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WARNINGS: Some of these imagines may contain inappropriate and mature content. Any posts that contain this symbol [★] indicate that it has graphic/sexual content ahead. Posts with a [✨] indicate that it’s most recent.

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He’s Got Them Thick Thighs (Grayson Dolan x Reader)

Summary: Just a short imagine of you trying something new with your boyfriend. 

Warnings: Smut (ish), thigh riding. 

Word Count: 777.

A/N: shoutout to @thedolangifs and her blurbs for inspiring me to write this !

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“You have no right to come here to try and reclaim what you threw away” G.D

a/n: hey guys! part two of “I’ve been hurt before, but not like this. Never like this” is finally here! I know, i’ve left you guys waiting for this for too long but i had surgery last monday so i’ve been on strict bed rest and in so much pain these couple of days. BUT, i finally got the energy to finish this draft so here it is! this is also the first time i’ve written smut so bare with me haha.  i hope this makes up for it!

warnings: contains sexual content!

word count: 2,713 words.

“Come on y/n, it’s time for the meeting”

You looked up from your desk and saw your best friend Sienna waiting for you by the door. You nodded and quickly gathered your things before heading with her to the conference room.

It had been a year and sixty-one days since you walked away from Grayson. A year and sixty-one days since you walked away from the relationship you had wanted to be your happily ever after. After that night, you decided to start your life over, away from him, from Ethan, from everything that reminded you of what you had had with Gray.

And by everything, you meant EVERYTHING. You decided to leave LA and move to New York, a small town called Saratoga Springs which is just a short drive to New Jersey where your family lived.

Just being in the same city as Grayson had been toxic. You were always afraid of bumping into him everywhere you went, sometimes even hoping of running into him because you missed him terribly. You knew an escape from the city you had grown to love would be the best thing for you and your newly broken heart.

Now you were in your second year of college and had a paid internship at a live entertainment company which had been your dream job for the longest. That was actually one of the things you and Grayson had had in common, you both had dreams of one day being involved in the entertainment industry as a career.

“So how’s Jacob doing? Sienna said, pulling you from your thoughts.

You smiled at the thought of your boyfriend. You were honestly so happy to have him in your life. He had helped you become the happy girl you used to be again and you were so thankful to have him, and yet, you sometimes felt like something was missing but you weren’t sure what it was. You figured time would tell you or show you what it was.

“We’re doing great, he’s actually taking me out to dinner after work for our five month anniversary” you couldn’t help but giggle at the thought of your adorably corny boyfriend.

“Ugh I don’t know how you can like corny guys” your best friend whined, “just the thought of it makes me wanna throw up”

“You just wait for the guy that’s gonna come and sweep you off your feet” you teased, “then you’ll be the one doing all these corny things with him and I’ll be laughing my ass off watching you”

Sienna pretended to throw up and shook her head profusely, “No thank you. What I can’t wait for is for the guys our bosses are meeting to get here. I heard from the girl in front desk that we’ll be left drooling after looking at them” she smirked, “Speaking of…”

You turned to the direction she was looking and saw the back of two guys. You didn’t know why, but you felt your stomach turn and your heart begin to race at the sight of them. They were about the same height, except one was just a tiny bit taller. The taller one was also a little more built than the other but they were both pretty muscular.

You both walked in and saw your bosses smile at the sight of you guys arriving.

“Y/N, Sienna, this is Ethan and Grayson. We will be producing their upcoming tour in the summer.”

You felt your heart stop when Grayson’s eyes met your own. In that moment you couldn’t move, you couldn’t think, you couldn’t breathe. You couldn’t believe he was standing right there in front of you. You had thought the chances of running into him again were slim to none, and therefore, you hadn’t been prepared for this moment.

His beautiful hazel-brown eyes, his short and yet wavy brown hair, his plump pink lips, the cute freckle on his chin; everything about him was exactly the same.

Millions of thoughts were running through your head, but one thing was clear to you, you needed to get out of there.

You felt Sienna look at you worriedly as you carefully set the documents down on the table and apologized before leaving the conference room in a hurry. You could hear your name being called in the distance, but you didn’t dare go back. You couldn’t.

You gathered your things as quickly as you could, not caring of the consequences you leaving could bring. You saw Sienna running over to your desk from the corner of your eye, so you tried to leave before she could reach you but she quickly blocked your path.

“Y/n what was that back there?” she asked, “and why are you so shaky?”

You hadn’t even noticed how shaky you truly were until she pointed it out. You were a mess and you knew you were close to reaching your breaking point.

“I’ll explain it later just… p-please let me go Si” you pleaded.

You could tell she was unsure of what to do, but you didn’t give her time to figure it out once you saw Grayson jogging over to where you both were. You ran the opposite direction to the nearest exit and got into the first taxi you saw, quickly giving your address to the driver.

As the taxi drove away, you saw Grayson run out of the building in the distance and stand there watching you drive away. You felt a few tears fall as it took you back to the night you left him, your heart breaking all over again in the process.

Once the driver parked outside your condo, you payed him and headed inside. Your mind had been racing the whole ride home, but it had also been completely blank as you tried to comprehend what had happened back in the office. You had realized something as soon as you had seen Grayson. You couldn’t deny the feelings you had felt when your eyes met his, you realized you still loved him. You finally realized what had been missing between you and Jacob and you hated it. You hated the fact that you still loved the guy who broke your heart. The guy who you had thought would never hurt you and yet left you completely broken.  

