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this is @ethan-8′s fault and really this post’s fault in general but anyway!! warning for a lot of implied homophobia, here is some brief meta fic~

There are all kinds of rumors the day after the darkness comes to town. People talk about the savior and her sacrifice and Ava listens silently, remembers Emma as the awkward woman who’d talked too much about herself like she hadn’t known where she’d belonged and tries to imagine her as terrifying like the Queen or the Blind Witch or Rumplestiltskin. She can’t picture it, but there are girls already whispering about it when she gets to school, flushing and giggling and falling silent when Miss Blanchard walks into the room, her eyes dark and hollow.

Henry Mills doesn’t come to school that day or the next or the next, and Mayor Mills stays locked up in her mansion and hasn’t picked up her car from Dad’s shop yet.

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Emma/Killian x Ethan/Vanessa parallels (1-?) - The breathtaking first kiss

’93 ’Til Infinity: Ethan Swan + Souls of Mischief

“’93 ’Til Infinity” asks artists, writers, and New Museum staff to describe their favorite records from 1993. Presented in conjunction with the exhibition “NYC 1993,” this series looks back at the ways that music shaped the year, and considers how these records continue to inform culture. “’93 ’Til Infinity” will appear each Friday for the duration of the exhibition. For the inaugural installment, Ethan Swan, Education Associate for the New Museum, writes about his encounter with Souls of Mischief, whose debut LP provided the inspiration for the title of this series.

Souls of Mischief – ’93 ’Til Infinity (Jive)

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Ethan-8 is honestly the best. his posts never fail to amaze me, his metas are always on point, the way he talks about swan queen makes me so emotional & ship it harder, his hilarious screencaps always make my day. He’s so funny, a complete dork, sassy, kind and respectful toward all the shippers. I wish all the ouat fandom were like him. i’m so happy he’s part of us!