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Late Finish (eth)

Summary: Sex isn’t always perfect. It’s not all fireworks and passion and climaxing together into a blissed high. Ethan has his way one too many times with Y/N, and she just wants to throw in the towel. 

Warnings: Smut, Cursing

a/n: THIS IS SOME REAL SEX TEA SIS, raise your hand if youve ever had fumbly or awkward or boring sex lmao 

“E, oh my god,” I moaned, hands intertwined right over my hip bones as I came hard over Ethan.

A deep groan rolled out from the back of Ethan’s throat as he watched me, his head tilting back and his abdomen clenching, making me think he was right behind me.

But as I slowed over him, my hip movements coming to a slow stop, Ethan dug his fingertips into my skin.

“Wait, lemme finish quick,” Ethan breathed out, eyes still scanning my body as his hands pulled my hips down onto him a few more times before lifting me off.

He pulled me down to the bed beside him before getting up, switching places with me and climbing between my legs.

“Do you want me to do it?” I asked him, reaching my hand out for him in suggestion.

Ethan just shook his head, hands on my ankles as he bent my legs at my sides. He licked his fingers and ran them between my legs before pushing his tip to my clit, running his hand up and down his length a couple times.

Ethan entered me again without another word, both hands crushing my thighs to my chest.

I whimpered at the fast pace and strength of his thrusts, not expecting it.

“Fuck,” Ethan hummed out after a minute or so of him slamming into me.

He was taking longer than expected to finish, and the sex just started to feel uncomfortable for me, my body worn and sore from the past half hour.

“Are you close?” I winced, grabbing onto Ethan’s wrists as his hands greedily palmed my chest.

“No,” Ethan grunted, his bottom lip pulled into his mouth as he skipped a beat in his thrusts, slowing down before picking up the pace.

“No?” I repeated in shock as his increased pace burned my core, making me want to squeeze my thighs shut and be done with it.

Ethan let one of my legs down, moving down onto his elbow above my head, a groan rumbling past his lips as his skin slapped against mine.

I winced again, my body finally giving up on Ethan’s actions on me.

“Ow, E,” I finally whimpered, pushing back on his shoulders to tell him to stop.

He immediately stopped his quick thrusts, pulling back and looking down at me, his eyebrows kneaded together.

“What’s wrong?” He asked breathlessly, hand splaying across my pelvis to hold himself steady, still pushed inside me.

“It hurts, you’re going too hard,” my eyebrows were muddled together in a frown, letting my other leg drop from my chest.

“You shoulda told me sooner,” he hummed, leaning down to kiss me as his thumb met my clit.

“I’ll go slower,” he promised, gently withdrawing from me before rolling his hips back in.

Nope. Still sore.

I gave it another few seconds, hoping he would either finish or it would get better.

But he didn’t and it didn’t.

“No, Ethan, it hurts, it hurts,” I whimpered out to him, grabbing onto his hips in an attempt to stop him.

Ethan pulled out with a sigh, sitting back on his knees as he eyed me.

“Am I doing something? Why does it hurt?” He asked, licking his fingers and massaging them in between my legs again before bending down and replacing it with his tongue.

“Because you’re taking too long, I’m sore,” I half giggled, running my hand through Ethan’s hair as he tried to kiss the pain away.

“It’s not my fault,” he complained, nose nudging my clit before he pulled back to sit back on his knees again.

“It is,” I grinned, sitting up and inching my way towards Ethan.

“Shut up,” he smiled as he peeled the condom off of himself and tossed it to the side.

“Ew, Ethan, don’t do that,” I scolded him quietly as I looked over at the dirty condom lying on his duvet, Ethan’s hand on my jaw working to push my mouth towards his length.

“Don’t worry about that right now,” Ethan hummed, turning my head towards him and pushing his length to my lips.

“Are you gonna be quick?” I asked gently, looking up at him as my lips move against his head.

Ethan nodded as his thumb pressed into the hollow of my cheek, pushing his hips towards me to tell me to hurry up.

I finally took him into my mouth, his silky skin gliding against my tongue.

Ethan’s jaw went slack as I pursed my lips around him, his hand still holding onto my cheek.

My eyes fluttered back and forth from my lips sliding down Ethan’s length to his face, holding onto the base of him tightly.

Ethan let out a breathy groan after a few minutes, starting to buck his hips into my mouth, making my eyes water as I tried not to gag.

I pushed his hips back from me to tell him to stop, having to pull my mouth off of him to take a breath.

I tilted my head back to look up at my boyfriend as my hand moved up and down on his length, gently giving his head a squeeze.

“I’m so over this,” I laughed, shaking my head up at him gently as his length rested against my cheek.

“Babe,” Ethan groaned in disappointment of my unwillingness to finish him off.

I kept moving my hand on his length absentmindedly, laughing gently at his bad mood.

“It’s been like an hour, I’m tired,” I grumbled, running the tip of his length across my lips.

“Just lemme finish quick,” he whined, thumb running over my jaw as his other hand held the base of his length, trying to push it back towards my mouth.

“You said that 20 minutes ago, I’m going to shower,” I hummed, kissing the tip of his length one last time before cluttering off the bed.

“Here,” I said, grabbing the lotion that was on his bedside table and tossing it towards him.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Ethan asks, unamused, his hand pushing through his hair.

I smirked as I eyed him up and down, standing in the doorway to the bathroom.

“Not even close,”


WARNINGS: Some of these imagines may contain inappropriate and mature content. Any posts that contain this symbol [★] indicate that it has graphic/sexual content ahead. Posts with a [✨] indicate that it’s most recent.

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Tom Holland looked pretty good today.

I didn’t see him but I know he looked good.

He’s Got Them Thick Thighs (Grayson Dolan x Reader)

Summary: Just a short imagine of you trying something new with your boyfriend. 

Warnings: Smut (ish), thigh riding. 

Word Count: 777.

A/N: shoutout to @thedolangifs and her blurbs for inspiring me to write this !

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morning views (e.d.)

***Warnings: None


“Baby. Babe, you gotta wake up. Come on, let’s see those pretty eyes.”

Squeezing your already closed eyes, you flipped onto your stomach to bury your face in the pillow as your brain began to bring your body back to full consciousness. The familiar sounds of an early Friday morning poured into your ears as your boyfriend began gently rocking your stiff body.

“You hit snooze in your sleep again. You’re lucky your loud ass alarm woke me up so I could stop you from oversleeping.” 

E,” you groaned, your voice being muffled by the pillow.

“Yes, love?”

You nearly fell back asleep as Ethan’s long fingers pushed the hair that had fallen to the sides of your face back and over your shoulder, twisting a couple strands between his digits as he did so.