Your body felt like it was on autopilot, you felt yourself moving but your mind was elsewhere. It wasn’t until you lay on your bed that you finally let yourself cry. You wrapped your arms around yourself with one hand on your stomach and the other helplessly wiping the tears that fell from your face. You cried and cried for what felt like hours until you felt you had ran out of tears.

You knew you looked like a mess and boy did you feel like one too. You decided it was best to text Jacob and tell him it was better if you went to dinner some other day. You made up some lame excuse about feeling sick and hoped he wouldn’t be upset with you.

The hours went by as you just lay there, looking out the window. You were too tired too think and in too much pain to do anything other than staying in bed. Knowing you at least had to eat, you ordered a pizza with hopes to eat your pain and sorrows away.

You heard a knock on the door about twenty minutes later and frowned, “Well that was quick” you mumbled.

You took out a twenty dollar bill from your purse and headed to the door, only to be met with a nervous Grayson Dolan. You quickly shut your door and turned around, sliding down the door and pulling your knees up to your chest.

“Y/N please open up” you heard Grayson plead as he knocked on the door once again. You buried your face into your knees as your vision began to blur, you couldn’t believe he was here. How did he even find where you lived?

Your thoughts were interrupted by the sound of more knocks, “Y/n please. We need to talk”

“No Grayson, you need to leave” you managed to say, “t-there’s nothing left for us to talk about”  

“Yes y/n, yes there is. Please. I-I’m begging you” he said. You heard his voice crack, as if he too was on the verge of tears.

You took a moment before getting back up and opening the door, facing a teary eyed Grayson. He looked so upset, so…. broken. But why? Why was he the one that looked brokenhearted when he was the one who tore your heart into pieces?

“What is it Grayson?” you asked.

You saw him look down, taking a few minutes to answer before you saying in almost a whisper, “I miss you

Your heart broke at his words because you too had missed him, but you knew you had to remain strong. You didn’t want to fall apart in front of him. Not like that night. Not again. “You miss me?”  you scoffed.

“Yes y/n I do! I’ve been a mess since you left” he looked back up and his eyes met yours once again, “I miss your smile, your beautiful y/e/c eyes, your contagious loud laugh, your good heart, I miss everything about you and… and I am so lost without you”

“And I know, I fucked up. I made you hurt and I made you cry more than anyone ever has when I was the one that was supposed to protect you from all of that. You were so good to me, you were perfect, but I took you for granted. I took your love for me for granted, and I-I’m so sorry for that” his voice cracked once again as a single tear fell from his cheek. “I wake up every morning with regret for everything I put you through, for letting you walk away.”

You saw him slowly step closer to you, afraid that any sudden movement would scare you away.  “I love you y/n”


He gulped as his hand found its way to the side of your face, wiping the tears that were falling away.

Your eyes squeezed shut and you leaned into his hand, giving into the sensation his touch was giving you. You never thought you’d feel the warmth of his touch on your skin ever again, it felt surreal to you. You had missed it.

All of a sudden, an image of Jacob came to mind and you quickly brought yourself out of your daze; making you pulling away from him harshly “Please just leave. I’m done with talking about the past. I’m over it”

“No y/n, you’re not. Please. I-I know you still feel the same way I do.”

“Actually I don’t” you lied, “I-I’ve moved on Grayson. I have a boyfriend. A boyfriend that cares about me and makes me happy. I-I love him” More lies

You saw Grayson shake his head as some tears escaped his eyes, “I don’t believe you.”

“Look Grayson, you know what’s sad? It’s sad that you only want me when you can’t have me.” you took a shaky breath before continuing, “You have no right to come here to try and reclaim what you threw away. You just can’t.”

Grayson looked away from you, biting his lower lip as hard as he could. You could tell he was trying his hardest to keep the tears in. You wanted nothing more than to pull him into your arms, and tell him it was all a lie. Tell him that you still loved him but you knew you couldn’t, so instead you just stood there, watching him.

“Okay… Look me in the eyes and tell me you’re really over me y/n” he said as he took a step closer. “Tell me that my touch has absolutely no effect on you anymore”  

You felt him wrap an arm around your waist, pressing your body against his as his hand found its way to your face once again.


You saw a small smirk forming on his face at your loss of words. His face slowly leaned closer to yours, “if you’re really over me, then tell me to stop” he breathed, his lips hovering over your own.

“No Grayson!” you screamed as you pulled his arm from your waist, “I can’t do to Jacob what you did to me for months. I-I won’t”

“Please y/n, I love you” he begged, his tears slipping down his rosy pink cheeks.

“No Grayson just go” you grabbed the knob and moved back to pull the door closed, until you felt him smash his lips onto yours as he kicked the door closed behind him. The kiss absolutely took your breath away, he kissed you so slowly, so passionately.

You knew it was wrong, and a part of you wanted to stop him, but being with Grayson felt like finally being home; it felt right.

You wrapped yours arms around his neck and pulled him closer, deepening the kiss. You could feel him smiling through it and it made your heart flutter.  

Next thing you know, clothes were carelessly being thrown all over your bedroom. Your back was pushed gently against your bed, you felt him showering your body with kisses as he unclasped your bra with ease, removing it, and then your underwear. You could tell, even if it had been over a year since you last saw each other, he hadn’t forgotten your body. He was licking, sucking, kissing all the right spots and it was driving you insane, to the point of gripping the sheets tightly and moaning his name so loudly, enough for the neighbors to hear.

“You’re so beautiful you know that?” he whispered as he positioned himself and slowly introduced his length inside of you. You whimpered at first, but with each thrust, the pleasure grew.

“G-Grayson” you breathed.

