Peter flipping out on Ethan 1/∞

Peter: We’re done. And by the way, (sarcastically) it’s been a fucking pleasure. But just so my conscience is clear, let me let you know why you’re not coming with us, okay? It’s not because you got me kicked off a plane and shot by an air marshal. It’s not because you stood idly by as I had my ass handed to me by a handicapped hillbilly, and I am certainly not leaving you here because you almost got me killed during the most important week of my life. I am leaving you here for a far more fundamental reason: I despise who you are at a cellular level.

Ethan: Okay, I’ve heard that before, and I’m trying to work on it, okay?

Peter: Great! Now hear this…

Ethan: Yes.

Peter: Beware. I’m warning you – Don’t go to Hollywood. The streets are not paved with gold. They are paved with the carcasses of fucking imbeciles like you who think they’re gonna go there and make it. “Pray you, avoid it.” Did you get that? That was Shakespeare. Heard of him?!

Ethan: Yes, I’ve heard of him, he’s a famous pirate. And by the way, it’s Shakesbeard.