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Missing You and You Only

“I’m glad you could make it,” Ethan rasped, his voice groggy from the morning and arising from the dead of sleep. Truthfully, he hadn’t had that peaceful of a sleep in a long time, more specifically, in a couple months -since the last time he was home with you.

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“You’re perfect” (Ethan)

Request: So I requested this to another person, but why not have two similar stories? You and the twins are shooting a YT video and their both playfully flirting with you and one twins (you can choose which) confesses he likes you😊 (@mintdolans)

A/N: I really hope you like it!💛

It was a rainy day outside so your best friends, Ethan and Grayson, invited you to their house to sleepover. The storm was pretty crazy, but now it was calming down so you hurried to get ready and leave.

You were looking for cute clothes and pj’s and putting all that in your backpack, plus your make up and hygiene bag, when your phone buzzed. You took your IPhone and unlocked it.

Grayson: Hey girl! You’re coming tonight, right?

You: Of course Graybae!

Grayson: Stoop haha, see you then.

You locked it again and grabbed your black backpack.

“Okay, I’m ready. Bye baby” you said to your cat before leaving.

You got in your car and drove to a Starbucks to get something to drink. You ordered three venti pink drinks and drove to the twins place.

L.A streets were full of people and the traffic was unbelievable, but after half an hour you made it to the house. After parking your car in the parking lot, you took your things and walked to the door.

After a few seconds, Ethan opened the door smiling.

“Hi beautiful” he said hugging you.

“Hey E. Here” you said and gave him his drink.


You two walked to Grayson’s bedroom where he was playing the piano and singing. You opened the door a little just to listen because you loved his voice and talent since you were younger.

My pride, my ego, my needs, and my selfish ways

Caused a good strong woman like you to walk out my life” he sang and you enjoyed.

“Why you like it so much?” Ethan asked, he looked a little off.

“I don’t know, he is talented” you said and then Ethan opened the door, making Grayson jump.

“Bro, I almost died” he said and looked at you.

“Y/N!! You were listening, weren’t you?” He said smirking and hugging you tight.

“No…” You said and cracked a smile.

“Okay, you want to film with us? We’re doing Y/N dares Ethan and Grayson if you want. The fans are dying to see it” Ethan said and wiggled his eyebrows.

“Count me in!” You said excited.


“Okay, so we decided to leave our safety in the hands of this little devil. Probably not a good decision. You can start now.” Grayson said.

“Well, first you have to eat this brownie I made” you said and Grayson smiled.

“That’s actually nice” he said and you smirked.

“Bro, are you kidding me? It’s Y/N Y/L/N who we are talking about.” Ethan said and you raised a single eyebrow.

“Okay first of all, rude. And second of all, Grayson loves my brownies so too bad for you” you said and he narrowed his eyes.

“You little cheater” he said and they ate the brownies.


“Last dare!” You said and they sighed.

“Finally!” you chuckled.

“You have to flirt with me, compliment me and make me feel good”

“Are you serious?” Grayson said and you nodded.

“I know you are awkward with girls so this is a warm up, plus, I know you feel uncomfortable when you have to do this so why not with me so it can be extra difficult. If you mess up in this one, you lose everything” you said and they rolled their eyes.

“Your smile is beautiful”

“You have gorgeous eyes”

“You’re the best person ever”

Grayson whipered to your ear and you giggled. Ethan looked at you with wide eyes.

“Looks like Grayson is winning, step up your game dude”

“You’re perfect. Your smile, your eyes, you hands, your laugh. I love your personality and how you treat people, how you can light up my day just with your presence. Your hair is so soft and shiny, your sense of humor is so unique. You’re perfect”

Ethan said and your jaw dropped. You liked him for a long time now, since he looked up for you three months ago when you broke your wrist skating with them.

“I’m here for you always beautiful” he said holding your other hand in the hospital.

“Thanks E, it’s just a fracture. Nothing big” you said.

“It’s big if it hurts you” he said and kissed your forehead.

“Looks like… We have a win-”

“I love you” he said and your eyes widened “I love you Y/N, and I always will. Since the first time I saw you I knew you were the one” you noticed Grayson was gone.

“I…” You said and Ethan’s face dropped, bur you lifted his chin “I love you too E” you said and kissed him.

“That was it guys, the lovebirds are together and happy” Gray said filming you two and you blushed, hiding your face on Ethan’s chest.

You need to go to sleep now.

** requested by @boujeebailey **

ooooh drabble request for: “you need to go to sleep now” :))))

Summary: A cute fluffy drabble where Y/N has a hard time falling asleep in Grayson’s bed.

Words: 200 or so

Warnings: Nothing, fluuuuff

A/N: Heyyy, this is my second requested drabble!! Sorry it’s short, but I hope you guys enjoy it :) please leave me any new requests in my inbox ❤️❤️


“Y/N,” Grayson sighed with a small smile playing upon his lips. “It’s 2am.”

“I know baby, but I can’t sleep!” I groaned. Frowning, I turned over on the bed and set my phone back onto the bed side table. When I rolled back around to face Grayson, he grinned and threw his large arms around me. I squealed softly under the impact, and wriggled around against his bare chest, trying to find the right position. The soft moonlight filtered in through the window, where the moon would soon disappear and turn into the sun.

Finally, I had manoeuvred my body enough to be moderately comfortable. I huffed in faux annoyance and I rolled my eyes up at Grayson. He elicited a tiny giggle, and reached his arm down under the blankets to hoist my leg over his. I entangled my legs with Grayson’s, and placed one arm underneath the pillow so that I could admire my gorgeous boyfriend with the other. Grayson looked down at me sleepily, and I smiled in return.

My fingers reached daintily towards his head, and I caressed his cheekbone with my thumb. I traced the planes of his face with my fingertips. His browbone, down his nose, then finally landing on his plump, rosy lips. His eyes fluttered closed and I lifted my head to plant a kiss on his mouth. As I pulled back, his small pout widened into a beautiful smile. Gently, he lifted his hand up to tuck a loose strand of hair behind my ear.