Finally opening your eyes, you turned your head and allowed your tired, blurry vision to focus on the most gorgeous man you’d ever laid eyes on. He was propped up on his right elbow, greeting you with a small and sleepy smile. His lower half was still tangled in the sheets up to the hem of his boxers, leaving his naked upper body on full display. Turning onto your left side to face him and get a better look, your sleep-heavy right arm extended in front of you to sweep the messy strands of bedhead away from his eyes. Ethan watched your eyes intently as they followed your movements. You dropped your hand to his jaw, your thumb automatically grazing over your favorite amount of stubble. Tracing his jaw down to his chin, your eyes locked on those full, flushed lips. As if on cue, his tongue poked out and licked the soft skin. They were so… velvety. Your thumb was drawn to them like a magnet, outlining their rounded shape.

“I love you,” you whispered as the pad of your thumb lightly stroked the plump skin of his bottom lip. 

A low and breathy chuckle slipped from Ethan’s lips as the corners of his mouth turned upwards, flashing you his bright, toothy smile. Your favorite sound followed by your favorite sight. His little laughs sent shivers down your spine and his beautiful smile made your heart leap. You wished he wouldn’t be so overcritical of his bright smile. 

“You love me, huh?” He sighed, lips pulling together in a teasing smirk. Goosebumps dotted your skin at the barely there feeling of his hand gliding down your side, palm landing on your hip. His fingertips softly dug into the swell, his thumb caressing your skin and allowing the faint scrape of his nail.

“Mmm,” you hummed in response as your eyes fluttered closed. 

The deduction of your vision gave rise to the heightened ability of your remaining senses. Suddenly, every touch receptor in your body was notifying you of the presence of Ethan’s hand lovingly kneading at the curved softness of your hip. Your ears centered on the barely audible, continuous cycle of his slow and deep breathing. The faint and worn smell of his woodsy cologne still lingered on his hot skin. The bed shifted slightly where Ethan was laying as you sensed him leaning forward, planting kisses on each of your closed eyelids and one on the tip of your nose. Scrunching your face with a smile, you slowly opened your eyes immediately noticing just how close Ethan’s face was to yours. You could make out every shade in the melting pot of color within his irises and count each of his long, black eyelashes. The same playful smirk was plastered on his face as he whispered his response in a gravely tone, his palm adding more pressure behind the squeezing of your hip.

“Well baby, that’s quite the relief to hear, considering I love you as well. Maybe we should date.”

“Maybe,” you giggled, once again bringing a hand up to his hair, your fingers softly digging into his thick, dark locks. Ethan’s eyes closed as a quiet, innocent groan rumbled in his throat. A similar smirk played on your own lips as you continued your taunting: “Or maybe not.”

Without missing a beat and with eyes still closed, Ethan’s hands firmly grasped your sides, easily hauling you forward, emitting a squeal from your lips. He guided you on top of him in a straddling position, the palms of your hands flying to his chest in order to keep your balance.

Immediately, you bent down to press your lips to his in a brief kiss before placing the left side of your head on his right collarbone. Your arms snaked easily around his neck, hands instantly twirling and playing with the puffs of hair on the nape of his neck. Your eyes closed as well as you listened to his steady pulse and focused on the light scratches his nails were giving your back. These sweet morning moments were few and far between, but you wished they happened everyday. With Ethan’s career and your college schedule combined, many times one of you would be gone before the other even woke up. Today, however, Ethan had the entire day off, but you still had class. You were seriously considering playing hooky for the day, but you knew Ethan wouldn’t allow it. Especially considering the struggles you’ve been known to have in certain subjects. His voice brought you back to reality the moment he noticed you beginning to slowly drift to sleep again.

“C’mon sweetheart,” he mumbled into your hair. “You gotta get to class.”

The whiny groan that  vibrated from you made Ethan’s heart melt. He lived and breathed for the many effects he had on you. That being said, he was still fully aware you had him helplessly wrapped around your finger. The idea of staying in this same position: legs twisted, arms wrapped, and faces buried as you soaked in the warmth of the other was something you both craved. It was nearly enough to break Ethan’s strength and keep you in this bed all day. Almost.

“I’m sick of it,” you muttered into his neck as your right hand traced his prominent clavicle. “You know it’s my worst class. I’m the most stressed I’ve ever been.”

Ethan’s hand rubbed your back gently in comfort as you spoke. He knew just how much you hated this class in particular. You studied yourself sick night after night, often not coming to bed before two or three in the morning. He witnessed too many tears of frustration and defeat slipping down your cheeks as you read and reread sections in your Power Points, handwritten notes, and textbooks containing the most complex information of each chapter. The immense pride he felt when you finally had a breakthrough of understanding was indescribable. 

Unfortunately, those moments of glory never came easy.

You were on the verge of one, he just knew it, but you needed to get to class to take another step towards it.

“I know you’re sick of it, but you have to go,” Ethan soothed, still rubbing circles into your lower back. “When you come home, we can come right back to this same position and stay here all weekend if you want.”

You sighed, instantly relaxing at the thought. Taking in his words, you unraveled one of your arms and reached out to press the home button of Ethan’s phone laying on his nightstand.

8:15 AM.

45 minutes until you had to leave. As you read the large, bright numbers on his screen, you felt your boyfriend’s arms wrap around your abdomen tightly in a comforting embrace as he pressed his lips to your forehead.

“I’m all yours the second you come back home.”

As you began weighing the pros and cons in your head, your thoughts were soon interrupted by a swift, playful slap to your backside causing you to shriek in surprise.

“Up,” Ethan commanded with a chuckle and another slap.

“Okay, okay,” you whimpered, pushing yourself off your boyfriend and onto your feet. 

You padded into your connected master suite and turned on the shower, allowing the water to heat up before poking your head out of the doorway to catch a glimpse of Ethan. His long legs were sprawled across your shared bed, one arm behind his head and the other attempting to rub the sleep from his face. You tiptoed to the edge of the bed and waited until he noticed your presence. His movements froze as he caught your eyes wandering across his torso.

“Take a picture, princess. It’ll last longer,” he teased with a raised eyebrow. 

You rolled your eyes at his tone.

“Wanna shower with me?” You asked in your sweetest voice in hopes of convincing him. 

Ethan chuckled as his arms reached over his head, proceeding to stretch out his body head to toe, making the most adorable whine as he did so. He let out a deep sigh as he propped himself up onto two elbows, causing his biceps to flex and bulge. He took his time lovingly studying your perfectly messy hair and makeup free face. You were stunning through and through in his eyes. A lazy smile crept onto his face as he noticed your eyebrow raising in response to his stare.

He untangled himself from the sheets, stood, and positioned himself directly in front of you. Before you could speak, he cupped both your cheeks and gently encouraged you forward as he tilted his head down to press his lips to yours in a sweet, leisurely kiss. Slowly pulling away, his hands floated from your cheeks to the sides of your waist.

You barely had time to register the smirk that had found its way back to his features before he was scooping you up, throwing you over his shoulder, and marching you back into the bathroom.


