ethan mccord

This is what I would like to say to all Police Departments …
I am an infantry veteran of the Iraq war I deployed during the surge of 2007 so I saw my fair share of combat. After being wounded, I returned home to a home I was unfamiliar with. When I was growing up in California I viewed my local police as a community staple. They were the good guys there to solve problems and prevent crime.. to protect and serve. I am ashamed that my children cannot view the police and their city the same as I did. my children Because of their skin pigment, run the risk of being perceived as a potential threat rather than Citizen by an over-glorified , yet highly under-trained wanna be soldier police force, who despite accepting a position in our society,( such as myself) that they fully knew was a position placing them in harm’s way to protect the innocent. Yet for some selfish reason they have instead chosen to place their own safety over the ones they should be protecting. These are not the actions of heroes children should adore, these are the actions of cowards, people my children abhor! I have engaged enemy combatants in Iraq, I have never seen a soldier at any time, empty a full magazine into a single individual. This to me does not say eliminate the threat, it says to me eliminate the WITNESS. The ridiculous actions and attitudes of our too eager to shoot police, and the lack of accountability are driving a gap between the community and local government. In order to bridge that gap, you must listen to your community, stop the unnecessary murders of it’s citizens, stop making excuses, and start accepting the risks and roles YOU chose as a career.
—  Ethan McCord  ( former soldier who was in the Collateral Murder helping the injured children out of the van. )
Calling Chelsea Manning a narcissist for her request to be referred to as a female, is stating that anyone, who ever openly “came out” to family and friends is the same. I applaud her for again showing her bravery, Chelsea has again shown the integrity she possesses,.
—  Ethan McCord, former soldier who was in the Collateral Murder helping the injured children out of the van.