Ethan Aaro Jones, Last Summer

These are photographs of summer. In particular, I’m exploring how summer is a cultural creation based on dreams and idyllic memories that often have underlying imperfections. The pleasures of summer are now reconciled with sun over-exposure, erosion, bygone eras, and the impending winter. As time goes by and seasons change, anticipated celebration becomes melancholy, for summer is never as good as it used to be. The American Summer is still the reward earned for living the American Dream, but it is also an elaborate fiction. 
May, 2014 
*This is a work in progress*

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100 photographers on Tumblr

(FR) Commencé en février, le répertoire des photographes recommandés compte à présent 100 photographes. Pour fêter ça, les voici tous réunis dans un slideshow de presque 10 minutes, et n'oubliez pas les enfants, toujours créditer les artistes:

(EN) Started in February, the directory of recommended photographers now has 100 photographers. To celebrate, here they are all together in a slideshow of nearly 10 minutes, and remember kids, always credit the artists:

  1. Rickard Aall
  2. Ethan Aaro Jones
  3. Delaney Allen
  4. Adam Amengual
  5. Ben Anderson
  6. Daniel Arnold
  7. Peter Baker
  8. Adam Bellefeuil
  9. Charles Bouchaib
  10. Matt Bower
  11. Timothy Briner
  12. William James Broadhurst
  13. Steven Brooks
  14. Jared Buschang
  15. João Canziani
  16. Elias Carlson
  17. Alex Catt
  18. Carlos Chavarría
  19. Cody Cobb
  20. Grant Cornett
  21. Clayton Cotterell
  22. Alex Crétey Systermans
  23. Stevie Dacanay
  24. Lindsay D’Addato
  25. Jonathan Deltour
  26. Bobby Doherty
  27. Cédric Dubus
  28. Jessica Eaton
  29. Clemens Fantur
  30. Michael David Friberg
  31. Paul Garcia
  32. Viktor Gardsater
  33. Vincent Glielmi
  34. Patrick Gookin
  35. Emiliano Granado
  36. Grégoire Grange
  37. Anna Paola Guerra
  38. Carl Gunhouse
  39. Sam A. Harris
  40. Osma Harvilahti
  41. William Hess
  42. Todd Hido
  43. Alexi Hobbs
  44. Peter Hoffman
  45. Theron Humphrey
  46. Tristan Hutchinson
  47. Patrick Joust
  48. Mikael Kennedy
  49. Stacy Kranitz
  50. Sannah Kvist
  51. Winslow Laroche
  52. Jack Latham
  53. Dominique Legrand
  54. Matthieu Litt
  55. Thomas Locke Hobbs
  56. Erik Lovold
  57. Shane Lynam
  58. Ross Mantle
  59. Alex Matzke
  60. Julien Mauve
  61. Michael Christopher McCraw
  62. Nich Hance McElroy
  63. Greg Miller
  64. Bobby Mills
  65. Nguan
  66. Stephanie Noritz
  67. Paccarik Orue
  68. Nathan Osterhaus
  69. Ed Panar
  70. Steven Paneccasio
  71. Laura Pannack
  72. Sarah Pannell
  73. Dany Peschl
  74. John Francis Peters
  75. Mark Power
  76. Missy Prince
  77. Thomas Prior
  78. Ernest Protasiewicz
  79. Andrew Querner
  80. Benjamin Rasmussen
  81. Patrick Romero
  82. Chris Round
  83. Whitten Sabbatini
  84. Iain Sarjeant
  85. Bryan Schutmaat
  86. Olivier Seignette
  87. Daniel Shea
  88. David Simonton
  89. Alex JD Smith
  90. Smithyphoto
  91. Rob Stephenson
  92. Sean Stewart
  93. Wouter Van de Voorde
  94. Maurice Van Es
  95. Thorir Vidar
  96. Cyrille Weiner
  97. Harley Weir
  98. Mark Wickens
  99. Geordie Wood
  100. Michael Wriston

Photographers A-Z page

Selektor Magazine

An Interview with Ethan Aaro Jones

Ethan Aaro Jones (b. 1985, Washington, D.C.) is a photographer currently living and working in in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

1. Why photography?

I like observing and commenting on the world around me, and photography allows me to do this in a more specific and pointed way than anything else.

2. Where do you do your work? 

I don’t really have a specific place that I work. I make photographs anywhere. When I’m not photographing I work at a desk, but as you can see, I hardly work there.

3. What is your favorite image right now? (not yours)

by Martin Kollar 

4. What is your favorite image right now? (yours)

Duluth, MN, 2015

5. What is the worst photo you’ve ever taken? 

I honestly don’t know. If I edit out a photo for what could be a variety of reasons I don’t really spend too much time thinking about them. And I’m certainly not going to rank my worst photos to find out the worst of the worst.

6. Who is your favorite photographer?

Today it’s Martin Kollar, I love his book Field Trip.

7. Who is your least favorite photographer?

I don’t know.

8. What is your most regretted missed photo opportunity?

I really don’t spend much time dwelling on photographs that don’t exist. Besides, I don’t really consider photography to be a predictable thing, so just because I think I see a potentially good photograph, that doesn’t mean there actually is one. Even when I haven’t missed a photo opportunity, I often don’t make the photograph that I intended to make. Having said that, I do frequently wish that I’d taken more photographs, but this is a different sentiment than missing any specific photographs or opportunities.

9. Please describe your work in 5 words.

people, distance, color, structure, location

10. Please describe your work in 3 images.

11. What image do you feel represents yourself (either your own image or not)

by Dan Larkin 

Ethan Aaro Jones