Daddy Dearest [G.D]♕

WARNINGS: Sexual content/Graphic depictions of violence ahead. Read at your own risk.

SUMMARY: After meeting the infamous boxer known as Grayson Dolan, you both begin to play a dangerous game that involves an excessive amount of flirting, violence and sex.



Grayson ignored the pounding ache reverberating in his skull. Ignored the fragile brittleness of his countlessly bruised bones. Ignored the thick trickle of blood seeping from his nose. He remained motionless upon the mat, too exhausted and sore to summon any semblance of strength to his trembling limbs, his swollen eyes screwed tightly shut, his breaths heaving and jagged.

Storm sneered at him whilst chucking his shirt across the room. His dark chocolate skin glistened with a sheer coat of sweat, abs embedded into his skin as his muscled flexed. He glared down at his pupil coldly,

"On your feet, Dolan.”

Grayson shakily stood, his knees buckling underneath his shifting weight, his legs wobbling as he struggled to regain his balance, and, without warning, without waiting, he was immediately upon him again. Two punches to the right cheek, three jabs to the left, a swift duck to dodge Grayson’s clumsy attack, a quick uppercut to the underside of his student’s chin that stilled his motions, knocking him flat onto his back once again.

“How can you expect to win against the rookie,” Storm questioned, looming over the collapsed body of Grayson, nonchalantly removing his gloves to crack his knuckles. “When you can’t even win against me?”

His cold question wasn’t expected to have a verbal retort, Grayson had learned that at the modest start of his career. Storm was a former boxer who had taken Grayson under his wing, spotting him at the gym and peaking his interest. Ever since then he became Grayson’s second father basically, the one person Gray could trust with his life besides his brother.

At times he was hard on Grayson, only because he loved him dearly, he wanted to push him beyond his limits, he gave him tough love and Grayson didn’t seem to appreciate that until now.

Grayson instead sucked in a steadying breath through his clenched teeth, braced for the ruthless agony awaiting him as punishment for exceeding his physical limits, and forced himself back onto his feet, controlling the uneasy sway of his body underneath the waves of pain coursing through his system.

Storm’s stolid gaze eased into a cruel, calculating smirk, almost as if he was satisfied with the unspoken answer Grayson had rightfully given, as he slipped on his gloves.


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Summary | when Y/N plans to hang out with her best friend, Ethan Dolan, objectives seem to change when she comes out at night to get a drink.

Word Count | 2.9k

Warning | cussing, some fluff, heartless Grayson even though we know he’s a precious bunny baby, and not really smut but a lot of dirty talk.

A/N | I’m not good at writing and this is my first time posting my work publically without deleting it - as of right now - so please bear with me as I’m not talented or good at this at all, I do hope you enjoy though. X. 

state | EDITED

You had spent the majority of your life alongside Ethan. From sleepovers to small frivolous altercations, and to friendly cuddling. Nothing had ever managed to wedge between the bond that’d been growing between the two of you since the age of nine. Everything you experienced or wanted to experience, it was either with Ethan or not at all and that’s how it’s always been. However, like any other protective dad, yours wasn’t so happy about your best friend being of the male gender, but once you turned eleven he’d gotten over it, realizing that there was really nothing he could possibly do to break your duo apart. Not only that but he’d grown to love Ethan, and as a son. So to say the least, it was set in stone that you two would be apart of one another’s lives for a very long time.

Most of the time you spent together had been located at your house, Ethan had always asked why but he knew deep down that Grayson was the reason. It wasn’t that you disliked Grayson, it was just simply preferred on your part to veer away from his path seeing as he wasn’t exactly the best person.

You could vividly remember what had taken place today, Grayson being a big part of the heavy feeling in your chest as you laid next to your sleeping best friend. It started when you planned to spend the weekend with Ethan.

You were nervous merely because you really hadn’t seen Grayson in years, you had, but mostly just glanced as he dropped Ethan at your house or small smiles you would throw his way in the cleaned hallways at school to be polite, all unreturned. Though, you were excited because you hadn’t seen Ethan’s mom in forever and despite the fact that she worked nights at the firm - meaning you wouldn’t see her until the day after you arrived which was Friday - anytime with Lisa was well spent to you. So you got ready, packing your bags with clothes for the long weekend you would spend there, school being out on Monday as a student/teacher holiday type ordeal.

When you arrived, Ethan was the first to the door, him and the house greeting you with their own distinct smells. He smelled of expensive cologne, pine, and mint from just having brushed his teeth and the house smelled strongly of cranberry Febreze. He enveloped you in a warm hug, his body temperature seeming to contrast perfectly with your freezing cold one due to the rain in Jersey. You had walked there, having lied to Ethan saying you had a ride.

“I thought you had a ride,” he said gently, looking down at you with concern sheltering his beautiful smile. He was always worried about you, you were his rock and situations that seemed small to you were consistently big situations to him.

He backed up, allowing you into the warmth of the familiar house you hadn’t seen in months, almost a year. You laughed softly, looking up at him as you grabbed his shoulder to assist yourself in removing your soaked shoes and socks. “I did, my feet work fine,” you stated simply, earning a sigh from him.

“It wouldn’t have been a big deal for me to have grabbed you, Y/N.” he deadpanned, the concern never leaving his face as your teeth chattered lightly.

“Just as much as it isn’t a big deal for me to walk,” you sighed, using your arms to hold yourself as you shook slightly. “I feel bad when you carpool me, especially when I have no money to give you for gas.”

Ethan eyed you, knowing you had always been this way. Selfless, humble, and most of all, empathetic.

He shook his head lightly, a small smile cracking on his chapped lips. “You know I don’t mind,” he assured, pausing before ending with. “I’ll never mind.”

You smiled at him once more before following him upstairs, him carrying your things after he had insisted many times halfway to his room. Finally, you gave in and handed the small bag to him and shut the door behind the two of you once you reached his room. He glanced at your state before facepalming.

“All my hoodies and shirts are in the wash,” he said, knowing you loved to wear his clothes because they were much too big on you and engulfed you just right. Your going joke was you liked how big they were because no one could see you ‘getting fat’ when you ate, Ethan always shook his head and insisted you were fine the way you were but knew you were just fooling around.

“I have my own clothes, it’s fine,” you assured but you knew Ethan wouldn’t have it. You were more than positive he was going out of his way because he wanted you to feel comfortable at his house, hoping it’d all persuade you to come over more often and you were right.

“I’ll just grab one from Grayson’s room,” he shrugged, making your heart dip in your chest slightly.

What if he got mad because you were wearing his clothes?

“N-No it’s fine, really,” you added, your voice shaking slightly. You had heard around school that Grayson had quite the temper and got into many fights a week and, surprisingly, you’d never even seen or experienced it. You didn’t want to either.

“He’ll get over it, promise.” he settled, going down the long hall to the last door and grabbing his black hoodie, the Vans logo in white ink on the top right corner. He brought it back to you after closing both his and Grayson’s door.