“Baby?” He whispered.

“Yeah?” I replied, my eyes already sliding closed in the dim light.

“You need to go to sleep now.”


concrete proof that i predicted it would be red – in chronological order. someone tried to shoot me down and i recovered. 

Sweet Distraction

Request: “…I was wondering if you could write a little fluff imagine with Ethan? He likes you, and tries to win you over with little things from 80’s-90’s rom coms, like he paints a portrait of you (some kind of wonderful) he stands under your window with a boom box (say anything) and all that…”

A/N: My first imagine for a dear friend, ily


Slouching back into the cushioned desk chair of your bedroom, your heavy eyelids fall shut. Your efforts to focus on the psychology article for class failed. I’ll rest my eyes for just 5 minutes, this work has to get done, you thought. There is a familiar sting in your eyes from being open for too long… or maybe I’ll just nap for ten minutes

As you doze off, three knocks rap on your bedroom door. Reluctantly, you open your eyes.

“Enter,” you sigh.

“Ethan’s here and he comes bearing gifts,” says your mom with the rise of her brows and a smirk.

You tried to suppress the big smile you knew would soon hurt your cheeks.

“I’ll get it,” you walk past her to go down the stairs then, breaking into a skip toward the foyer, you open the door to a grinning Ethan. With a grin that mirrors his, you lean your head against the door. You stay like that for a moment— gazing at the young man before you, looking all over his face.

“If I could snap my fingers to bring you back to Earth I would,” Ethan’s his forest green and brown irises flicker with taunt.

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This is not edited and was written quickly but I hope you like it.

Anytime I imagine dating Ethan (or one of the twins) I always imagine it from a fans point of view. Like, it’s still me who’s dating him but from a fans point of view. Does that make sense? Like the fan watching the YouTube video q&a with me. Or challenges ft. Me. Or the little snapchats on his story that have me in them. Or live streams that they do and I casually walk in the room to get something and make a short appearance and have a really short conversation with Ethan like,

“Oh and babe,” she turned around to see what Ethan needed,” I love you”, he said casually as he had his head turned over his shoulder. She walked from the doorway to give him a kiss. The camera only had half of Ethan’s face so the viewers couldn’t see it that well but they knew what was going on. They heard Ethan whisper something to her while she was close, she nodded and laughed and then left closing the door behind her.

When y/n closed the door Ethan and Grayson were looking in that direction. Grayson for a moment longer, then they both turned back to the live video with thousands of viewers. Ethan had the biggest smile on his face for the rest of the video.


Why do yall write fanfiction about your fav being abusive in some type of way? Why would you think of someone you adore in that type of way?

The stories usually go like this. The girl is being bullied by the boy (who the fanfic is about) and he usually has a crush on her, or when he gets to know her they date in secret. Or the characters are already in a relationship and things fall apart and he gets abusive and the girl forgives him no matter what he says or does to her. And the last would have to be the girl getting cheated on by her fav and she’s staying with him because of love and who he is.

I’ve talked about this in my YouTube videos before stating how I hate this cliche and how abuse is not love. So many people think it’s cute to abuse by someone they are in love with. Many writers use this cliche because they think it will make a good story. We need to stop romanticizing this.Abuse is not love and it will never be ok.

Pool Day (Ethan)

Summary: You, Ethan and your little daughter go on a pool day.

Requested by @awkward-luke

A/N: Hope you like it! It’s short and bad but I tried💜

It was beautiful and sunny Saturday and you were getting ready to go to the pool with your daughter and husband Ethan.

“Y/D/N are you ready?” Ethan asked your 5 year old daughter.

“Yes dad, I’m coming” she said and started jumping step by step in the stairs.

“Careful sweetie” you said and grabbed your things.

“Let’s go” he said and you went to the car.


Once you got there, you saw a lot of people swimming and playing with their kids.

“Look baby, there are a lot of kids to play with!” You said and Y/D/N smiled toothly.

You took off your shirt and shorts revealing your black bikini and your daughter did the same, staying in her one piece yellow bathing suit.

“My wife is looking good as always” Ethan said and you smiled softly.

“I’m going to get changed” he said and left while your daughter was playing.

You got in the water and played with her a little and saw a man approaching you when she went with the other kids.

“What’s up?” He said getting a little too close.

“Umm.. Hi?” You said

“I noticed you were by yourself and that you’re a beautiful woman” he said trying to get closer but you didn’t let him.

“Thanks but I’m with my daughter and husband” you said and he rolled his eyes leaving.

You swam a little and rested in a floaty.

“Mom where is dadda?” Y/D/N asked swimming near you.

“He is changing sweetheart” you said and tears were forming in her eyes.

“I want to play with dad!” She said and Ethan appeared.

“I’m right here princess, don’t cry” he said and played with her.

After a few minutes, she got back with the little kids so you and Ethan swam together.

“I love you, do you know that?”

“Yes, you told me like a million times today” you said and he giggled.

“I love you too”

You two kissed and decided to rest outside the pool while you played with Ethan’s hair.

Then, you played with Y/D/N and laughed a lot but at 8pm you suggested to head home.

When you got home, you changed your clothes and went to sleep.

“Goodnight babe” Ethan said



Summary: Ethan doesn’t know what he wants and she just wants to be there to support him

With their weighed and purchased frozen yogurt in hand, Gene and her friend walked to their favorite red booth in the back of the retro shop. From where they sat, there was a fine view of Randell’s Finest Fro-Yo. Colorful posters, quirky signs and college pennants crowded the walls. Even regular customers were left with the chance of rediscovering decorations.

Gene put one of the strawberry popping bobas into her mouth and closed her eyes. “Whoa, I never get over how the juice spreads over my tongue”

She grimaced at Gene’s bowl. “You’re obsessed with those things. It doesn’t even matter the kind of fro-yo you get. Those bubbles are always in your cup.”

