempted to make these into an imagine collection…


Scott had been kissing you, attempting to distract you from the aching pain that painkillers had failed to numb when he got carried away. The Chemo signals you were giving off left him in a happy haze and every touch he placed on your skin was heightened, the two of you forgot about the mess you were making as he slowly healed any discomfort and replaced it with a pleasured high.


You were to shy to explain to Derek that despite being on your period you wanted him. It took him a day or two to coax it out of you and as soon as you’d told him he picked you up and kissed you, being sure to make you remember that if you wanted him he’d happily compile, whether or not you were on you period.


Isaac was your childhood best friend and you’d been there for him through becoming a werewolf, so you knew that he’d be able to pick up on your heightened chemo signals, which was why you avoided him. 

When he climbed through your window and woke you up to talk he didn’t need you to tell him what you needed. He lent forwards and kissed you softly before scooping you up, following your orders to carry you to the bathroom, only just keeping control of himself as he stripped off and joining you under the steamy water.


(So Reader is a Female werewolf in heat which I know isn’t technically period sex but this is what popped into my head <3)

It hit you almost instantaneously, after hours of studying you growled at the boy and began complaining about how sexually frustrated he made you. He caught you by surprise when your comments boosted his ego enough to slide his hands into your panties but the teasing just made it worse, pushing him down roughly he let you use him for what you needed, secretly hoping he’d be the one you were with on your next heat.


Your relationship with Jackson meant that the both of you slept with each other when you needed a confidence boost or some release. He didn’t care if you were on your period or not, often leaving you to clean yourself up after he’d left you, although he’d commented once or twice that period sex was better than ordinary sex. When you asked him why he’d shrugged and say it was because he had less foreplay to go through and that you sensitive body reacted to him much better than during ordinary sex.

The Twins

Deucalion kept you in the pack as a reward for the twins, both of them seeing it as their duty to provide their human with the highest amount of care. They’d lay with you as you struggled through the first day, warm limbs tangled with your own despite feeling like you were on fire. Once they were sure you were no longer in pain your bed was stripped and they’d lay towels over the mattress, spending the entire day kissing and touching until you could barely keep your eyes open.


Theo found that pretending not to know you existed made it easier to hide the fact that you were his soft spot. However, he genuinely looked forward to that once a month when you’d desperately seek him out, hormones a blaze as you let him lead you to any secluded place. The two of you were messy, loud and needy but neither of you cared until after the deed was done and the evidence of your lusted actions needed to be hidden from sight.


IMAGINE your older brothers Ethan and Aiden finding out you are dating Derek.

Requested by: lighting-princess-azula


(Season 3 Spoilers)

Ethan and Aiden x Reader

Requested By @pastell-niall

The sight of Aiden wordlessly screaming had you looking down to the blade stuck through your middle, a glance across to the rest of the pack gave you the sight of everyone who’d been outside frozen. The others burst out of the school with a victorious look on their faces.

“No.” Lydia whispered as she felt it building.

The entire pack flinched as she let lose a scream that echoed around, only Aiden stayed on his feet as the others dropped to their knees and covered their ears. You heard Aiden call your name as your sight blurred and you fell forward into darkness.

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Teen Wolf Meme: Relationships [1/5] - Dethan [2/3]

“I’m sorry. I just don’t think I can stay.”
“Actually, it’s okay.”
“You’re breaking up with me?”
“I like you, a lot. You’re incredibly good looking.
    And smart, and sweet.
        And I just don’t think I can do it.”
“Date me?”
“Date a werewolf.”
“You knew?!”
“Dude, it’s Beacon Hills.”