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“Hey babe how sexy do I look today?” You hear your boyfriend Aaron say from behind you.

You turn around to be met with the glorious boy that is Aaron Carpenter.

“Take a picture I need a new one for instagram.” He said putting his arms behind his head a doing his cute smirk that he does.

“I better keep a tighter leash on you all these females gonna be wanting you after this pic.” You said giggling while taking the picture.

Aaron came closer grabbing his phone before leaning down really close to you. You could feel him breathing down your neck. He kisses your jawline slowly before bringing his lips to your ear.

“Oh come baby you know nobody can get me off like you.” Aaron whispers before going back to kissing your jawline and down your neck.

Lets just say this picture would not get posted for awhile 😉

Damaged (Hayes Grier)

“hey y/n shouldn’t you be getting ready for your date with Hayes?” Your friend y/f/n said walking in your room.

Hayes was the new boy you’d been seeing. He was the first boy since him. Him was non other than Luke. Luke was the boy everyone wanted and he wanted you, or so you thought. He never really wanted you. He only wanted someone he could overpower and manipulate. You always blamed yourself for how he treated you. He left you completely and utterly damaged.

“yeah but I’m probably going to cancel.” You said slinking further into your bed.

“What? Why would you cancel? y/n be honest it’s Luke again isn’t it?” Your friend said sitting on your bed.

“I think Hayes is going to ask me to be his girlfriend tonight. I’m not good enough.” You said feeling a few tears slip down your cheeks.

“why because Luke told you that you weren’t good enough look y/n you do what you want but I know you like Hayes and you can’t keep letting Luke control your life.” Your friend said leaving you alone.

You thought long and hard about what she said. Hayes texted you telling you he was coming to get you. You didn’t realize what time it was. You took a deep breath and prayed that he wouldn’t ask so you could have more time to think.

“Honey Hayes is here!” Your mom called from upstairs. Your mom was excited about Hayes she just wanted you to be happy.

You walked downstairs and out the door. Hayes was standing there with a bouquet of flowers. You burst into tears. Hayes came over dropping the flowers and cradled you in his arms.

“Okay that not the response I expected are you okay what did I do?” Hayes said looking at you with a panic stricken face.

“Were you going to ask me out?”

“Well I was.” Hayes said looking away sadly.

“Trust me you don’t really want to be with me.”

Hayes turned to you taking your face in his hands.

“Of course I want to be with you if you need to hear why I love you I can go on all night. You’re beautiful, funny, sweet, down to earth, humble. Shall I go on?” Hayes said wiping away your tears.

You couldn’t help the smile that spread.

“No I think I believe you.” You laughed looking at his beautiful blue eyes.

“good then will you be my girlfriend?”

You answered him with a kiss.

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● Dating Ethan Dolan would involve (Instagram’s version)

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Can you make a instagram version of dating ethan dolan? That would be sweet, and if you do then thank you xx

Stargazing with Hayes

Hayes was on his way over to pick you up. He told you he was taking you somewhere but that it was a surprise. You were excited but nervous at the same time. You really like Hayes however you didn’t know if those feelings were reciprocated. He would be flirty with you one day but than other times he would treat you like one of the guys. When you were around him and the guys you didn’t even know if he was paying attention to you. A knock on your door made you suck in a sharp breathe. Well here we go you thought. You opened the door to a grinning Hayes.

“What are you so happy about?” You asked hoping he’d spill the secret of where he.was taking you.

“You’ll see come on lets go.” He grabbed your hand making your heart flutter.

You got in the car and it was a short ride. He parked at the entrance of the woods. You were alittle confused because it was night time.

“Hayes what are we doing here? You questioned looking around.

"Close your eyes and hop on my back. I promise you’ll love this!” He said coming to stand in front of you.

You did as he said closing your eyes and hopping on his back.

“no peeking either.” He laughed

You could feel him hiking up a hill. You were alittle concerned for him since it was dark. You were so tempted to peek but decided not to. Suddenly you feel him stop.

“we’re here y/n open your eyes.” He said slowly sliding you off his back.

You were surprised at the breathtaking sight in front of you. You were up on a cliff where you could actually see the stars clearly. In LA you hardly ever saw stars but here they were shining down on you. He had a blanket set up and a plate of chocolate covered strawberries which were your favortie. He had done all of this for you.

“I heard you uh telling Johnson that you really like looking at stars. I found this place when I was hiking with Zan and thought of you instantly. I also know how much you like chocolate covered strawberries."He said rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

You were shocked. You didn’t think he listened to half of what you said when you were around the guys.

"Hayes this is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me thank you.” You smiled admiring the view.

You and Hayes sat down just looking at the stars and eating strawberries. Hayes layed back on the blanket looking at the stars. You were feeling bold so you layed down as well putting your head on his chest. He instantly put his arm around you pulling you closer to him. You were looking at the stars but when you looked up Hayes was staring at you.

“You know the view is beautiful but I like this one a little bit better.” He said leaning down so his face was inches from yours.“

As you were about to kiss him fireworks started going off scaring both you and him making you jump to your feet. Finally when you had calmed down Hayes pulled you in for a long kiss. You felt your own fireworks and couldn’t possibly be happier.

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“Your boyfriend lost a bet now he has to wear this shirt for a week straight whenever he goes anywhere.”

Wait Jack is supposed to meet your parents this week! You quickly send a snap back to Nash telling him that. No way was Jack meeting my parents in that shirt.

Nash snaps back a video of him laughing saying too bad. Lets just hope his charming personality wins them over cause that shirt sure won’t.