Gene’s bowl had six different flavored popping bobas over her mango fro-yo along with gummy bears, brownie bites and honey roasted walnuts.  

Gene shrugged. “Well, I gotta sweet tooth.”


She picked up her iPhone. Gene notices how fast her thumbs are moving along the keyboard display.

“Who are we texting?”

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Not Stopping (Ethan Dolan)

Written for the following request:

Word Count: 500+


You and Ethan were sharing an orange in the kitchen of their house in Jersey, laughing about a stupid joke Ethan made, when Grayson interrupted. “I’m gonna go ride for a little bit. Y’all wanna come with?” he asked as he stepped down the last stairstep.

Just as you were about to answer that you did want to go, Ethan interrupted. “No, but how long will you be gone?”

“Mm, I don’t know. Maybe an hour,” Grayson answered.

Ethan cleared his throat and whispered a reply, more to himself, “Perfect.”

Grayson made his way out the door with his helmet in hand, and you turned towards Ethan saying, “I actually thought it would’ve been fun for us to go too. The weather feels so great today.”

“I kinda had a better idea,” Ethan said smiling at you, his eyes moving from your eyes and to your lips.

Understanding what he was implying, you smirked and said, “On second thought… I think I’d rather stay here.”

“Mhm. That’s what I thought,” he said, and you lightly slapped his arm. He pulled you closer to him and kissed your lips desperately, tasting the orange on each others’ tongues.

“But not here,” you laughed, pulling away from the kiss. “I feel weird about doing it in your mom’s kitchen.”

He laughed and agreed with you. He, then, grabbed your hand and quickly led you upstairs as you laughed and called out for him to slow down. The two of you reached his and Grayson’s shared bedroom, and he pulled you inside, hands slipping around your waist as he continued the kiss from moments before.

The grip Ethan held on your waist only tightened as he kicked the bedroom door shut and pulled you towards his bed. He sat on the edge of the bed, and you climbed into his lap, straddling his waist. Your hands roamed through the hair on the nape of his neck while his lips trailed from yours down your jawline, ending at your ear. He lightly nipped at your skin causing your head to tilt towards the side and a desperate sigh to escape your throat.

You felt his cock was hardening against your core, and you began grinding against it as best you could with clothing still separating you. His lips were now attached to your exposed neck, and he was kissing and sucking at your skin like his life depended on it. Your hands slowly trailed down his chest towards his belt to start unfastening the buckles. Almost as soon as you completely undid his belt, you heard the door open behind you.

“Seriously Ethan?! This is my fucking room too, you know?” Grayson yelled.

You hid your face in Ethan’s shoulder out of embarrassment, and his hands fell to your thighs. “I thought you were out riding,” Ethan said.

“I changed my mind,” Grayson said bluntly.

“Well then you can either stay and enjoy the view or get out now, because we’re not stopping,” Ethan said, finishing with kisses on your shoulder.

“Fucking disgusting,” Grayson mumbled as he rolled his eyes and left the room.

You finally lifted your eyes to look at Ethan again and said, “You could’ve at least locked the door.”

The two of you laughed, and Ethan replied, “Yeah… I guess you’re right. Better do that now.” He swiftly lifted you off of him and placed you onto the bed. He locked the door before returning to his knees in front of you. “Now. Where were we?” he questioned with a smirk.

Captivity (E.D. Fanfic)

Warnings: swearing, kink (daddy, duh), dark themes

Summary: Hayley just wanted to disappear. She didn’t expect her wish to be granted by a dark gang leader. She’s heard of Stockholm Syndrome, but experiencing it? She had no idea what she was in for. 

It was just after midnight and below freezing outside, snow slowly falling onto the dirty ground. Hayley pulled her coat tighter around her, trying to keep the chill out.

“What am I doing?” she whispered to herself, trying to suppress the bile rising in her throat. She picked up her pace, almost slipping on the ice. She glanced around her again, making sure no one was following her. She rolled her eyes, knowing full well no one would be in the shipment yard after midnight.

She heard a loud crack sounding about 50 metres from her. She stopped and listened. She waited, feeling her heart beating through her coat. Nothing. She shook her head and started walking again, the harbour bridge now in sight.  

Bang!  Hayley skidded to stop at the gunshot. She grew frantic, whipping her head around.

Her gaze landed on a tall figure standing in the shadows of a container. He wasn’t far from her, maybe 20 metres, but she couldn’t make out his features. But she could feel his presence. His demeanour was dark, dangerous and damaged.

He started towards her, gaining speed as his long legs carried him quickly over the distance between them. Hayley stood still for a second before she sprinted off in the opposite direction, moving towards the harbour bridge again.

If I ever needed more motivation, now I’ve got it. She ran until her legs were burning, she didn’t dare look back but she knew he wasn’t far behind her, his heavy foot steps getting closer and closer.

She ran up the bridge, climbed on the railing but before she could jump, strong arms wrapped around her waist and yanked her backwards, causing them both to fall to the ground. 

Hayley quickly stumbled to her feet, trying to run again but he wrapped his hands around her ankles and pulled. She fell on her stomach, the wind being knocked out of her. She was still trying to get her bearings when everything went black.


A dull, pounding ache met Hayley as she opened her eyes, squinting at the bright light. She felt the cold, hard floor beneath her, making her shiver. A sudden pain woke her up completely as she tried to move. She sat up, her hand going to her left temple, where it landed on a lump.

“Ow! What the fu-” Hayley groaned. When she looked at her hand, bits of dry blood were stuck to it. “What- how-” She couldn’t find the words, her head spinning.

“And she’s awake." 

Hayley looked up, shielding her eyes from the light with her hand. Her gaze landed on a pair of the most hypnotising hazel eyes she had ever seen. They demanded your attention, and she found herself not being able to look away. 

She let out a breathy gasp but quickly recovered herself. "Who the hell are you?” Her voice was croaky, but she sounded pissed enough.