“He won’t be back for another twenty minutes or so, he probably won’t even realize.” Ethan smiled, allowing you to dry off and change into spandex and the hoodie he had fetched for you.

Grayson was more built than Ethan the times you’d seen him, and it was confirmed as the hoodie hit your knees, mostly due to your lack in height, and the width of it around your body. The sleeves exceeded the length of your arms by a lot, just like Ethan’s, but Grayson’s arms were much bigger than his so you looked like you were being worn by his hoodie rather than you wearing it. The pair of spandex shorts from your short-term volleyball career was nowhere to be seen underneath the thick piece of clothing.

“Nice look,” Ethan smiled softly. You thought you looked ridiculous but to anyone else, you looked amazing as ever, cute and innocent even. And you were, you had always been innocent.

“Thanks,” you blushed, putting your hair into a loose braid before pulling on your knee socks, the grey colored, soft fabric aiding in your attempt to warm up. “There, done,” you announced and followed Ethan down the stairs, still blushing as he laughed at this best friend.

When you guys reached the bottom, the sound of the door unlocking made you jump and run into the living room. Ethan had said twenty minutes, not two. You covered the logo with your arms, trying your best to hide the fact it’d been his hoodie. Maybe you were overreacting a bit, and the weird look Ethan gave you confirmed it as Grayson’s built figure walked into the room, eyeing his brother before his stone cold stare landed on you and you could’ve sworn his gaze softened upon seeing you, in his hoodie.

“Sorry bro, all mine were in the wash and she likes my hoodies so I gave her one of yours,” Ethan explained to his brother, whose eyes were still on your frame in the far corner of the couch.

“It’s whatever,” Grayson spoke lowly, taking a seat on the couch, on the other end, opposite to where you had been sitting.

Your arms slowly unfolded themselves from trying to hide the fact the hoodie was his, as he clearly already knew, before standing slowly and asking Ethan what there was to eat. Gray’s gaze was heavy on your body, his breathing becoming heavier as he watched you stand, it more noticeable how much bigger he was than you.

A blush rose to your cheeks, tinting them a crimson color. “I’ll look, give me a few,” he said before disappearing into the kitchen. You smiled at him softly before sitting once again, turning yourself towards Gray.

You let out a deep breath before finally saying, “Sorry if me wearing your hoodie bothers you,” you spoke, your voice gentle. He turned his gaze back to you, as he had been previously staring at the wall. You felt your breath hitch as his hazel green eyes made contact with you, your body noticeably tensing as he let out a long, irritated breath.

“Like I said,” he spoke lowly. “It’s whatever,” he mumbled, his jaw clenching lightly, convincing you he was angry. You let out a shaky breath before nodding, following Ethan with the snacks back to his room until later that night.

When the AM rolled around, you found yourself unable to sleep, wishing you could go into a deep sleep as easily as Ethan did. Instead, you stood and grabbed your phone before walking downstairs as quietly as possible, using the low setting on your flashlight to guide you into the kitchen for water. To your dismay, your phone died as soon as you reached the bottom of the staircase, causing you to sigh softly before putting your hands out in front of you to find your way to the kitchen.

You grabbed walls, the fireplace, the couches. When you felt the granite countertops you smile to yourself in victory, moving a bit further to try and find the fridge in the dark. Soon enough, your hands hit something hard and you immediately began looking for the handle.

Low breathing was heard coming from the ‘fridge’ making you furrow your brows in confusion. You felt down a bit to what seemed to be a chest rising and falling slowly. With a tilt of your head, you moved back warily, letting out a shaky sigh as you realized it was a human, rather than the fridge.

“Enjoying yourself?”

It was Grayson.

“I’m so sorry,” you said frantically, letting out a sigh of relief as Grayson put on the lowest light in the room, barely illuminating half of the large kitchen area. You watched him carefully as he made sure his body stayed close to yours.

“Why are you sorry?” he cooed, tilting his head in the slightest bit. His words made your knees weaken and your legs involuntarily clench together. He took this into notice.

Your cheeks flushed a rosy tint and your ears burned in embarrassment as you tried to find something you were sorry for, you hadn’t really done anything wrong but you were always apologizing for something.

 “I don’t know,” you mumbled tenderly, trying your best to move away from him but the cool counter prevented you from moving much further.

“Hmm,” he hummed, jutting his chin out as he gazed at you, still in his large hoodie. “You know I like you in this, probably more than I should.”

Your lips parted softly as you want to speak but he beats you to it. “Do you like wearing my things?” he inquired darkly, his eyes moving from his hoodie to your face.

The heat rose to your cheeks again as you gave a slight shrug, barely giving him an answer to his question. Grayson stared at you, bending down to mirror his face to yours, his nose brushing yours ever so slightly. A heavy feeling settled in your stomach as his large hands grabbed at your sides, taking you by surprise, before lifting you onto the counter so that he could talk to you without looking down. 

The cool granite hit the back of your legs, urging goosebumps to climb across your skin. His breath wafted against your face faintly, forcing the smell of fresh mint up your nose from him previously brushing his teeth.

You watched him with yearning eyes, the burning in your stomach and the fire between your legs making everything in you tense. Your gaze met his lips, the delicate pink and the fullness sending your mind into a frenzy as you imagined them against yours. They were so gentle when they brushed against yours, it was enough to make any girl drop to their knees, and that included you.

“I asked a question,” Grayson growled hoarsely, moving your attention from his lips to his eyes.

“Y-Yes.” you stammered, watching with the slightest shutter as he moved his hands to ride up the hoodie slowly before gripping your soft thighs and leaning in. 

His soft lips made contact with the sensitive skin of your neck and you allowed your eyes to close, going to clench your legs together but he stopped you, tightening his grasp on then.

“Ah, ah,” he smirked against your skin, his hands moving higher as his lips moved lower. The pressure of his lips sucking was now on your chest, just above where the neckline of his hoodie started.

You whimpered you felt the blood rushing to the surface of your skin, just above your collarbone. 

Grayson pulled back reluctantly. “There’s so much I want to do to you right now,” he spoke simply, gazing at his hands gripping your thighs. Your throat dried at his words and you gnawed on your lip before you spoke. 

“Ethan is probably looking for me,” you lied, not wanting to do anything that would get you hurt in the long run.

“Precious Ethan,” he chuckled. “Maybe he could watch,” his teeth attack his lips, it clear that he had pent up anger about his brother and his close relationship with you. “I’m sure he’d love to see me fuck you senseless, hmm?” he cocked a brow at you.

You pushed his hands off your thighs gently and he finally granted you to clench your legs together tightly as he leaned in, whispering in your ear. “Maybe he’d even love to wake up to you screaming my name, and come downstairs to see you gripping my hair, shaking, my tongue making you feel helpless against me,”

You shuddered, clenching your eyes shut tightly as you used your hands and pressed them on his chest to push him away, but he simply grabbed them and put them back at your side, his gaze on you. 