“Fuck y/n you feel so fucking good. I missed this.” he moaned as he placed his head on your chest as he thrusts harder into you.

Your toes began to curl, the pleasure beginning to be too much for you to take. “Grayson I’m close” you moaned, your hips rolling with his. Your nails scratching his back, making sure to mark him as your own once again.

“I am too baby girl, come for me. Come for daddy” he said as his thrusts began to get sloppy. Once you both climaxed, you felt your body shaking beneath his. You felt him kiss you lightly before collapsing in bed next to you and pulling you into his arms.

For a moment, you both lay there in complete silence. Neither one of you knew what this meant or would happen next, and if you were being truthful, you were scared to find out.

“Don’t choose him” he whispered softly.


“Wait, just hear me out” He placed his finger on your chin as he lifted your face for you to meet his gaze. “ I know I fucked up before but I’m not making the same mistake ever again. Give me a second chance baby girl. I love you and I know I won’t be able to let you go after this. I don’t want to. ”

You waited a moment, letting his words sink in, before you brought his face down to yours and pressed your lips against his softly. “Okay” you nodded and smiled up at him, “I love you”

“I love you more y/n” He said as he gave you a toothy grin but it soon turned into a smirk as he hovered over you once again.

“How about we celebrate with a round 2 then?” you laughed at him raising his eyebrows at you and pushed him off.

“No Gray, as much as I would love to do this again, I want to break up with Jacob first. I feel horrible for doing this to him.” you sighed.

He nodded and pulled you back into your arms, his head resting on top of yours. “Do you think you can wait?”

“Are you kidding me? I’ll wait as long as you want me to baby girl” you smiled again as he gave you a peck on the lips and on your forehead, “I’m never letting you go again”

Hope you enjoyed!

Daddy Dearest [G.D]♕

WARNINGS: Sexual content/Graphic depictions of violence ahead. Read at your own risk.

SUMMARY: After meeting the infamous boxer known as Grayson Dolan, you both begin to play a dangerous game that involves an excessive amount of flirting, violence and sex.



Grayson ignored the pounding ache reverberating in his skull. Ignored the fragile brittleness of his countlessly bruised bones. Ignored the thick trickle of blood seeping from his nose. He remained motionless upon the mat, too exhausted and sore to summon any semblance of strength to his trembling limbs, his swollen eyes screwed tightly shut, his breaths heaving and jagged.

Storm sneered at him whilst chucking his shirt across the room. His dark chocolate skin glistened with a sheer coat of sweat, abs embedded into his skin as his muscled flexed. He glared down at his pupil coldly,

"On your feet, Dolan.”

Grayson shakily stood, his knees buckling underneath his shifting weight, his legs wobbling as he struggled to regain his balance, and, without warning, without waiting, he was immediately upon him again. Two punches to the right cheek, three jabs to the left, a swift duck to dodge Grayson’s clumsy attack, a quick uppercut to the underside of his student’s chin that stilled his motions, knocking him flat onto his back once again.

“How can you expect to win against the rookie,” Storm questioned, looming over the collapsed body of Grayson, nonchalantly removing his gloves to crack his knuckles. “When you can’t even win against me?”

His cold question wasn’t expected to have a verbal retort, Grayson had learned that at the modest start of his career. Storm was a former boxer who had taken Grayson under his wing, spotting him at the gym and peaking his interest. Ever since then he became Grayson’s second father basically, the one person Gray could trust with his life besides his brother.

At times he was hard on Grayson, only because he loved him dearly, he wanted to push him beyond his limits, he gave him tough love and Grayson didn’t seem to appreciate that until now.

Grayson instead sucked in a steadying breath through his clenched teeth, braced for the ruthless agony awaiting him as punishment for exceeding his physical limits, and forced himself back onto his feet, controlling the uneasy sway of his body underneath the waves of pain coursing through his system.

Storm’s stolid gaze eased into a cruel, calculating smirk, almost as if he was satisfied with the unspoken answer Grayson had rightfully given, as he slipped on his gloves.


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Skater-boy [E.D]♕

WARNING: Sexual Content Ahead. Read At Your Own Risk.

SUMMARY: The famous skateboarder known as Ethan Dolan seems to take an interest in you, when your brother accidentally introduces you to him and his brother. 


“Castle, please.”


“C'mon, you’re my brother-”

“And I fucking said no. Now drop it.”

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Alcoholic Delirium [E.D]

warnings: explicit smut, slight bdsm and choking, daddy kink, dirty talk, and yeah that type of shit…

summary: You were living with the Dolan twins and ocasionally fucking with Grayson, but still feeling insanely sexually attracted to Ethan. And that’s what happened when Gray was out of town.

words: 4.2k

A/N: that’s my first smut ever written so, go easy on me, HAHA! love you, you kinky bitches.

Living with Grayson and Ethan Dolan was hard. Living with Grayson and Ethan Dolan while fucking Grayson but still feeling insanely sexually attracted to Ethan was ten times harder. Although you and Grayson were not dating and just messing around, you knew he was going to be jealous if he found out about you wanting to fuck his brother, so for the sake of the gods, Ethan decided by himself that he wouldn’t even touch you, no matter what.

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You're the one (G.D)

Summary: You end up pregnant with Ethan’s child and he runs away out of fright of becoming a father. Your bestfriend, Grayson, steps up to the role of your baby’s father and maybe a little more.

Word count: 9.2K +

A/N: None of this is probably accurate, lol I have no idea about pregnancies or childbirth so forgive me. 

“You know I love you.. b-but I can’t do this! Okay?”