“I’m your worst nightmare; the one your mother warned you about.” He took a step closer, causing Hayley to shuffle backwards, but the sudden movement made her so nauseous, she started heaving. “Slowly, baby girl. I don’t need you dirtying my floors.”

Hayley let out a dark chuckle, “Wait, you think these floors are actually clean?" 

He smirked, his eyes sparkling a little. The bastard was enjoying this!  "Well, they may not be FDA approved but I’ve definitely seen worse.” He pulled a chair out from a small table next to her and sat down. Only now did Hayley see the gun in his hands. “What’s your name?”

“Fuck you,” Hayley spat. She was slowly feeling herself again and she took in her surroundings. They were in a warehouse with boarded windows, concrete floors and single light bulbs hanging sporadically from the stained ceiling. “Charming place. Do you bring all your dates here?”

He let out a hearty laugh that almost sounded like music to Hayley’s ears. Almost. “I like you. You have, what do they call it? Chutzpah.” He looked down and ran his fingers slowly up and down the barrel of his gun. Without looking up, he warned in a deep voice, “However, I suggest that when I ask you a question, you answer it.” When he looked at Hayley again, she saw something there, she wasn’t sure what, but she knew she better answer his question.

“Hayley. My name is Hayley.” After a second, she asked in a quiet voice, “What’s your name?”

He gave a dazzling half smile and stood up. “Ethan. But you can call me daddy.”


Chapter 2 can be read here

“Are you cheating on me?” (Grayson)

Request: I was wondering if you can make a fic based on a hickey prank and you can make it with either one of the twins. Btw love your writings😘💕 (Anon)

A/N: Thanks! Hope you like it!💖

Waring: Language

It was a sunny Tuesday in Los Angeles. You were bored, sitting in your couch while scrolling down YouTube looking for ideas for your channel. You looked up and saw your best friend Ethan, sitting at the table and drinking juice.

“Hey E” you said getting up and going to the cabinets to grab a mug.

“What’s up?”

“I was wondering if you could help me to think video ideas” you asked while your coffee was serving.

“Yeah, of course. What about… A prank?” He said.

“A prank? Who am I going to prank?” You asked a little confused.

“Me” he said sarcastically “Your boyfriend, dumbass”.

“Okay, what do you suggest?”

“I don’t know, search couple pranks in YouTube and feel inspired. Plus, Gray falls to easy.


You searched a few minutes a found one.

“Ethan!” You yelled standing up “I think I found one!”

“Yeah?” He asked running down stairs.

“The hickey prank!” You said excited and he smirked.

“Yes! But, how are you doing it?” He asked and you sat him down in the couch.

“First of all, I’m making a fake hickey with makeup and record it so he will believe me. Second of all, I’m going to ask him to film a ‘Boyfriend Tag’ with me and he’ll see it. And last but not least, when he ask me what I did all day I’m indirectly going to make him think you gave it to me” you explained,

out of breath.

‎"Woah, that’s amazing. Okay so we were all day together and doing our YouTube stuff" he said and you nodded.


‎ ***

‎"Ethan! It looks like a hickey?“ you asked looking to the camera and he entered your room.

‎"Omg he’s going to freak out. It looks so real, how?!” He said and you giggled.

‎"He is coming! Go and act natural"

‎After letting Grayson rest a few minutes, you decided to film the 'tag’.

‎"Okay guys so next question is: do you want to have babies with Y/N?“ you said raising and eyebrow since you knew the answer and moved you hair so he’ll see it.

‎"Yes, I do but not now. We’re too young” he said an kissed you on the cheek.

When he pulled away you saw that he noticed.

“Y/N? What is that in your neck?” he asked pointing at the hickey and you touched your neck trying to act confused.

“What are you talking about?” You said, going to get a mirror.

“It looks like a bruise, what did you do?” He asked and you acted all nervous.

“Umm.. I… Oh! I burned myself with my straightener this morning” you said and he glared at you.

“Your hair is not straigh, Y/N. Tell me the truth, what did you do today while I wasn’t home?” He asked a little mad.

“I.. Uh.. I was just doing this YouTube stuff with Ethan, you know… Editing” you said scratching your neck.

“Tell me the damn true! Is that a hickey on your neck?!” He yelled pissed.

“What? You gave me a hickey?” You asked and he denied.

“No, I didn’t. And that is not a burn” he said.

“I just, I was all day with Ethan. Ask him” you said playing with your fingers.

“Are you cheating on me?” He asked almost in tears and you took his face.

“No babe, of course not! I was all day with your brother, ask him” you said and he got up.

You saw him going to the living room where you left a hiding camera.

“Ethan, was Y/N here all day with you?” He asked.

Ethan started pretending he was a little nervous too.

“I.. Yeah, yeah” Grayson narrowed his eyes.

“Oh yeah? So, what was she doing?” he asked and this was the moment when he had to convince him that he gave me the hickey.

“She… Umm” he scratched his neck “We watched movies”

“Of course…” Grayson said and stormed off.

“Babe, what did he say?” You asked and he didn’t look at you so you looked at the camera and tried not to laugh.

“Wait, so you were here… All day?” He asked

“Yes, I told you. I was all day by Ethan’s side I never left or invited anyone” then you saw something click in his head because his eyes changed.

“ARE YOU TWO FUCKING KIDDING ME?!” he said yelling and you knew he had fallen.

“What? What are you talking about?” you said acting scared and kept glancing towards Ethan.

Grayson put his hands in his face and stayed like that for a minute.

“Don’t touch me, don’t… With my twin brother? Are you fucking serious right now? You’re cheating WITH HIM?” He asked crying amd your heart broke but you had to keep it up a few minutes more.

Grayson stood up and went to the living room again, almost running.

“Ethan, what is wrong with you?! You’re my twin, my best friend!! Why in the world would you do that?!” He continued yelling at him.