Grayson stared at you for a moment, his eyebrows still raised as he examined your face. You peeked your eyes open slightly before allowing them to focus on him. He seemed to be in the process of realizing something.

“Oh Y/N, you’ve never done anything before have you?” he asked gently, using his finger to lift your chin up. His eyes had softened at the realization that you were completely pure.

He had gotten around a lot, and that was just a fact. All the girls who had tormented you at school had been with him, adding to the reason you didn’t want to go any further than you already have.

“No,” you said, pulling your face away from his hand.

“There’s nothing wrong with that,” he sighed softly when you pulled away from him. He stood quietly for a few moments when you didn’t respond, watching as you looked at your lap and fumbled with your fingers.

He grabbed your thighs gently for the second time that night, nowhere near as persistent as before and craned his neck down to connect his lips to yours, surprising you as you sucked in a long breath, but when realisation hit and you really felt his soft lips against yours you let out the long breath and began kissing him back the best you could. Your hands laid flat on his stomach, feeling his hard yet soft torso as he kissed you slowly. Large hands wrapped around the back of your knees, pulling them up against his sides as he kissed you deeper.

The feeling between your legs reappeared moments into the kiss, intensifying as his lips found their way to your neck once again, stopping once they reached just behind your ear. 

“Keep it,” he said lightly, pulling away and moving back upstairs to his room, leaving you breathless on the cool granite.So now, here you lay, still next to your sleeping best friend with the heavy feeling in your chest. All because of Grayson fucking Dolan.

I’m really bad at this I apologize, I tried my best. Enjoy x.

Missing You and You Only

“I’m glad you could make it,” Ethan rasped, his voice groggy from the morning and arising from the dead of sleep. Truthfully, he hadn’t had that peaceful of a sleep in a long time, more specifically, in a couple months -since the last time he was home with you.

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Skater-boy [E.D]♕

WARNING: Sexual Content Ahead. Read At Your Own Risk.

SUMMARY: The famous skateboarder known as Ethan Dolan seems to take an interest in you, when your brother accidentally introduces you to him and his brother. 


“Castle, please.”


“C'mon, you’re my brother-”

“And I fucking said no. Now drop it.”

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Warnings: smut, daddy kink.

