Teaching the Tradition: A Jazz Piano Teacher in the Conservatory

Ethan Iverson created this column from extensive emails to his students at the New England Conservatory. They are kind of “dissertations from the road,” and they are absolutely fascinating, not only in their breadth of musical knowledge, but in how Iverson imparts knowledge to inspire and empower young musicians rather than bore them to death.

-Michael Cuscuna

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Send in the Clowns
Ethan Iverson/Stephen Sondheim/Anthony de Mare

Anthony de Mare plays Ethan Iverson’s arrangement of Send in the Clowns, as part of The Liaisons Project. 

Iverson (pianist for The Bad Plus) said he wanted to give the idea of a small band playing at a jazz club, and the arrangement should ideally be played on an old beat-up upright piano.

Ethan Iverson Visits the Louis Armstrong House Museum

Ethan Iverson of finally had a chance to visit the Louis Armstrong House Museum and gives a well documented report on his day there. My visit there was a breathtaking and emotional experience and definitely should be on your bucket list.

-Scott Wenzel

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Tom Harrell Interviewed

Ethan Iverson is clearly the greatest interviewer in jazz journalism today, and the fact that he is an accomplished musician informs his work. His lengthy interview with the great trumpeter-composer Tom Harrell is typically thorough. My favorite section is Ethan asking Tom about favorite solos by key trumpeters. Harrell’s comments will have you revisiting the performances he is discussing.

-Michael Cuscuna

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Geri Allen: R.I.P.

Geri Allen died on June 27 from cancer at the age of 60! I remember Oliver Lake and Woody Shaw first singing her praises in the early ‘80s. We shared a deep love for Herbie Nichols and we became fast friends. She built an amazing body of work. Ethan Iverson recently constructed a detailed and enlightening appreciation of her rich recorded career. It serves as a great testament to her extraordinary artistry.

-Michael Cuscuna

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Fred Hersch Interview

Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of an interview with a musician is how he hears music on a level that most of us don’t. Ethan Iverson’s interview with Fred Hersch is a shining example of that. Fred’s artistry is immediately identifiable as the kind of a musician whose ability to listen informed his art. This conversation will send you back to your record collection with a new perspective.

-Michael Cuscuna

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The film The Ballad of Fred Hersch will be shown at the Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville, New York, the evening of Thursday, June 22. A live performance by Fred Hersch will follow.Details here.

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The Bad Plus - Village Vanguard Live (2004)

REID ANDERSON - contrebasse
DAVE KING - batterie

Track List:
1. The Empire Strikes Backwards
2. Forces
3. Cheney Pinata
4. Prehensite Dream
5. Anthem For The Earnest
6. Dirty Blonde
7. Three Flames
8. Traditional, Yet Progressive
9. Rhinoceros Is My Profession

Ethan Iverson, Ben Street, Tootie Heath - Live at the Village Vanguard, NYC, August 22, 2012

Here’s what I’m listening to this morning. Extremely good. Via NPR Music. 

“South Hampton” (Iverson)
“Nice Work If You Can Get It” (Gershwin)
“Insensatez” (Jobim)
“Shiny Stockings” (Foster)
“The Charleston” (Johnson)
“Memories Of You” (Blake)
“No Moe” (Rollins)
“Fire Waltz” (Waldron)
“Along Came Betty” (Golson)
“It Should’ve Happened A Long Time Ago” (Motian)
“Now’s The Time” (Parker)

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The Bad Plus Joined by Wendy Lewis - JazzAldia Live (2009)

DAVID KING - drums

Track List:
1. Apollo (Stravinsky)
2. You Are (Anderson)
3. Bill Hickman at Home (Iverson)
4. Fém (Ligetti)
5. Knows the Difference (Anderson)
6. Anthem for the Earnest (King)
7. Lithium (Nirvana)
8. Radio Cure (Wilco)
9. Blue Velvet (Angelo Badalamenti)
10. Long Distance Runaround (Yes)
11. New Year’s Day (U2)
12. How Deep His Your Love (Bee Gees)
13. Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd)
14. Heart of Gold (Neil Young)


this is too over!! and i love it!