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My Top 18 Brotps Currently The Bane Of My Existence:

1. Oliver Queen & Barry Allen [ARROW/FLASH]

2. Seth & Richie Gecko [FROM DUSK TILL DAWN]

3. Finn Hudson & Kurt Hummel [GLEE]

4. Sam & Dean Winchester [SUPERNATURAL]

5. Ethan Chandler & Victor Frankenstein [PENNY DREADFUL]

6. Michael Scofield & Lincoln Burrows [PRISON BREAK]

7. Rick Grimes & Daryl Dixon [THE WALKING DEAD]

8. Deadpool & Weasel [DEADPOOL] 

9. Jim Gordon & Harvey Bullock [GOTHAM]

10. Peter Romancek & Roman Godfrey [HEMLOCK GROVE]

11. Leonard Snart & Mick Rory [FLASH/LEGENDS OF TOMORROW]

12. Matt Murdock & Foggy Nelson [DAREDEVIL]

13. Stefan & Damon Salvatore [THE VAMPIRE DIARIES]

14. Clark Kent & Lex Luthor [SMALLVILLE]

15. Aidan Waite & Josh Levinson [BEING HUMAN]

16. Lucas & Nathan Scott [ONE TREE HILL]

17. Angel & Spike [ANGEL]

18. All the Avenger boys [MARVEL’S AVENGERS SAGA]

so i’ve been watching the first season of Penny Dreadful. Ethan Chandler is my favorite character (next to Dorian Gray for other reasons) but there’s something about him I can’t shake.

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He’s a great shot, fights monsters, has a heart of gold, in love with a dying woman, has perfect hair, is gorgeous, and also bisexual…. and then preforms a perfect exorcism on the fly?

Ethan Chandler is a motherfucking Winchester

The movie Skating To New York has such a wild cast in my opinion. It’s got Connor Jessup, Dylan Everett, and Matthew Knight. In other words, this movie has Ben Mason from Falling Skies, young Dean Winchester from Supernatural, and Ethan Morgan from My Babysitter’s A Vampire, skating around for and hour and a half.

I have fun trying new styles. So I tried drawing Jesse and Ethan in the Animation’s style. I drew it at 6AM with some pencils, sorry the coloring is messy… I like coloring with pencils but I’m not good at all. But hey, I’m having fun.

Yep~ Jesse and Ethan ! Maybe I’ll try to draw - in this style - their family and friends later.

I hope you’ll like, Mickie, I’m sorry I draw your son in other styles without asking you O///o

Jesse © Mickie |        | Ethan © Drew

Ethan and this… mysterious girl with no name XD

Mallaury, maybe, or something like that..?

I can’t say much about her yet… except she has some psychic abilities, she’s younger than Ethan, annnd absolutely no love-interest between her and Ethan if you wondered. They’re family. (Ah, and as you can see, she’s tall. XD and she doesn’t hate cold as much as Ethan does.)