ethan was the best part tbh

If you don’t think Danny flipping the tables on Ethan about the not-so-subtle supernatural activity in Beacon Hills is the best part of the episode then you’re wrong

Just imagine Danny texting Jackson one day out of the blue:

D: dude are you a werewolf
J: what
D: are you a werewolf
J: wtf
D: yes or no
J: maybe why
D: because the shit that goes on in this town is crazy
J: dude I’m honestly just surprised it took you this long to figure it out
D: they’re all idiots tbh
J: obviously
D: I’m dating a werewolf btw
J: is he cuter than me
D: obviously
J: fuck you
D: love you
J: yo lemme tell you the story about Matt though
D: the cute guy?
J: ya he’s the reason I was killing people
D: yo no way
J: ya he was fucking weird man
D: wtf man
J: ya
D: what’s up with Lydia screaming a lot tho
J: don’t fucking ask me I’m in London
D: ffs this town is wack