Those very words made you crumble. The tears burst forth like water from a dam, spilling down your face. You felt the muscles of your chin tremble like a small child and you looked away from his eyes, hoping that he couldn’t see how broken you were. “Please..” You sobbed, “At least try!”

Ethan swallowed thickly and reached for your hand but you jerked away swiftly. Your lashes were were brimmed with heavy tears, the skin surrounding your eyes becoming puffy as salty tears decorated your rosy pink cheeks. “Why are you so afraid?”

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Circles and Lines (SMUT)

A/N: hi this is the first time I’ve ever written anything that wasn’t for school let alone a smut (imagine having to write smut for school rip) sooOoOoo I hope it’s not too shitty!!

“Come overrrrrrrrrr.” Your best friend of years, Gray whined through the phone. You let out a deep sigh. You’ve been working your ass off all week, trying to balance school and YouTube. Not anywhere near as popular as the twins, of course, but you’re working your way up, it’s been a dream of yours since a kid to be known.

“Grayson I’m exhausted. Please, let a girl relax.”

“I have a great idea! Come over and relax here!”

“You’re not giving up anytime soon, are you?”


“Ugh. Fine. I’ll be there in 30.”

“Thanks, love you Y/N!”

“Yeah, yeah whatever.” You hung up, sagging your shoulders. You loved Grayson (more than he’d ever know sadly), but it felt like a chore getting into the car and driving to their home. Your shoulders were throbbing in pain as you were silently cursing yourself for giving in so easily.

Once parked in his driveway, approaching the door to knock, it swung open showcasing a smiley Grayson, immediately engulfing you in a giant hug.

“Y/N! I missed you so much!” He said in the same voice one would talk to a baby in.

“Gray, I saw you last week. Calm down.”

“That’s a week too long. I missed my favorite person.” He pulled away and frowned. Your cheeks turned red from his words and your heart beat a little quicker from such a small comment.

“Alright, alright, let me into your house now.” He stepped to the side and you walked in, making a beeline to the couch, flopping onto it immediately. Unfortunately and accidentally, a lot of weight was put onto your shoulders and a yelp in pain followed.

“What’s wrong?” Grayson asked, lifting your feet so he could sit.

“It’s my shoulders. They hurt like real bitches. I hope I’m ok, but it shouldn’t be anything too bad.” You said, reaching to rub the spots that hurt the most but they were too far of a stretch.

“Ah I know that pain all too well. Usually a massage makes it feel better though. Do you want a massage?”

“Oh ha no that’s alright, I’ll be A-ok.” You could barely handle what his hands did to your body just LOOKING at them. You can’t imagine what kind of malfunction your brain would go through if the feeling of his rough hands trailed your skin.

“I’m just trying to help, Y/N. You’re getting a massage whether you like it or not.” He removed your legs from his lap as he stood up. He then straightened your body upright.

“I don’t really think that’s- oh.” Your sentence was cut short by the tender feeling of Grayson rubbing your shoulders. The pressure of his fingers helped knead the soreness you’ve had there for a while away, and you sat there limp as his hands worked their magic.

“How about we go to my room and finish this there?” He whispered in your ear a few minutes later. His hot breath sent shivers down your spine and warmth to your heat. Oops. You nodded reluctantly and almost whimpered when he removed his hands from your shoulders, the pain returning almost immediately. Grayson grabbed your arm and began leading to his room. You were confused as to why he felt the need to do that since you’ve been there a million times, but you kept your mouth closed. Passing Ethan’s room, you took notice on how it was empty, along with the rest of the home. Huh.

Grayson closed the door as you both entered his room, and ushered you over to his bed where you lay down on your stomach, your head turnt to the side watching him.

After approaching you, Grayson climbed on top of his bed and straddled you, his crotch pressing down on your ass. He began his work again and it was even better than before. Some moans slipped out of your mouth, relief from the pain finally being granted.

“Don’t make that noise.” Grayson said in a low voice. You turned to look at him, seeing his eyes visibly darken and felt a poking on one of your ass cheeks.

“Oh. Sorry.” You said weakly. Man, toughen the fuck up girl.

“Take off your shirt.” Grayson said, his eyes burning into yours.


“Because I said so. Shirt. Off. Now.” It was like his eyes held some sort of mind control, because before you knew it, you were ripping that bitch off.

“Bra too.” He demanded. Fuck. After you took your bra off you covered your boobs with your hands, then lay back down on your stomach.

Now you could feel the roughness of his hands as they worked oh so softly, working at untangling every knot ever created. He rubbed in circles and lines, varying pressure in different areas.

“This might hurt a little.” Grayson said, his voice low. He dug his elbow in, then swiftly cracked places all over your back, feeling so heavenly. You couldn’t hold back groaning his name.

Grayson stopped his wonder works abruptly and grabbed your face. “What did I say? No. Moaning. Especially not my name.” The poking in your ass cheeks was feeling a lot more prominent now.

Nonetheless, he continued, his hands moving from shoulders, to mid back, to the side of your boobs where they were massaged very lightly. Your nipples hardened against the soft bed. What was this boy doing to you?

Grayson shifted himself so now he was facing the lower half of your body as opposed to the upper half. “Leg massage.” He mumbled. You were about to protest, saying that that very obviously wasn’t the problem areas he should be focusing on, but like before, your lips stayed shut. His muscular hands started at the ankles, then calves, then thighs. He parted them open slowly and your breathing was becoming uneven. This could not be happening. No, this is just another fantasy. There is no way on this green earth that Grayson Bailey Dolan was actually inching his fucking fingers up your thighs and closer to your soaked core.