“I..I… Bro” he stopped “Gray, buddy, it’s not what it looks like” he said and scratched his neck again.

“Oh, it isn’t? Well tell me what the fuck it is because I’m loosing it” he said sarcastically.

“It was a mistake, we got caught up in the moment and… I’m sorry dude” he said and Grayson punched the table.

“I’m out of here, live your happy lives together” he said walking to the door without even grabing his belongings.

You ran to his side and stopped him, filming.

“Babe, babe, babe stop. It was a prank, I swear I have it all recorded” you said and wiped his tears “Omg Ethan we went to far, I’m so sorry Gray I should never done this” he looked at you hurt.

“There’s no way that this hickey is fake” he said and you brushed it off with your finger.

“It’s make up Gray, look” you showed him the part you were with Ethan putting it on.

“I hate both of you” he said and hugged you spinning you “I thought I was going to lose you forever” he said and kissed you.

“Never” he walked to Ethan and they hugged too.

“You’re the worst, I love you E”

“Me too bup, I’d never do that to you”

“That’s why it hurt me so much, I was shocked and mad” he said and laughed.

“Okay guys, that was it for this weeks video. Like it and subscribe if you want to and see you next week.” You turned off the camera and sat with Gray in the couch to watch a movie and cuddle.

(Gif creds to @punishmedolans )

Tattoo (G.D)

A/n: this is my first Grayson fic. Tell me what you think!

You and Grayson have been dating for a while. You moved in with him and Ethan almost a year ago. You’ve kind of been waiting for him to make things more serious but you did have a reputation of jumping the gun..

It was the middle of the night. You were laying in bed on your back, wide awake. Grayson was on his stomach next to you quietly snoring. He was shirtless and you could see his back muscles poking out, his body was warm and he had his arms laying above his head. You sat up and leaned your back against the headboard of the bed. The window was open and letting in the bright moonlight and a small breeze.

Grayson started shifting his body around, bringing his arms down and turning towards you. His face was angled upwards and he slowly opened his eyes. He looked at you for a minuet with a little, cute smile growing on his face.

He laughed and pulled you into his chest making you giggle. He kissed your cheeks and turned over to the nightstand,”what time is it?”,he asked reaching for his phone. His voice was deep from not using it for so long.

“It’s late baby,”you said looking up at him. He grabbed his phone and squinted at the screen from the light hitting his eyes.

“Oh damn,”he put his phone back down and snuggled against you,”it’s two am. Why are you up?”,he whispered.

“I don’t know,”you said looking all over his face.

He let out a breath,”what are you thinking about?”,he asked trying to keep his eyes open.

“Well,”you weren’t really sure what to tell him,”nothing really.”you replied looking past his face towards the window.

“Mmmmh,”he hummed deeply,”Let’s sleep.”,he said closing his eyes and pulling you closer to him.

You pulled the covers up to your neck and snuggled into him. Then you had an idea. The perfect thing that would bring the two of you closer as a couple. Smiling at your idea, you closed your eyes and before you knew it, you were asleep.

The next morning you woke up, crawled over Grayson, and went to the bathroom to get ready for the day. You turned the shower on and began undressing. When you stepped in, the water was warm hitting against your skin.

After you were in there for a few minutes, you heard Grayson come into your shared bathroom. He turned the sink on and it sounded like, he started brushing his teeth.

You peeked out of the shower to look at him. He was just wearing boxers and had messy hair. He looked so hot. He was leaned over the sink brushing his teeth. His arm muscles were showing from him resting his weight on his hand, that was leaning against the counter top. One of his knees was slightly bent.

After staring for long enough he felt your eyes on him and turned to you. He smiled with his tooth brush hanging out of his mouth.

You laughed and pulled yourself back behind the shower curtain and he began brushing again.

You were done with your shower so you turned the water off, and reached out for your towel. You dried off in the shower and wrapped the towel around your body. When you stepped out, Grayson was just standing there. He was facing you and was just staring. One arm on the sink and the other leaning against the wall.

You laughed and pushed his shoulder teasingly,”Grayson,” you said dragging his name out. You went for the sink pushing him out fo the way, but he didn’t move. He just grabbed you and hugged you tightly.

“I love you,”he said sweetly.

You felt soft. “I love you too,”you said back,”but I have to brush my teeth.”, you said pulling away and reaching for your tooth brush.

“Y/n”, he said,”I love you.” He sounded so serious about. You hadn’t heard him say it like that before. You stopped what you were doing and looked at him.

“Well, I love you too Gray,”you said and kept looking into his eyes. He smiled and looked at the ground. He was blushing and you never thought something’s so simple would get to him so easily.

“Let’s do something special this weekend”,he said looking back at you.

“Okay,”you put tooth paste on your tooth brush,”like what?”

He thought for a minuet. “I’ll surprise you,”he said smiling with that cute, excited smile he has. “I have some ideas..”, he said raising an eyebrow.

“Okay,”you laughed,”good. I’m excited.”

After he kissed you, he let you get ready for work.

You finished getting ready, said bye to the boys and went to work.

After work you called Ethan. You wanted to talk to him about your idea, about you and Grayson. He said that Grayson wasn’t going to be home for a few hours and that the two of you could talk there.

You got back excited and a bit nervous to share the idea with Ethan. You wanted him to like it and help you out with getting it all set up. So it could be perfect.

You told him the idea and he loved it. He wanted to help in every way. You told him all of the details and everything.

“I think we could film it for a Tuesday video even,”you said thinking of that on the spot.

“Y/n, that would be perfect!”, he seemed just as excited as you were. Which you liked.

You talked to him about it and planning it for the rest of the evening. Grayson came home and took a quick showers and then everyone went to sleep.

The whole week you were talking to Ethan about your idea when Grayson wasn’t around. You were so excited and wanted it to be perfect. You planned to do it and film it on Friday. Which was kind of soon, but there was no reason to wait.

The day was finally here. It was Friday. After work you and Ethan met up and got right to it.