You slowly let go of the safety handle in Ethan’s truck once again as he backed into the driveway of the lake you visited a week ago. The trucks headlights lit up the green trees and bushes surrounding you. The truck jerked as he put it in park with a deep sigh,
“Finally. I hate that road.” Ethan sighed, leaning back in his seat. He placed a hand on your thigh, giving it a light squeeze. “I have a surprise for you.” He bit his lip, smiling. Your mind raced, trying to think about what he would have done. He interrupted your thoughts as he quickly got out of the truck, gesturing for you to follow him. Ethan lead you to the tailgate of the truck, the moonlight once again illuminating the area. Ethan slowly opened the tailgate and your mouth dropped open,
“Ethan! I love you!” You squealed, wrapping your arms around him. The bed of the truck was decorated with fairy lights, a queen sized mattress with lots of pillows filled the trunk. You gave him a long kiss on the lips as he picked you up to sit you on the tailgate.
“Ethan, this is so amazing. You’re literally the best boyfriend ever.” You smiled, planting another small kiss on his lips.
“I know.” Ethan shrugged and you playfully slapped his shoulder. With a dip of the truck, Ethan joined you in the bed of the truck. You both lied down on the mattress staring at the stars.
“So how did you manage getting this mattress back here without me noticing?” You asked, looking over to your boyfriend.
“Oh you know, twin powers.” You both giggled. You watched Ethan reach over and pull out a Bluetooth speaker as he hooked his phone up and started playing the song love faces by trey songz. He slowly set the speaker down beside him and turned over on top of you.
“You remember how last week you said we should take it to the back of the truck next time?” He nibbled on your ear gently.
“Mmm, maybe.” You hummed.
“Well I’ve always wanted to fuck you to this song so I guess we’re both in for quite a ride tonight.” You felt him smirk against your neck as he grounded his hips on yours roughly. You wrapped your legs around his torso as you got hung up into a heated make out session. Ethan slowly trailed wet kisses down your neck, slowly pulling your shirt over your body. He groaned at the sight of your red lace bra.
“Fuck baby, you’re so sexy.” He roughly sucked at the skin of your breasts as he reached a hand behind your back to unclasp your bra. With a smirk, he slowly discarded the bra as he massaged your breasts. His mouth attacked your nipples, nibbling lightly as your hands pulled at his dark hair. He trailed his kisses down lower and lower until he was at the top of your jean shorts. He popped the button of them and slid them slowly down your legs, revealing a matching thong. He discarded your shorts as he kissed your hip bones, then down to your thighs, skipping the place you wanted him the most. You wiggled beneath him in anticipation.
“Patience baby girl, let’s take it slow and rough tonight.” He gripped your thighs as he kissed your clit through your panties. Ethan slowly used his teeth to pull down your panties as he looked up at you, lust filling his deep brown eyes.
Just then as if on queue, pussy is mine by Miguel came on the speaker as Ethan mouthed the words,
“Tell me that that pussy is mine.” He cocked his eyebrows, smirking up at you.
“It’s all yours, daddy.” You sighed, feeling his tongue lick slowly up your slit as your hands flew to his hair. Ethan softly sucked on your clit and hummed, sending vibrations through you. You arched your back and moaned. His hands slowly snaked up to hold your hips down, his left hand trailed up to your breast, squeezing your nipple as he teased your entrance with his tongue. He slowly pushed his tongue in as far as he could, moving his tongue up and down at a fast pace. Your nails gently massaged Ethan’s scalp as you gripped at his hair, moaning profanities. Despite Ethan holding you down, you couldn’t help but grind into his face, feeling his right hand go down to join his tongue. He licked your slit at the way up to your clit, flicking his tongue on your clit repeatedly, making your hips grind into his face even more. He slowly slid his pointer finger into you, starting slow but sucking on your clit in the process. He knew how to work you better than you knew yourself.
“More, daddy, please.” You begged, aching to feel more. He hummed against your clit, adding another finger. He pumped his fingers in you at a moderate pace, curling his fingers up to collide with your g-spot. At this point Ethan was done holding you down, he let you loose. You moaned loudly, angling your hips up so he hit your g-spot right on every time.
“Fuck daddy! Don’t stop!” You moaned, your hips bucking, wanting even more. Ethan added another finger, picking up the speed a bit as he nibbled on your clit. Your hands moved from his hair to grip the sheets, your knuckles turning white as Ethan ate you out profusely.
“Daddy I’m close.” You groaned, arching your back.
“Cum for daddy, princess. Cum all over my fingers.” He pumped his fingers in and out as you moaned loudly. You clenched around his fingers repeatedly until he finally sucked harshly on your clit, pushing you over the edge. Your body convulsed as you came all over your boyfriends fingers, moaning all for him. You looked down at your boyfriend as he slowly took his fingers out and sucked on each one until it was clean.
“You taste so good baby girl.” He hummed, popping a finger out of his mouth. He slowly licked up your slit, your hips buckling from over sensitivity as he flicked your clit. He slowly brought his body back on yours as he took off his shirt, grinding his hips onto yours again. You felt his hard-on through his ripped jeans and you quickly flipped him over so that you were on top.
“Now it’s your turn, daddy.” You whispered in his ear, sucking on his neck as you worked on the button of his jeans. You slowly got down in between his legs and you pulled his jeans off. You lightly gripped his cock through his black briefs, earning a small groan from his lips. You licked the outline of his cock, feeling it twitch beneath your tongue. You slowly pulled his briefs down as his cock dripped with pre cum, the head painfully red. You trailed kisses up to the tip of his cock as you kitten licked the pre cum from the tip. You looked at Ethan in the eyes as you slowly took the tip in your mouth, humming and sucking lightly. He threw his head back in relief, his hips bucking up, wanting more.
“Mmm, patience daddy, we’re taking it slow, remember?” You smirked, licking a line up his cock. Ethan let out a frustrated groan as he pulled your hair into a makeshift pony tail. You hummed, licking your lips as you reached up to grab his phone, changing the song to drunk in love by Beyoncé. You raked your nails down his chest and torso, returning to his member. As soon as the first verse started, you took Ethan all the way in your mouth. Ethan let out a surprised moan, his hands tightening around your hair, his toes curling. You sucked slowly, forcing yourself all the way down, deep throating him to the hilt. He groaned as you started bobbing your head up and down his shaft, using an extra hand to follow your movements on his length. You reached you other hand down to massage his balls as he guided your head up and down, letting you work on him. You moved your tongue back and forth while deep throating him, feeling the veins on his cock.
“Fuck.” Ethan whispered, panting helplessly as he watched your mouth work on him. You slowly came all the way up, running your tongue across the slit, softly sucking on the tip, hallowing your cheeks. You looked up through your eye lashes up at your boyfriend, his hair was a mess as his chest heaved up and down, the veins in his arms protruding from gripping your hair so tightly. You lowered your mouth back down on him again, not breaking the eye contact as he moaned quietly, throwing his head back against the pillows. When you brought your mouth back up to his tip, you hummed along to the song, sending vibrations through his length.
“Fuck baby. You’re such a dirty girl.” He growled, his biceps flexing as he pulled your hair. You decided it was about time to pick up the speed. You took him all of the way, bobbing your head up and down at a faster pace, hallowing your cheeks. You used an extra hand to stroke the rest of his length you couldn’t fit in your mouth, paying extra attention to his balls. Ethan moaned loudly, bucking his hips up. He bit his lip, abruptly pulling you off his throbbing cock.
“Fuck baby, I don’t want to cum just yet.” He breathed deeply, trying to catch his breath. You wiped your mouth with the back of your hand as you crawled your way up to straddle his lap. Ethan quickly found his jeans and pulled a condom out of the back pocket. He slowly slid it down on his length. You leaned down to pull him in a deep kiss as you ground down on his cock. You slowly rode his cock, rubbing yourself on him. Ethan reached a hand down, positioning himself at your entrance as you slowly slid down on his length with a gasp, feeling him fill you up. You began bouncing on his cock, the truck rocked with every bounce. Ethan’s hands rested on your hips, guiding you up and down his length. He pulled you down, catching you into a kiss as the song what you need by the weeknd lightly blasted through the speakers. Ethan gripped your ass, thrusting up to meet your bounces. He began sucking on your neck as he flipped you over, thrusting inside you. He began whispering the words in your ear,
“I'mma love you girl, the way you need.” He nibbled on your ear as he pinned your hands above your head, thrusting himself inside you. You locked your legs around his torso pushing him deeper inside you as you made love. He slowly let go of your wrists, gripping your hips to fuck into you at a slow but rough pace. He threw his head back as you watched his abs flex, a thin layer of sweat made him glow under the moonlight. You gripped the sheets beneath you, moaning and arching your back as he hit your g-spot.
“Fuck daddy, right there.” You moaned as he came down on top of you. You pulled him close, clawing your nails down his back as he moaned into your ear, his hips bucking.
“So tight for daddy, so beautiful.” He whispered into your neck. He started picking up speed, chasing both of your climaxes. You felt his rough thumb begin rubbing circles onto your clit making you clench tightly around him. A moan emitted from his mouth as your hips lifted off the bed as he pounded into you, hitting your g-spot repeatedly. The truck rocked roughly as his hips collided into yours, your skin slapping together.
“Daddy I’m close.” You moaned, clawing at his strong back even more.
“Me too baby girl, cum all over my cock, c'mon baby.” He grunted into your ear as he rubbed your clit faster. His thrusts began to get sloppy as he moaned, gripping your hips tightly.
“Cum with me baby.” He growled. You both moaned together as you felt him twitch inside you as you clenched tightly around his cock, coming undone together. His hips stilled inside you as your legs shook around him. You both breathed heavily as he thrusted slowly inside you, riding out your highs. He breathed heavily, slowly sliding out of you as he discarded the condom. He lied beside you as you both tried catching your breath.
“We’re coming here,” Ethan breathed deeply, “every week.” You nodded, smiling over at him. “You know.” Ethan trailed off, switching on the song sleeping on the floor by the Lumineers. “I think it’s about time that I ask if you want to move in with Gray and I.” He turned over to face you, twirling a piece of your hair in his fingers.
“E, I would love to!” You squealed, excitingly. Ethan flashed a big smile, he knew that you were the one he wanted to grow old with.

Part 1 Masterlist
Daddy kink with Ethan/Grayson would include ♡

A/N: Hi babes ♡ I’m aware that this isn’t the happiest of Tuesdays, but I still wanted to post something since I’ve been very unactive and I want to make everyone who reads this smile! I received a request for a ‘daddy kink with Ethan would include' and this is how it turned out, but if you’re a Grayson girl (like me) you can imagine him with this if you like. I KNOW they both have a secret kink (don’t fight me on this) so I feel that this would apply for the both of them. I hope you enjoy xxx

➼ Daddy kink with him would definitely include really rough but passionate sex

➼ Him begging you to call him “daddy” because it turns him on (and you know it)

➼ Him being extremely dom

➼ Smirking and lip biting when he sees you come undone

➼ Dirty talk

❥ “I’m going to make you come so hard you won’t be able to walk tommorow”

❥  ’'That’s my girl’’

❥ “Such a good girl for daddy”

➼ Him enjoying to make you do things you have never done or showed before to anyone, and remembering them the next day when he sees you acting innocent

➼ Him guiding your hips whenever you would ride him and spontanously spanking you whenever you would try to take the control from him

➼ Scratches and bruises (but in the sweetest way)

➼ Him moaning your name and him begging you to call his

➼ Teasing, teasing and TEASING till your panties are soaked lmao

➼ Lots and lots of foreplay because something tells me they’d be SO good at that (I mean look at them hands)

➼ Fingering you in public because he’s a horny little boy, and gets turned on when he sees the look on your face when you realize his hands are between your legs

❥ “Oh my God, stop it!”