Grayson rubbed your heat lightly through your shorts and you whimpered slightly. Holy fuck. A finger poked through the shorts and panties that desperately wanted to be taken off and felt around your labia.

“Fuck, Y/N. You’re so wet for me.” Grayson groaned and you could come right there right then. “Flip over.” He instructed. This time, you didn’t cover up your boobs when facing him.

Grayson’s eyes met yours as you grazed over his perfect features. What the fuck is happening. He leaned forward and cupped your face. Just before he could close the space, you stopped him, pressing your foreheads together.



“Ho- wh- what’s going on?”

“Y/N. I want you to listen to me very closely.” You nodded. “I’ve been in love with you since the day we first met. I’ve been wanting to do this for however that long was.”

“Are you being serious? Are you sure you mean me?”

“More sure than I’ve ever been of anything. I love you, Y/N.” Welp, that did it for you. Immediately, you smashed your lips against his. Grayson’s mouth fit perfectly with yours and you groaned out of satisfaction. This all lived up to your fantasies. He licked your bottom lip, asking for entrance which was granted gladly. Gray’s tongue mingled with yours. Nibbling and pulling on his bottom lip, he growled into your mouth, making goosebumps form on your arms. His mouth left yours as it traveled down your neck, biting and marking it’s territory.

“I want to make you feel good. Let me make you feel good.” Gray breathed in between kisses. You groaned his name and he chuckled against your bare skin. He sucked on each nipple lightly and shortly before moving down to your shorts and panties, pulling them off in the blink of an eye. You lay bare in front of him.

“Uh, everything ok down there?” You asked. What’s this pause for. You lifted your head to meet his eyes. You shuddered when seeing his lust-filled gaze.

“Wow.” Is all he said before directly licking a stripe up your core. Wow right back, Grayson. “You taste even better than I imagined.”

He slowly swirled his tongue from your entrance to your swollen clit, tracing the edges painstakingly slowly.

“Gray, please.” You begged.

“Please what?” His hot breath fanned your heat, automatically making you more wet.


“Doing what? I want you to say it. Beg for it.”

“Eat me out, Grayson, I want you to make me cum.” You said breathlessly.

Supposedly that worked for him because he broke eye contact and stuck his tongue right back into your pussy. He made it so he was just far down enough for his nose to press against your clit, increasingly adding pressure, then licking up and making figure eights.

“You’re. So. Fucking. Sexy.” He spoke in between laps. You moaned out loudly in response. He pulled his face away, it glistening in your juices, and started to rub you with the same fingers that were previously doing wonders on your shoulders. And boy, those fingers were about to do even better things to your core.

He dragged his fingers lazily up and down, spreading more of your juices in their wake. He teased for a little longer before sticking a finger into entrance making you yelp in both surprise and pleasure. He began to slowly pump the finger in and out before adding another.

“Grayson, fuck.” You whimpered.

“You like that? Do you like the way my fingers feel inside of you.” You let out a weak ‘mhm’ in response. “I know what would feel even better.” He pulled his fingers out of you, bringing his head up so you could watch him lick his fingers clean. Shit man.

He stood and undressed himself. In that moment, you have never seen anything more beautiful or sexy and it made your core throb. You wanted him so badly. He rolled a condom over his long, thick length before getting ready to enter you.

“You ready?” He asked.

“More than ever.” He captured your lips and made a deep stride into you. Your walls clenched around his long dick as he filled you completely. You moaned into his mouth and he bit your bottom lip.

“Fuck Y/N you’re so tight.” Grayson moaned, which turned you on even more if that was possible. He found a rhythm quickly and soon found your g-spot, hitting it head on. You were in euphoria.

“Oh my- Grayson.” You dragged out the ending of his name. You reached down to rub your clit as he continued to slam into you, which he apparently didn’t like. His hand shot out to pull yours away and then tighten around your neck, his thumb opening up your mouth.

“When you’re in my hands, only I get to play with your clit, got it?” His hand added pressure and his brooding hazel eyes bore into your own. The only sound you could muster was a long ‘mmmm’. You had to admit, you never thought that you’d be into choking, but this was undeniably turning you on.

“Oh. You like it when I choke you? You’re so dirty, I love it.” He smirked as he stuck his thumb in your mouth, which you swirled your tongue around and he chuckled. His other hand reached down to rub your clit and he got back in his rhythm. Your orgasm built up a lot quicker now and you started to feel a knot form in your stomach.

“Gray. Grayson. I’m close baby.”

“Not yet. Hold it for me princess. Just a little.” You whimpered and you didn’t know if you’d be able to but you were trying. You focused on his face and you wish you could take a picture and frame it because hot damn. It looked like he was in deep concentration, a thin layer of sweat sitting upon his forehead.

“Ok baby girl. Cum for me. I wanna feel you come around my dick. Keep your eyes open when you do.” He grunted and that was it. You came, crying out his name. Your orgasm hitting you hard, making your thighs quake and you held onto his biceps. Your walls clenched around Grayson’s dick and you felt him cum inside of you. He rubbed your clit as you came down from your high. He soon pulled out and lay down next to you.

“Wow.” Is all you could say.

“Wow is right. You’re amazing.” He breathed. You turned to your side.

“So. What you said about you being in love with me or whatever. Is that true or were you just saying it so you could get into my pants.” He turned to look at you then grabbed you hand, intertwined your fingers, and kissed your knuckles.

