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This actor has appeared on more shows on The CW than anyone else

How many times have you watched a show on The CW and thought, “Wow, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this actor on like four other CW shows?” More than once, right? Well, there’s a reason for that. They definitely re-use actors across different series, with at least eight actors participating in at least five series! One actor, in particular, has been on SEVEN different series. SEVEN! Crazy.

Per TV Line, who takes the crown for being the actor who has appeared on the most CW shows ever? Jason Dohring! You might not know his name, but we bet you’ll recognize his face.

Here are his shows.

1.  iZombie as Chase Graves

The CW

2. The Originals as Detective Will Kinney

The CW

3. The Messengers as Jeff Fairburn

The CW

4. The Tomorrow People as Killian McCrane

The CW

5. Ringer as Mr. Carpenter

The CW

6.  Supernatural as Ethan Snider or Cronos

The CW

7. Still unsure? Of course you’ll recognize him as Logan Echolls from Veronica Mars!

The CW

Dohring also tied with Gossip Girl alum Katie Cassidy, but received the 1st place title from TV Line because he landed seven different non-DC shows. Impressive.

Here are the runner-ups:

2. Katie Cassidy (7): ArrowThe Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, Melrose PlaceGossip Girl, Supernatural, and Whose Line is it Anyway?

3. Colin Lawrence (6): RiverdaleSupernatural, iZombie, The 100, Arrow, and Smallville.

The CW

4. Chris Wood (5): Supergirl, The Flash, ContainmentThe Vampire Diaries, and The Carrie Diaries.

5. Peyton List (5): Frequency, The Tomorrow PeopleThe Flash90210 and Smallville.

6. Nick Zano (5): DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, 90210Melrose Place and 7th Heaven.

The CW

7. Erica Cerra (5): The 100, iZombie, SupernaturalSmallville and Reaper.

8. Stephen Amell (5): 90210, The Vampire DiariesArrowThe Flash, and DC’S Legends of Tomorrow.

Congrats to all!

Want to see more of winner Jason Dohring? You’re in luck! He’s set to appear on the next two episodes of iZombie! So, check him out on June 20th at 9p.m. on his home-away-from-home, the CW.

In celebration of Jason Dohring’s 32nd birthday…

THE MANY FACES OF JASON DOHRING ON TV AND MOVIES:                     (well, some of them atleast)

Billy (Someone She Knows, 1994) | Roughneck #2 (Prehysteria 2, 1994) | Jason (Deep Impact, 1998) | Coop (Once and Again, 2000) | B. Moody (Ready To Run, 2000) | Jerry (Roswell, 2001) | Nerdy Guy (The Parkers, 2001) | James Oliphant (JAG, 2002) | Ian Bridgeman (Boston Public, 2002-03) | Robby (Black Cadillac, 2003) | Simon Hadlock (Judging Amy, 2004) | Dominic LaSalle (Cold Case, 2004) | Wes (The Division, 2004) | Logan Echolls (Veronica Mars, 2004) | Josef Konstan (Moonlight, 2007-08) | Roommate(?) (Struck, 2008) | Will Taylor (The Deep Below, 2007) | Charlie (Body Politic, 2009) | Greg (Party Down, 2009) | Danny Nagano (CSI, 2010) | Martin Walker (Lie To Me, 2010) | Elliott Knight (Searching for Sonny, 2011) | Mr Carpenter (Ringer, 2011-12) | Chronos / Ethan Snider (Supernatural, 2012) | Joe (Rules of Engagement, 2012) | Killian McCrane (The Tomorrow People, 2013) | Logan Echolls (Veronica Mars Movie, 2014)