❥ “Only if you call me daddy tonight”

❥ “You can’t do this right now”

❥ “I’ll take you anywhere, anytime”

➼ You guys would try to do roleplays with handcuffs, tying up, blind folds and toys, and ending up laughing about it because you both can’t take each other serious (which makes it ten times more fun)

➼ Butt and hip grabbing

➼ Kissing every inch of your beautiful body and showing you how much he loves you and that you belong to him

➼ Spankinggg omg

➼ CHOKING lol idk but it’s so hot for some reason

➼ Him trying to make you squirt (*faints*)

➼ Sweet massages afterwards

➼ Him wanting to make you orgasm multiple times a night

➼ Calling you baby girl

➼ Him always giving you a look whenever he’s hinting at you for what to come for the night and you getting turned on by the thought of it

➼ Making it clear that in bed he’s your “daddy” and telling you to not even think of calling anyone else that way

➼ Him calling you his bad little girl just to make your knees go weak

➼ Him sometimes forbidding you to touch yourself during sex or during the day, saying that only he can do so and make you feel so good

➼ You purposely breaking that rule just so he could “punish” you and have way too much fun with it

➼ Him always smirking and looking at the parts where he left some hickies the next day

➼ Him loving to take you from behind while looking at you in the mirror, making you realize how much he enjoys looking at you as you moan

➼ You purposely getting on his nerves to excite him and hear him say things like “Do you want to repeat that?” and “Excuse me?” knowing EXACTLY to what it would lead

➼ Him enjoying to tease you with his member by stroking it against your crotch, just to hear you beg him to enter

➼ Him tugging your hair to have control and making you understand that you’re his

➼ Him always sweet talking you and treating and making you feel like a real princess before getting down and dirty with you

➼ Him being all soft and gentle after your fun to reassure you that he truly cares for you

Pass The Time [G.D]♕

WARNING: Sexual/Mature content ahead. Read at your own risk.

SUMMARY: When you get caught in a storm, Grayson offers you shelter, it’s only when you’re both cuddling that things become.. more intimate..

A/N: This took me forever. You better enjoy it.



Your hands grasped the steering wheel tightly, you lower lip tucked beneath your teeth as you swerved past a truck, nearly grazing the edge. Rain drops and fog clouded your front window, making seeing what was ahead a hassle.

 Sounds of thunder could be heard from nearby and you sunk back into your seat; you weren’t particularly fond of storms like this, who was? 

There was a downpour as heavy as you had ever seen. Walking though a waterfall couldn’t get any wetter. The drops struck the already wet sidewalk, pitting the surface like they were bullets from above. There was no harm in it, LA would be just the same after the storm had passed. But by then it would have washed the evidence of the storm down the drains.

You scowled and felt yourself sink even deeper into your seat, you knew what was coming next, it was inevitable. Thunder rumbled in the distance and a bolt of lightning cracked the gray sky into two. Jagged flashes of light cast a glow against your car.

Your nails dug deep into the leather coiled around your wheel as you waited for the red light to pass, you weren’t supposed to be out right now. At least that’s what the news advised, but you just couldn’t help yourself.

Grayson Bailey Dolan.

That’s why.

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So…. Shawn Mendes and I, we’re getting married.

He don’t know it yet but we’re getting married, don’t worry about it. Y’all are invited.

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Warnings: smut, spanking, all that jazz. Oh and daddy kink ofc