“I was being completely honest. I am completely honest. I love you, Y/N. So so much.” Your heart fluttered and you cracked a huge smile. So this is what it feels like for someone you’ve been in love with for forever tell you they love you back.

“I love you too, Grayson. So so much.”

For the record, your shoulders had never felt better.

“Sidelines ” (E.D)

A/N: jock!Ethan. Almost cliché but not. Enjoy.


The roaring of the crowd from behind us had finally died down along with the slight vibrated in the metal fence which only caused my adrenaline to pump harder through my veins each time the crowd got excited. The air was thick as the tingling feeling of electricity ran through the cold breeze that swept past me every few minutes. The game clock stood still as the boys made there way off the field for a break and team meeting. Half time had just began and the game was tied causing every player to leave tense and in their own zone with their harden expressions visible and hazed over eyes. Ready for war look coach always says. Shaking my arms out as I walked over to my duffle bag to grab my water bottle.

“Nervous?” Chasity asked bumping her hip against mine causing my arm to move and some water to dribble down my chin from the sudden contact.

“Nope. They got this.” I said wiping my chin and tossing my bottle back into my bag. Straighten out my cheer skirt and pulling my top down to help cover up my cold exposed skin, I stared out towards the rival team across the field who were currently in a huddle.

“Your hands are shaking and you haven’t stopped bouncing around.” She said raising her eyebrow slightly knowing I was in fact extremely nervous.

“Well Grayson is out for the season and he was our best Quarterback not saying Zachs not good but Gray was better. Max’s slacking and letting guys in the inside and Ethan keeps fumbling. Like c'mon hes so much better than that. They’re all distracted and Im just itching to put the pads on and join them but coach said not this game. Mount Averys play dirty apparently and if they knew I was playing, a girl, they’d target me.” I said pulling out my high ponytail and retying it for the hundredth time.

“Relax y/n. They know what they’re doing, they got this like you sais. They’ve been undefeated this whole season anyways.” She said trying to reassure me. Nodding my head at her comment we walked back to the squad to stretch and warm up for the stunt we were doing before half time was over. A few minutes later the speakers started blasting some rock song to get the crowd hyped up as the boys made there way back onto the field. Screaming along with the crowd, I cheered for the team hoping they’d hear me and lift their spirits somewhat. Ethan’s number caught my eye as he neared the sidelines and took his place near coach. Without thinking I walked over to the team causing some of the guys to whistle and cat call me in my uniform which they knew I hated but loved bothering me. The slight commotion caused Ethan to turn around and make eye contact with me.

“Hey stud.” I said approaching him. He drew a small smile and relaxed slightly at the sound of my voice.

“Whats a pretty thing like you doing surrounded by a bunch of sweaty guys?” He jokingly asked.

“Thats my Friday night for yah.” I said adding a wink to apply my sexual innuendo. He laughed and moved a little closer before slipping his helmet off and asking to help him readjust his pads.

“Damn girl. How do you manage to have a flat ass in a skirt?” A voice called from behind me.

“I don’t know. How do you manage to have a big ego with a small dick?” I said back causing a wave of oo’s and snickers to erupt from the guys.

“Enough. Enough. Lets focus now.” Coach said settling everyone down.

“Should of known you’d be the reason for a commotion.” Coach said trying to act stern but his giddy eyes gave away that he thought my comeback was funny.

“If I don’t get these hooligans riled up who will?” I asked placing a hand on my hip dramatically. Coaches deep laugh let out into the air as he side stepped me and walked over to the defensive coach to talk. Looking around to the team I could tell something was up. Their energy and vibe was off even though we were just messing around. Whiping around to Ethan who was pre occupied with taping his wrist all wrong, I dropped asking his what was up and leaned over grabbing it from him and re-doing it.

“What would you do without me? I said shaking my head.

“Crash. Burn. Die.” He said dramatically. Shoving him slightly I finished taping his wrist up and handed the tape back to the med kid waiting patiently next to us.

“You never answered my question earlier you know.” Ethan said looking down at me.

“Oh I didnt? How silly of me.” I said smiling.

“Come on y/n.” Ethan groaned. Before I could answer coach shouted gathering offensives attention making it that my queue to leave. Turning on my heel to head back to the girls, a large hand gently wrapped itself around my wrist and pulled me against a hard plastic chest.

“Good luck kiss?” Ethan asked smirking at me. Just then Zachs arm slapped down onto Ethans shoulder pad pulling him back slightly.

“Come on lover boy.” He said dragging him away. Smiling to myself as I made my way back I didnt have enough time to hide my expression before Chasity came at me with a million questions and a ‘you better tell me later’ look. Dismissing her banter and focusing onto the boys lining up on the field the familiar butterfly feeling began to grow in my stomach once again.

It was becoming quite an interesting game pretty fast with the whole flag being thrown every play thing not to mention both teams were making it impossible for either of them to score a point. Ever few plays you could hear cursing and frustrated things being said from coach and the guys as they augured at the refs call and being held back as the rival team did something dirty to one of our guys. Looking at the score board we were still tied and had one quarter to go. The new play began as the ball was snapped back to the Zach, a play I’ve seen many times before. Looking ahead I scanned the field for Ethan. He was already on the move, sprinting down down towards the end zone. Zach saw his opportunity and threw it towards Ethans direction. With his eyes glued to the ball hurling towards him, he didn’t notice the tight end come barreling towards him. In one smooth move Ethan caught the ball and tucked it against him causing everyone to cheer. The other player tried to intercept but fail, with Ethans quick feet he just managed to slip past him in time but this guy didn’t give up. In one swift motion he reached up and grabbed Ethans face mask yanking him down towards the ground. I began yelling out and screaming for the ref to flag the other player but nothing happened. As Ethan was about to get up the same guy who yanked him down kicked his helmet as he walked past causing the guys on our team who noticed to blow up. A few seconds later a full on brawl was going down on the 20 yard line. Me being me made a full on sprint down the field ignoring the calls from the girls to stay there. Trying to get past the behemoth size of guys that stood in front of me blocking my pathway, I started frantically yanking them back my their pads not caring whose team they were on. In the middle of the mess was Ethan straddling the guy from earlier who messed with him as he was getting ready to throw a punch. Running over to him, I grabbed his arched back arm before he had the chance to throw his fist. Pushing me away so I couldn’t get in the way he threw a quick punch. Pushing him back as hard I could which in reality probably looked more like a small shove.

