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● Dating Ethan Dolan would involve (Instagram’s version)

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Can you make a instagram version of dating ethan dolan? That would be sweet, and if you do then thank you xx

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Dating Cameron would involve (Instagram’s version)

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Damaged (Hayes Grier)

“hey y/n shouldn’t you be getting ready for your date with Hayes?” Your friend y/f/n said walking in your room.

Hayes was the new boy you’d been seeing. He was the first boy since him. Him was non other than Luke. Luke was the boy everyone wanted and he wanted you, or so you thought. He never really wanted you. He only wanted someone he could overpower and manipulate. You always blamed yourself for how he treated you. He left you completely and utterly damaged.

“yeah but I’m probably going to cancel.” You said slinking further into your bed.

“What? Why would you cancel? y/n be honest it’s Luke again isn’t it?” Your friend said sitting on your bed.

“I think Hayes is going to ask me to be his girlfriend tonight. I’m not good enough.” You said feeling a few tears slip down your cheeks.

“why because Luke told you that you weren’t good enough look y/n you do what you want but I know you like Hayes and you can’t keep letting Luke control your life.” Your friend said leaving you alone.

You thought long and hard about what she said. Hayes texted you telling you he was coming to get you. You didn’t realize what time it was. You took a deep breath and prayed that he wouldn’t ask so you could have more time to think.

“Honey Hayes is here!” Your mom called from upstairs. Your mom was excited about Hayes she just wanted you to be happy.

You walked downstairs and out the door. Hayes was standing there with a bouquet of flowers. You burst into tears. Hayes came over dropping the flowers and cradled you in his arms.

“Okay that not the response I expected are you okay what did I do?” Hayes said looking at you with a panic stricken face.

“Were you going to ask me out?”

“Well I was.” Hayes said looking away sadly.

“Trust me you don’t really want to be with me.”

Hayes turned to you taking your face in his hands.

“Of course I want to be with you if you need to hear why I love you I can go on all night. You’re beautiful, funny, sweet, down to earth, humble. Shall I go on?” Hayes said wiping away your tears.

You couldn’t help the smile that spread.

“No I think I believe you.” You laughed looking at his beautiful blue eyes.

“good then will you be my girlfriend?”

You answered him with a kiss.

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Pray you'll catch me

POV y/No

As you may know Cameron has been back on tour with magcon for a while. And while im fine with it and understand that its his job. Sometimes it get hard when there thousands of girls all over him everyday. Things just don’t seam like they used to be. When everything was fine. Me and cam have been dating for almost two years. Tour is the hardest part of our relationship. So much so that im needy and clingy when he comes home. 

So this time when he came home we’d sent 1 of his 5 day break together, and even then we were fighting about non since. Today when he left he’d told me that when he got back we would have a movie night, just him and me. So I’d gotten the movies all of my and his favorite movie to watch together, and snack a lot of snacks. But after 10 I started to get worried, after he told me he would be home by 8. So I called. Twice. Then texted, just once. no answer to any of it. So I looked through snap chat, and saw Nate was having a party. I assumed that was where he was. So I began to watch  Narnia on my own. But feel asleep about half way through it, from being tired at work, and emotional drained. 

I never wanted to tell Cam about my feelings because I felt clingy as it was. So I never did. I woke up to a cold hard slam of the wooden door to the pent house apparent that me and cam shared when he was here. I startled me making me jump, and almost fall off the coach. I saw him, I looked in his eyes and notice he was drunk, and this time I was going to yell at him. I was But he was drunk, stronger than me, and I dint really feel like fighting with him. I was tried and not the sleepy kind. But that didn’t stop and argument that was inevitable. 

“You had people over?” he slurred quietly in disappointment. “I though we were suppose to have a movie night.” He continued not letting me get any words in between his question and comment.

“No, I didn’t, And I though so to” I spat madly. He had the never…

“then what is all of this?” He pointed to the snack I had gotten for us. The sound of his voice escalated quickly. 

“ They were for us” I said quickly with disappointment washing over my voice, it was shaky now. Trying not to argue and let all my feelings out at the same time I took my blanket and beginning to walk back to the bed room. 

“Where The fuck do you think your going?” he shouted grabbing my arm. 

“To sleep Cam, Im not in the mood for this.” I handed him the blanket in my hand. “You can sleep on the coach.” I wasn’t made that he got drunk, Im no saint, but his clothes smelled like perfume, and not mine. they were ripped. Not the cute ripped where clothes you buy from the stores. like someone had tried to pull them off of him, and she had. So I was done. And I was going my bed room. But I had one question. I turned around to see him closer that before. my face was in his chest and when the scents mixed, they were bad, a nasty order of what he’d done.  

“Was she good.” I asked him calmly. 

“What are you talking about?” he asked calmly trying to wrap is arms around my waist. I pulled away. 

“ The girl who you fucked, was she good/” I said taking a pause as I realize that all my emotions where coming out. “Was she good? Because Obviously Im not good enough.” I slam my hands against his chest. He stepped back from the force. I herd my hands hit his chest. “ was she better than me?” I asked. He, the so well versed Cameron Dallas, was at a loss for words. 

“You think Im dumb Cameron but Im not okay im not."I shout at him, as she stepps forward tring to grab me again. 

"I don’t think you are” he says trying to grab me once again. 

“Yes you do Cam, you have to, you have to think i’m dumb, and don’t see all the blog post, and everything on social media, or even I magazine. You all over girls all the time and you think I don’t see it.” I yell pulling away once again my hand raising with my voice. 

“Im not all over any girl.” He says garbing my hands to keep them from shaking with anger.

“Well their all over you and you don’t do anything to stop it.” I saying pulling my hands away not wanting to be touched at all. I turned away. Then back realizing there was more to say. 

“ Im not stupid I know you mess with other girls, I just thought you might stop. I though If I didnt say anything that you would just magically stop. You know what maybe I am dumb, to think you would just stop.” I say turning around. But I wasn’t done yet. I made it half way down the hall before turning back to see a stunned Cameron Dallas not come after me, like every other argument in the past. 

“I can tasted the dishonesty Its all love your lips."I say with my hands low as I renigg back to my softer attitude I carry with me most of the time. "I Pray I catch you whispering, about how you want to do better, or that you still love me and we can make this work. Because you haven’t told me you loved me in months, you don’t even say it back anymore " 

"but the more than that I pray you catch me listening.” “I pray you catch me listening.” I said finally letting a tear fall from my eyes and down my check.

“Pray to catch you whispering, I pray you catch me listening, I pray to catch you whispering, I pray you catch me” I muttered as I turned around and walked down the rest of the  hall and into bedroom, closing the door and locking it.


You are Cameron’s girlfriend and you have to deal with hate (black girl)