You got a text from Grayson.

“Where are you guys?”,he sent. Oh shit. You didn’t know what to tell him exactly. You asked Ethan what you should say.

“Umm,”he thought,”tell him we are out eating pizza or something.”

You told him just that. You prayed he didn’t say something like,”can I come?,”or ,”where?” Instead he just asked if we could bring some back.

“Sure.”, you replied.

You had finished up and got so excited. “Aahh,”you squealed with joy,”Ethan!” He laughed and brought the camera around to you.

“This is going to be perfect.”,he said quietly but with confidence.

You were driving home and couldn’t stop talking to Ethan and the camera about it. About about how Grayson was going to react. You pulled into a parking space and quickly jumped out of the car. You skipped to the stairs and paused for Ethan. He was still getting out of the car.

“Ethan,”you called in a whispery voice.

“Coming,”he said turning around quickly and closing the car door at the same time.

You ran up the stairs and didn’t stop until you reached the fifth floor. And then waited for Ethan again. You looked down the outdoor flight of stairs and saw Ethan walking up with the camera. You moaned and slowly walked toward the apartment door.

Ethan caught up to you and he opened the door with his key holding the camera in his arm.

When you ran in you saw Grayson was sitting on the couch. He turned in your direction,”what took you guys so long?”,he asked standing up. “Why are you filming?”,he asked looking at Ethan and the camera.

“I have a surprise for you,”you said running to the couch excitedly.

He looked at Ethan suspiciously and then back at you.

“Did you bring food back?”,he asked turning around to look at you.

“No Gray,”you said remembering that you should’ve done that,”buuutttt I have something better. I think.”

Before showing him, Ethan set up the camera and lights and we all sat in front of it with you in the middle of them. Your smile was so big and Grayson couldn’t stop staring at you. He loved how happy you looked.

“Okay,”you started,”so, Ethan? Do you have anything to say?”

“No. Show him!,”he said.

“Okay. Grayson,”you rolled up your jeans to your knee showing your shin. Before turning to him you said,”yah know how you have one angel wing on your shin?”

“Oh my god. Y/n.”, he said cupping a hand over his mouth not taking his eyes off of yours.

You stood up and showed him the opposite angel wing tattoo on your shin. His eyes were still locked with yours, he finally looked down at the tattoo.

He was speechless. He just stood up and hugged you. Ethan laughed and grabbed the camera so he could film the both of you.

“Do you like it?!”,you smiled at him when he pulled away.

“Y/n. I can’t believe this.”,he was stunned,”oh my god.”

He looked back down at the tattoo with his mouth hanging open.

You exhaled and laughed as he hugged you again. Then he leaned back and kissed you.

It was soft and at first you weren’t ready for it. But he held his mouth against your long enough for you to kiss him back.

“Guys!”,Ethan shouted.

Grayson pulled away and looked back at him. You laughed as Grayson left you and went to Ethan. He pushed him,”how could you not tell me!”

Ethan just laughed and Grayson turned back to you and kissed you again.

“I actually have a surprise for you too,”he said shyly.

“Really?”,you said with honestly no idea what he was about to do.

“Umm, yeah. I was going to wait until tomorrow on our date but,”he reached into his pocket and got down on one knee.

“Oh my god,”you couldn’t believe it,”Grayson.”

You placed your hand over your mouth because you felt like you were going to cry. This is what you’ve been waiting for. And right when you forget about it he gets on one knee.

He pulled out a little black box from his pocket and simply said,”will you marry me?”

You felt the tears come. And all you could do was nod. He stood up and laughed. “Y/n, baby. Aww don’t cry”,he hugged you and looked at the camera. You took your hand away from your face and hugged him back. You buried your face into his neck.

He pulled away to put the ring on your finger and wipe your tears.

The ring was beautiful and the diamond was huge. You honestly didn’t care how big it was. You just wanted to be married to him. Things like that never matter to much to you.

You could hardly speak. But managed to let out a small,”thank you”,he laughed and hugged you again.

“Thank you?”,he repeated,”your so cute babe”, he laughed.

You had forgotten Ethan was filming. You had really forgotten he was even there. You were so happy it seemed like everything in the world was perfect.

That Tuesday the video was posted for the whole world to see. You sat at the computer and watched the comments role in. You read things like,”omg if it wasn’t me, then y/n.”

“I’m so happy for them!”

You were so glad to see that most of the comments were positive. Everyone seemed happy for you two and that made you smile.

“Good stuff?,”Grayson said peeking over your shoulder and wrapping his hands around your waist.

You smiled,”Good stuff.”

Cramps - G.D (Blurb)

Summary: It’s that time of the month again and you couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend than Grayson to help you get through it. 

Warnings: cursing?

You’re laying in your bed and suddenly feel an excruciating pain in your lower abdomen. “Ahhhhhhhhh fuck!” It’s that time of the month again. The time every girl hates. Periods. You’ve had your period since last night and the cramps just really started to kick in. It literally feels like someone is stabbing your stomach a million times. Distracting you from the pain, your phone dings and you see that it’s a message from your boyfriend Grayson. 

*Ugh, what did I do to deserve Grayson?* You thought to yourself. He honestly was the best boyfriend anyone could ask for. Whenever you were on your period he was so sweet and caring. Around 15 minutes later you hear a knock on the door. You open the door to see your handsome boyfriend standing there with 2 plastic bags. He immediately locks you into his arms and gives you a kiss. 

“My poor baby, are you okay? I bought so many things for you, I hope it helps”, he says after kissing you. You could only smile in response and you both walked up to your room. 

“I got you tampons, ice cream, chips, cookies, popcorn and pain killers.”, he says while unpacking the bags. “Usually you crave more than just ice cream haha”. “Oh! How could I forget, I’m going to make you some tea and a hot water bottle”, he adds. 

