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“Hey babe how sexy do I look today?” You hear your boyfriend Aaron say from behind you.

You turn around to be met with the glorious boy that is Aaron Carpenter.

“Take a picture I need a new one for instagram.” He said putting his arms behind his head a doing his cute smirk that he does.

“I better keep a tighter leash on you all these females gonna be wanting you after this pic.” You said giggling while taking the picture.

Aaron came closer grabbing his phone before leaning down really close to you. You could feel him breathing down your neck. He kisses your jawline slowly before bringing his lips to your ear.

“Oh come baby you know nobody can get me off like you.” Aaron whispers before going back to kissing your jawline and down your neck.

Lets just say this picture would not get posted for awhile 😉


● Dating Ethan Dolan would involve (Instagram’s version)

Requested by anon :

Can you make a instagram version of dating ethan dolan? That would be sweet, and if you do then thank you xx


“Your boyfriend lost a bet now he has to wear this shirt for a week straight whenever he goes anywhere.”

Wait Jack is supposed to meet your parents this week! You quickly send a snap back to Nash telling him that. No way was Jack meeting my parents in that shirt.

Nash snaps back a video of him laughing saying too bad. Lets just hope his charming personality wins them over cause that shirt sure won’t.

so now this one just sort of reached into my body and pulled out my heart


Dating Cameron would involve (Instagram’s version)

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