“What’s wrong with you? He’s not worth a suspension.” I said grabbing his chin so he had no other choice but look at me. Anger was shown all over his face as he roughly removed his face from my grip. Reluctantly getting up, he let go of the guy he was holding on to by the jersey and pushed him hard into the ground. Giving me a hard angry look, he turned to walk away from the crowd.

“Aw poor old Ethan has to have his girlfriend fight for him.” The asshole from earlier said. That caught Ethans attention right away as he stopped walking but never turned around.

“Im not his girlfriend and if you had any brain cells left you would actually be thanking me for stopping him before he punched in that melon head of yours.” I said glaring at him. He seemed taken back at my response but them a smirk started to form on his lips.

“Feisty. I like it. So what are you doing after the game baby? You know after I beat your little friend there.” He said taking a step towards me which made every guy on my team tense up.

“After the game? Hmmm. Let me think. Probably going back to his place for a victory fuck since theres no way you and your tiny dick will beat my boys.” I said crossing my arms over my chest.

“You little bitch-” He began to say as he quickened his pace towards me. In a flash someone grabbed me and basically threw me behind them. Peering up at the dark messy head of hair I knew too well and the number 8 jersey staring back at me, I already knew was ready to intervene.

“Don’t fucking call her that. Touch her and I’ll break your arm. Look at her or even think about her and I’ll kill you.” Ethan said dangerously low. Placing a hand on his forearm I gently pulled him back so he wasnt in the guys face anymore.

“Alright shows over. Are we going to finish this game or have to suspend you all?” Coach yelled making everyone jump except Ethan, who was still staring down the asshole. Everyone began to slowly disperse back to their rightful side of the field as Ethan stood rock hard in his place watching the guy walk back.

“Eth..” I said quietly rubbing his arm gently. Reluctantly tearing his eyes away from the guy he looked down at me. No emotion could be seen past his hard exterior.

“You’re so stupid. You shouldn’t of interfered. Dammit, he could of hurt you. Next time just stand on the sidelines where you belong.” He said aggressively as he walked past me. Shock and hurt washed over me from his words. Straightening up and composing myself as I realized I was still on the field, I started walking back towards the girls with my head held high as if his words didn’t affect me. One of the guys on the team named Alex approached me as I was about to walk past the team and onto the track that bordered the field.

“Hey y/n. You okay?” He asked shly.

“Yeah I’m good. Someone just needs to really teach that guy respect.” I said rubbing my arm to get rid of the cold biting at my exposed skin.

“Yeah. Just so you know I wouldn’t of let anything happen to you back out there.” Alex said finally looking at me. He was actually kinda cute. We never really talked before only here and there at practice, since I mostly stayed close to Grayson and Ethan during games and whatnot.

“Thanks. Glad to know you had my back.” I said pushing up on my tippy toes and placing an innocent kiss on his cheek. Immediately his face turned a shade of red as he smiled down at me. Giving him a quick goodbye , I started to walk over to the girls again. A hand soon tightly grabbed my shoulder and pulled me back turning me in the process.

“What the fuck was that?” Ethan spat at me.

“What was what Ethan?” I said already tired of this conversation but was ready to explode on him at any second.

“That little stunt you just pulled with Alex.” He said inching closer to me.

“You have got to be kidding me.” I said pushing him back and turned to leave.

“Don’t walk away when Im talking to you.” He yelled. Stopping in my tracks I turned around quickly and glared at him.

“Who the fuck do you think you are? Why don’t you just go play your stupid game already and I’ll go back over to the sidelines where I belong.” I said flipping him off as I walked away.

“What was that all about.” Chasity asked when I got back.

“I dont wanna talk about it. God I just want this game to be over with.” I said getting into line with the other girls. After about 20 minutes of fake cheering and putting on a fake smile, the game had finally ended. Sadly both teams stayed tied so there was no gloating to be done tonight. Walking over to my sports bag hanging on the fence I pulled out my sweatshirt, more like Ethans sweatshirt and put it on instantly warming up. Pulling out my keys and sliding on my bags shoulder strap, I began to walk along the track towards the opening in the fence. As usual the team was huddled up on the field talking about the game, usually I was right there with them but I had no ambition to talk to anyone right now.

“Where you heading?” A familiar friendly voice said. Looking up from the ground I’ve been staring at as I walked, a pair of hazel eyes met mine.

“Gray.” I said quickening my place and basically throwing myself into his arms completely disregarding his little stumble from losing grip of his crutches. “Sorry.” I said as I let him go. He laughed and smiled down at me.

“Why aren’t you out there? I need my inside man to give me a play by play since we both know Ethans helpless.” He said looking out at the guys.

“Yeah I’m just really tired. Im heading home now hoping to beat the traffic.” I said.