The bass pounded against the walls as Ethan lead you through the crowds of people to the dance floor. You always wondered why your boyfriend always came to these parties when he never drank. You smiled as you reached your hands up to feel his chest as your bodies swayed to the beat of the music. You did have one drink in you but it wasn’t enough to make you tipsy but you did feel pretty confident. You slowly turned around as Ethan’s hands trailed down your back, watching as you ground against him. He pulled your back against him as he kissed your neck, leaving love bites. You reached a hand up behind you to lace them into his hair as your hips were still in movement.
“Maybe we should take this back to my place?” Ethan whispered in your ear, biting your ear lobe lightly. You smirked, turning around to pull him into a deep kiss.
“Let’s go.” You smirked, pulling his hand. You both got into Ethan’s black Subaru as he quickly started the car. You both put your seat belts on and Ethan pulled out onto the road. You bit your lip, looking over at him. His hair was ruffled, his jawline prominent from the street lights. You slowly slid a hand down onto his thigh as you snaked your hand upwards. You lightly gripped his member through his jeans as he shifted in his seat,
“Can this wait baby? I’d rather make it there safe than have to explain to our parents why I totalled my car.” Ethan quickly glanced at you as you bit your lip, returning to your seat. Your hormones were raging. You slowly slid your black dress up, sneaking a hand into your panties. You started rubbing your clit as you looked over at your boyfriend innocently as he drove. You let out a small moan causing him to look over to catch a quick glance. His right hand pulled your hands out of your panties.
“You think you can touch yourself without daddy’s permission?” Ethan’s jaw clenched as you felt him push on the gas pedal harder. You smirked as you slowly pulled your dress back down, you were throbbing.
“So impatient, I’ll have to punish you when we get home.” Ethan gripped the steering wheel tightly.
He quickly pulled into the driveway, shutting the engine off as he strode to the front door, you following closely behind as he unlocked the door. You both stepped in as Ethan slammed you back against the door.
“You’re such a bad girl. It’s like you want to be punished.”
“Maybe I do, daddy.” You smiled at him. He grabbed your ass motioning for you to jump as he carried you up the stairs. You were both lost in each other’s kisses as he laid you down on the bed.
“Don’t tell Grayson we fucked in his bed. Got it?”
“Got it.” You laughed as you realized you were in the room of his brother.
“I just couldn’t make it to my room. I can’t wait any longer.” Ethan said, pulling his shirt over his head.
“I want you to strip for me baby.” Ethan demanded as he took his belt off. He gripped the belt as he watched you shimmy out of your dress. You slowly unclasped your bra, letting it fall to the floor as you turned around. You gave Ethan a full view of your ass as you looped your thumbs around your panties, slowly sliding them down. Ethan sat on the edge of the bed as you slowly walked towards him,
“Bend over my lap, princess.” Ethan demanded, folding the belt in his large hands. You bent yourself over his lap as you felt Ethan’s warm hands grab your ass. You heard him groan as he took the belt and slapped it down on your ass. You bit your lip, your body jerking from the sudden pain as Ethan quickly rubbed his hand over it, watching the skin turn red.
“You’re such a bad girl. Trying to touch daddy while he’s driving.” Ethan let down another crack of the belt,
“Touching yourself without daddy’s permission,” your body jerked as he spanked you for the third time.
“Now, I want you to ride daddy’s face. Do you want that?”
“Of course, daddy.” You bit your lip, watching as he lied back on the bed, his head on the pillows. He motioned for you to go over as you slowly straddled his face. He reached his large hands up to grab your thighs as he lowered you down onto his tongue. You gripped the headboard as Ethan began eating you out. His tongue moved in circles as you moved your hips along with his movements. He stuck his tongue into you as you became a moaning mess.
“Fuck daddy.” You moaned, grinding down onto his face. He flicked his tongue inside you as pleasure over took you. You rode Ethan’s face as he ate you out. His rough stubble rubbed against your thighs as he pushed his tongue deeper into you. You moaned as he licked at your walls. He slowly licked up your slit and began sucking your clit. One of your hands flew down to his hair as he flicked his tongue back and forth over your clit. You moaned profanities as your thighs shook around his head. His biceps flexed as he held you still, licking up and down your pussy. You grounded your hips against his face as he flattened his tongue out for you to ride. You pushed down on him, wanting more as he flicked his tongue against you. You clenched as he licked over your core, going up to hum on your clit. You bit your lip as he flicked his tongue over it repeatedly once again making your legs shake.
“Daddy don’t stop!” You moaned, your climax approaching. He began flicking his tongue faster as you felt a hand move down to stick two fingers in you, wasting no time, he thrusted them inside you at a fast pace. You thighs began to clench around his head as he took your clit in his mouth, sucking harshly. You felt the pads of his fingers rub your g-spot. You clenched around your boyfriends fingers, moaning loudly as you orgasm rushed over you. You ground down on his face, gripping the headboard tightly as you came all over his fingers. You let out a small squeal as he took his fingers out of you and licked up your slit once again. Your thighs trembled from the over sensitivity as he continued eating you out.
“Daddy I can’t-” you began but he cut you off,
“Yes you can baby girl.” Ethan tapped your thighs, ordering you to lay down as he quickly took off his jeans and boxers. You watched as he took his throbbing cock in his hands as he ran the tip along your wet juices. Your hips bucked as he hit your sensitive clit. He slowly ground his cock along your pussy as he moaned, gripping your hips.
“You want it baby?” He asked, staring down at you as he continued rubbing himself on you.
“Yes daddy, fuck me.” You stared into his eyes. You didn’t have to ask him twice as he slid into you. You pushed your head back against the pillows as he thrusted into you, the headboard hitting the wall. You moaned, gripping the sheets as Ethan hovered over you. His mouth attacked your breasts as he sucked on your nipples. You tangled your hands in his hair and pulled him up for a long deep kiss. Your tongues danced together as his hips snapped into yours. Ethan moaned into your mouth as your fingernails raked down his muscular back.
“Fuck daddy, you’re so big.” You moaned, feeling him force his whole length inside you. Confidence radiated off of Ethan as a cocky smirk showed in his face. He stared down at you with hooded eyes, as he watched your mouth hang open in pleasure. He slowly brought a hand down to choke you as he bucked his hips into yours roughly. You moaned loudly, completely handing yourself over to Ethan as he fucked you relentlessly.
“Moan for daddy, let me hear you.” Ethan grunted as you arched your back, making him hit your g-spot. You screamed profanities as Ethan released his hand from your neck as he brought your leg over his shoulder. At this angle, he was able to thrust deeper inside you as he slapped your ass.
“Fuck, you dirty girl.” Ethan growled as you moaned, clutching onto the sheets so hard that your knuckles turned white.
“Flip over baby.” Ethan demanded, pulling out so you could reposition yourself. Ethan entered himself back inside you, spreading your legs farther apart to fit himself deeper inside you. Your arms gave out beneath you as your face hit the pillows. Ethan reached forward, pulling your hair as he twisted it in between his fingers. Your legs began to tremble for the second time that night, your second orgasm approaching. Ethan slapped your ass harshly as he thrusted into you roughly. You looked over at the mirror and you watched as Ethan fucked you. He was concentrated on the way his cock slid in and out of you, watching as your ass bounced with every thrust. He ran his hands down your back to rest on your hips, pulling you back against him.
“I’m gonna cum daddy.” You whimpered, laying your head on the pillow as you gripped the sheets.
“Come on baby, let it out.” He grunted. Your toes curled as you clenched around his cock, your second orgasm washing over you. Your legs shook uncontrollably as Ethan continued his thrusts. You came all over Ethan’s cock with a loud moan. As you clenched around him, you felt him twitch inside you as he came with a loud moan. His hips bucked as he whimpered, gripping your hips roughly as you moaned.
“Fuck.” Ethan slowly pulled out as he discarded the condom. You threw yourself onto the bed as you both tried to regain your breath.
“Babe, we should go back to your room before Grayson gets home.” You looked over at Ethan worriedly.
“Good point.” Ethan’s chest heaved as he quickly got up, grabbing yours and his’ clothes. Just then the front door closed and you both rushed back to Ethan’s room.
“That was close.” You sighed, putting a clean pair of underwear on and slipping one of Ethan’s shirts on.
“Ethan! I’m gonna kill you!” You heard Grayson yell. You both shot each other a look.
“Ethan what did you do?” You whisper yelled. He shrugged, a scared look on his face. Ethan quickly put on a clean pair of boxers and sweats as he quickly rushed to Grayson’s room.
“Wha-” Ethan peeked his head around the corner to see Grayson pointing down at the used condom.
“You guys are freaking disgusting! You have your own room!” Grayson yelled. Ethan ran his hands through his hair,
“We couldn’t make it-”
“You guys are both cleaning my room within this hour. Everything you touched I want it clean.” Grayson ordered. You peaked around the corner with Ethan.
“Hey, y/n, you guys are a cute couple but could you at least not do the do in my room?”
“Sorry, Gray.” You shrugged behind Ethan. Grayson stepped out of the room, letting you two clean up the mess you made.

Two Hours ‘Till Kendrick


Warning: smut

Author’s Note: thank you everyone who has been so nice and encouraging to me as a writer. I love writing and I love Ethan and all of you have made this this a fun little safe haven for me. I can’t say thank you enough. Drop me a message or an ask. I love talking with you! Now here’s a little Coachella Ethan, kinda, sorta.

“Remember when Ethan gave you fake flowers for Easter?” Cameron spoke dryly, knowing fully well Ethan was only a few feet behind her, leaning against the doorframe and nibbling on a plate of pancakes. You were sitting in front of a mirror curling your hair.

You looked at her through the reflection, a smile stretching at your lips. You went to speak, but were cut off by your obnoxious boyfriend who still spoke with his mouth full no matter how many times you told him it was rude and unbecoming of him.

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