You couldn’t stop smiling and staring at him wondering what you did to deserve this man. You turn on the TV to watch Netflix and he comes back with the tea and hot water bottle. “Thanks so much baby”, you say and give him a kiss. He wraps his arms around you and places the hot water bottle on your stomach. Just his presence already makes you feel better. He kisses you once again, this time a bit longer than before. You both stare at each other and smile. “The pain will be over soon and meanwhile I’m here for you babe”, he tells you. 

“I love you so much Grayson”

“I love you more Y/N”. 

And just like that you both fall asleep in each others arms. 

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Who are your favorite writers? I need some to follow

If you click on a name and it doesn’t take you straight to their masterlist, I couldn’t find one. You can search their blog tho for “grayson dolan imagine” and anything they’ve written will come up :’)

also, let me know if some of these links aren’t working… I did a weird thing in the middle of this post and had to redo some of it. I think it should be all good tho. Thanks for asking :’) I actually was looking for some new ones as well, and I found quite a few. Enjoy! I hope I was able to help ♥️

Another list of recommended writers

massage | g.d

number 4 from the drabble list for @lgbthailey

a/n: so I have a million requests in my asks that I never wrote and I figured i could do the gray ones now that I will be posting pretty much everything about ethan lol I’m sorry for the long ass wait.


The tension at work was so evident lately, your workmates where done with your boss and so where you. Everyday was hell, getting up to get yelled at for ‘not doing your work right’, customers mad at you because the prices kept rising and you couldn’t give a true answer to their furious questions.

“May I speak to your supervisor? You’re clearly not qualified for this job at all” the old woman rolled her eyes at you and you scoffed.

At this point you were pretty much used to this type of situations but, being this the eighth month working at the same farmacy, you at least hoped for better. The lady’s words hit you like a bus and you swallowed your tears, making you feel like you were drowning. You felt miserable, and you decided that this was the end, no more.

Holding up your index finger in front of her face with the most fake smile you’ve ever given to someone, you called your boss quickly and soon enough he was by your side with a dirty look on his eyes.

“Good evening miss, may I help you?” he asked politely, something you’ve never seen before.

“Yes, actually. This lady here said that you’re running out of my medication and the only one you have right now costs $25” she looked at you quickly, raising her eyebrows and returned to your boss.

“I’m terribly sorry, I will take care of this right now. Please just go to the other cashier, she will help you” he smiled and the lady thanked him with an smile… and evil smile.

“Are you fucking serious right now, Y/N? That’s one of our best customers. You’re so goddamn stupid sometimes, geez” you rolled your eyes, swallowing your tears once more, and took your uniform off.

“You know what Robert? I’m fucking done with you and this stupid ass farmacy! I quit for good, I hope you never find someone as good as me. Have a nice fucking life, asshole” your words came out faster than your thoughts and you left the shop, proud of yourself.

When your went down to the parking lot and entered your car, you took a good five minutes to sob your heart out. Tears where streaming down your face and your hands were shaking a little, this job had ruined your happiness lately.

ethan changed this group’s title to 'tea time☕"

you: lmao e wtf

am so

you: i’m a few streets away, hoping you ordered the pizza already…

james: got you sis ;) i’m so happy you’re finally gonna meet ian!

gray: yay! we missed youuuu y/n/n

ethan: YOU missed her, we don’t want you here

ethan: and that’s the tea, sis

gray: shut up assclown ((we got pineapple and pepperoni pizza btw))

you: I missed you too grayyyy ((thanks so much omg)), go fuck yourself e

you: don’t come to me asking for someone to cook when gray’s not home, bitch


james: ew

james changed this group’s title to 'shishter sleepover’

You laughed at your friends and got excited to meet Ian. James’ little brother lived back in their hometown and since he had to finish high school, and your friends always talked about how cool and nice he was, you wanted to meet him and James arranged a sleepover.

You were looking forward to it and so was Ian. He was such a funny and great person or so you’ve heard, and you couldn’t wait to become friends with him too.

You parked the car and opened the door to the twins’ house, but just on time the pizza delivery guy arrived.

“um hey, I have an order for james” he said and smirked a little. You nodded and held the door with your body, turning towards the house.

“Hey get your asses over here, the pizza came!” you shouted and soin enough, Grayson was by your side with a wide smile playing on his face.

“Y/N/N! I missed you so much” he hugged you super tight and chuckled hugging back, until the delivery guy cleared his throat.

“Oh yeah, sorry man”

“It’s $15.5” he said and handed you a paper while Grayson was paying.

You opened it and it had a phone number, the guy winked at you.

“Thanks, bye” your friend closed the door and side hugged you once more.

You felt so much better, but you were pretty sad still. Grayson noticed, but didn’t say a thing.

“Honey I’m home” you said chuckling and were soon enough crushed by James into a warm hug.

“I missed you sis” he said and you smiled back, looking at the boy standing behind him.

“Y/N this is my little bro Ian” the boy smiled and extended his hand for you to shake. You reached it and pulled him into a hug too.

“Welcome to LA”


After talking with your friends and Ian, you let out all of the things that happened and sniffled a little.

“So i left, and I think it was for the best. My mental health was on the line to be quite honest” you said smiling and Grayson rubbed your back.

“Well I better go to sleep, I had a rough day” you got up and headed to Gray’s room, where you were used to sleep, and saw that he already left your favorite hoodie and sweats to sleep in.

You smelled the clothes and changed into them, feeling way more relaxed now, and got under the covers. After checking every social media and chatting with your internet friends, you decided to finally get some needed sleep.

But you couldn’t.

“Y/N are you asleep?” Gray whispered and you looked up meeting his eyes and melting at the sight of him trying to keep quiet and not wake you.

“Nope, still trying” you sighed and he joined you.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m just kinda stressed because I need to find a new job and I’ll be unemployed for a week at least”

“Do you… well… I mean… I could give you a massage?” he stuttered.


“It could help you… relax a little, maybe” he said blushing.