“Okay. Well go get some beauty sleep. You need it.” He teased.

“Shut up.” I said slapping his arm. Giving him another hug goodbye, I began walking out with the crowd into the parking lot. By the time I reached my car most of the people were already gone along with the other team. Tossing my bag carelessly into the backseat, I looked up and saw the boys walking back towards the school to change but didn’t see Ethan, not that I was looking for him or anything. I was still mad at him. Grayson stood at the entrance leaning up agaisnt the wall as he talked to coach so he had to waiting for Ethan.

“Looking for someone?” A voice said behind me making me jump and turn at them with some weird karate move. “Easy Jackie Chan, dont karate chop me.” Ethan said holding up his hands jokingly. Rolling my eyes at him I turned back around and opened the drivers door.

“No. Wait.” He said quickly placing a hand on my door shutting it.

“What Ethan? Im tired and cold just leave me alone.” I said not bothering to turn to look at him.

“Im sorry.” He said quietly. My ears perked up when I heard those 2 words making me twist around slowly.

“Your what?” I said putting a hand up to my ear.

“Im sorry.” He said this time alittle louder. Crossing my arms across my chest I leaned back into my car staring at him. He was bare chested with his pads and helmet now resting on the ground next to him, his pants were now unlaced slightly allowing me to see the waist bands of his Calvin Kleins. His hair was flat and disheveled agaisnt his head and looked wet from all his sweat.

“Apology not excepted.” I said narrowing my eyes at him. His head jolted up as he stared back at me slightly surpirsed since I always forgave him seconds later. “You were an ass to me for no reason so goodnight and fuck you.” I said turning back around to open my door but couldn’t once my body got pressed up agaisnt the side of my car. Ethans huge figure trapped me in place as his front held down my backside.

“Don’t leave. Not like this. Not mad at me.” He said softly. His arms quickly found there way around my torso as he hugged me agaisnt him.

“Ew no your gross.” I said as I struggled to get out of his grip. He knew I never touched him or Gray after games because they were disgusting and they knew how much I hated it and would always bet to see who would be able to get to me first.

“You love me like this. Take it, take it all.” He said laughing as he added a quick hump in between which caused me to laugh loudly. “Yes you laughed. Im off the hook.” He said easing up his grip on me. Turning around in his arms so I faced him I opened my mouth to speak.

“You were a real dick to me. And I was just trying to help.” I said staring at his chest avoiding eye contact.

“I know Im sorry. But what he was saying the whole game about you and when he got close to you, just set me off.” He said resting his forehead on my shoulder.

“What he said about me? He was talking about me?” I said lifting his head up so both of my hands were cupping his face.

“Oh he was talking about you alright. The pretty little cheerleader I was with after half time. He kept edging me on saying how he was going to make you his and how he was going to send me a video of him fucking you as you screamed out his name. Really pissed me off.” He said looking past me visibly upset.

“Hey. He was just trying to come at you. Plus he’s not my type.” I said jokingly to help ease the moment. Ethans head fliched down to look at me.

“And what is your type?” He said lower his face dangerously close to mine.

“Grayson.” I said smiling. Something flickered in his eyes. Jealously maybe. He soon inched closer and really pressing his body up agaisnt mine so that I could feel everything.

“Well good thing I look just like him.” He said bringing a hand up to craddle my face. His eyes drifted close as he leaned in, his soft lips pressed themselves agaisnt mine. As he went to pull back I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to deepen the kiss.

“If you too are planning to have sex tonight, can you please do it at her house. I would like to actually sleep tonight.” Graysons voice said somewhere behind us. Ethan broke away first and glared up at his brother as I buried my face in his chest, to embarrassed to look at Gray.

“Fuck off.” Ethan said wrapping an arm around my waist holding me to him.

“Gladly. I’ll be in the car. Hurry up.” Grayson said as he crutched away.

“You better go get changed before they lock up the school.” I said rubbing a hand up his exposed chest to his neck.

“Yeah your right. You could always join me, you know.” He said lifting an eyebrow. Laughing at his dirty mind, I pushed him back slightly.

“I have to go home and change too you know.” I said motioning towards my cheer uniform.

“Why? I for one like it on you.” He said tracing the hem of my skirt and slightly rubbing my thighs in the process.

“Please dont tell me you have a cheerleading kink.” I said shaking my head.

“Well if I do, its your fault.” He said leaning down and picking up his equipment.

“Come over?” Ethan said more of a demand then a question.

“What’s in it for me?” I said opening my door.

“Me.” He said in a duh tone as he leaned agaisnt the door frame from the other side.

“Maybe.” I said getting inside my car and closing the door.

“No maybe. Yes.” He said from outside. Rolling down my window I leaned out slightly.

“Yes.” I said looking up at him. He bent down and gently placing a kiss on my lips.

“Bring the outfit.” He said smiling

“Ew no.” I laughed out.

“You still never answered my question.” He said brushing a piece of my hair back.

“I know, still considering my options.” I said.

“Baby, your only option is me.” He said in a serious tone.

“There is Gray-” I began to say.

“You’re mine.” He said deeply.

“I know.” I replied as I grabbed his neck and pulled him into a kiss. “Yes.” I said inbetween kisses.

“Yes?” He said lifting and eyebrow.

“Yes ill be your girlfriend.” I said.

“Pretty sure you already were.” He said smiling.

“Whatever.” I said rolling my eyes. “Go get changed, I want to shower and cuddle.” I said pushing him away.

“Yes ma'am.” He said giving me a quick kiss then walked around my car towards the school.