“Uh sure, thanks”

You took off his hoodie, leaving you un your bra and rested on your belly with Gray sitting besides you, massaging your back. He traced your shoulders and spine gently first, and then started applying some pressure, which relieved some of the stress you had.

“Shit, you’re hard as a rock” he said and you snorted.

“Thanks” he chuckled.

“You know you can… Sit” you pointed towards your legs and butt “Or you’ll probably get a bad back pain as well”

He contemplated the situation for a second and sat down in your thighs, massaging upwards your back and reaching your neck, alternating between his hands, knuckles and elbows to make you feel better.

His body warmth was pretty much enough to relax you, but this was another level. You were falling asleep and he was enjoying this so far.

“Thank you” you said when he laid down, turning to him and brushing a hair off his face.

“Anytime” his eyes met yours and you kept your hand in his cheek, tracing his jawline and cheekbones.

“What are you waiting for?” you blurted out, almost regretting it.

“I don’t… I mean…” he thought about and excuse for a second or two “I honestly don’t know how I waited for so long, but I’m so done” he said and you smiled when his lips met yours in a hungry but tired kiss. Your hand was curling his baby neck hairs and his hand was holding you tight by your waist.

“I love you” he sighed lovingly with his forehead touching yours.


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‘Fort castle and baby laughter.’-E.D.

•  Ethan x reader
• Warnings: fluff
• Requested by anon.

A/n It’s a short one folks, but I love the concept. I hope you enjoy! Peace!

Originally posted by dailydolantwins

[Credits to owner of the gif]

I was laying on the couch in the Living-room, the gloomy weather making me tired even though I woke up only 3 hours ago. The room was filled with some songs from the radio playing in the background. Ethan was sitting on the floor, building a tower from small wooden blocks, whilst our two year old daughter Luna was trying to tare it down.

“Luunnaa.” Ethans whining and the wooden blocks hitting the ground made me open my eyes.

The two year old just let out a small laugh, before stumbling over the blocks and falling to the ground. Seeing her fall made my heart race faster and sit up, but, thank god, Ethan reached out his hand and cached her before her small body hit the ground.

“That would’ve ended badly. Come here and help daddy build a new tower.” He picked up the toddler and placed her in his lap. The little girl crawled out of his lap as fast as she could and ran towards me. She grabbed the soft blanked off of my body and dragged it to the ground. With her other hand she grabbed one of the plush toys, that had been laying on the ground next to the couch, and made her way to the bookshelf.

Both, me and Ethan looking after her, curious on what she’s going to do.

She put the toy down and took one corner of the blanket. Then tried to push it in between the books, but it slipped out. She picked it up again and pushed it between the books, but the gap was too big to hold the blanket, so it slipped out again. I smiled to myself as she kept repeating it.

“I have an idea!” Ethan said looking at me.

“Blanket fort?” I questioned, since that was what came up in my mind.

“I’ll go get the blankets and some sheets.” He nodded and stormed off to our bedroom.

Suddenly my tiredness was gone. I stood up from the couch and started planning how we could make a blanket fort. I took the chairs from the kitchen, then went after the ironing board and grabbed some string, in case it’ll be needed. Soon enough Ethan came back with a bunch of blankets and sheets, dropping them on the couch.

Whilst we both went around the room tying down blankets and building a huge fort, Luna sat on the side watching us like we were a bit crazy. One of our both favorite songs came on the radio and Ethan came over to me grabbing my hands as we danced a little around the room, that wasn’t covered in blankets, yet. Luna climbed out of the couch running up to us.

“Tata.” She reached her arms up.

“But I’m dancing with mommy right now.” we slowed down the dancing.

Luna came up to me and pushed at my leg to get me away from Ethan.

“That’s not nice, princess.” Ethan scolded her with a light laugh in his voice.

“C'mon, baby. I’ll dance with you!” I said piking her up and placing on my right hip. My right hand holding her small body and left one holding her delicate little hand. I moved around as if we were waltzing making her laugh.

“That’s not fair!” Ethan whined, “Go dance in the kitchen. I’ll finish up the castle.”

I did as he suggested and went into the kitchen.

“Wa-wa. Mum, wa-wa” Luna said reaching her hands towards the sink. I grabbed her Avengers cup and filled it with water, to give her. She took a few sips and looked at me offering the cup. I took a sip, but it spilled past my lip.

Minutes later Ethan came in the kitchen to call us back in the Livingroom. The whole room was turned into a blanket fort. I put down the toddler and she was fast to crawl into the build.

“It really does look like a castle.” I looked at Ethan.

“Common, I’ll give you the ‘castle tour’.” He smiled making me chuckle.

We both fell to our knees and started crawling trough it.

“Here’s the toilet.” He said showing to Lunas potty.

“That’s the garage and there’s the horse stable.” He showed to Lunas toy car and rocker.

“And this is the bedroom.” he said as we crawled into the biggest section of the castle. He had placed a bunch of pillows in the corner of the room. There were some of the fluffy blankets that were too heavy to put as the ceiling.

“Oh, and I already found some Disney movies for us to watch.” He gestured to the computer.

Luna seemed to be loving it. She was walking in and out the castle bringing all of her favorite toys in and laughing as the blankets would get in her way. Her laugh making me smile.

Once she had gathered all of her toys inside the fort, she sat down in the middle of us and we played the movie.

We weren’t even done with the first one, when I noticed that Luna had fallen asleep.

“E, can you give me that small blanket?” I whispered.

“Sure.” He handed one of the smaller blankets to me and I placed it over Luna.

“She’s so beautiful.”

“She is and so are you.” Ethan agreed kissing my forehead.

“Our little girl.”

“Our little family.”

“I love you so much.” I whispered smiling.

“I love you too.”


Sometimes I feel like they read fan fiction and they like it. So in there videos they make parts that fans could take screenshots and make a dope ass fic. Then they can read it and get in there feels. And yeah. It’s just a thought I had. Repost with other pictures that could be used for fan fiction from there videos if you want.