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Daddy- Grayson

Your POV
“OH FUCK” you yelled and throw your head back. Your hands above your head. You were playing Mario Kart with Ethan and You just lost after talking all that shit saying how you’re the best and you would win. Ethan jumps from the couch and starts doing his “I win” dance.
“You fucking suck” he laughs. You groan and flip him off. He jokingly scoffs and sits back down. You get up to go look for Grayson, you haven’t seen him in a couple of hours since you and Ethan started playing.
“Where are you going?” Ethan asks
“To find your brother” you say while walking. You go to his room and find him sitting on his bed on his phone, one of his hands inside his pants. You smirk at the view. Damn he looks hot! You thought but then again when does he not? 
“Enjoying your staring show babe?” He says still looking down at his phone. “Yes” you honestly answer. He chuckles and clicks off his phone. He sits down correctly now and pats the other side of his bed as sign for you sit. You do as you were told and sit down next to him crossing your legs. You both sit in silence for a while. Your mind running wild as you remember How Grayson was sitting not even two minutes ago. It somehow turned you on. You bit your lip just thinking…..stuff.
You suddenly straddle Grayson and Connect his lips to yours, your hands on both sides of his face making the kiss heated immediately. His hands travel down to your lower waist, and keeps going down lower to your butt and thighs. Grayson licks your lip asking for entrance and you let him, your tongues fighting for dominance, exploring each others mouths. You pull away for air and bite Graysons lower lip. Both of your foreheads touching trying to catch your breaths, your lips swollen from all the kissing.
“What was that all about?” Grayson asks. “I don’t know” you smiled “something just came over me” Grayson smiles and grabs your face he’s about to re-connect your lips when his phone goes off. He cusses under his breath and you giggle.
“Yes Ethan?” He talks “uh-huh…. A-Alright, Okay see you later bup” he looks up at me and smirks. He hangs up the phone and flip us over. He starts to kiss my neck, leaving hickeys.
“Ethan went out…. That means…. We can…. Finish… What we started” he said between kisses. I lick my lips and flip us over straddling him again. I take off my shirt and he takes off his. I start to kiss his jawline up to his lips and make my way down his neck, to his torso, reaching down to his pants. I look up at him and smirk. I kiss the spot by his V-Line and start going up again, leaving hickeys all over his torso and neck. Claiming what’s mine. His lips brush mine. Not innocently, like a teasing but hot, fiery,passionate and demanding. In this minty moment, my senses has been seduced and I can no longer think straight. He flips us over, his lips never leaving mine. “Y/N” he whispers slowly, prolonging each letter as if to savor them. I smile, a sudden rush going through my veins. “I need you” I whisper against his lips. “I want you…I want you to be as close to me as humanly possible” I stated into his dark eyes. So much was said but no word left our mouths. He unclasped my bra while I unbuttoned his pants. He stepped out of them and connected his lips with my chest. I moaned in pleasure as his lips made contact with my boobs. He made his trail down my stomach leaving wet kisses until he reached my underwear. His large hands parted my legs, he licked his lips before removing my underwear, he set it aside and slid one my finger inside me. Moans escaped my mouth and he added 2 more fingers. “Graysooonnnn” I moaned. I wrapped my legs around him, he rubbed my clit with one hand and kept fingering me with the other. I bit my lips trying to control my loud moans. Didn’t want to receive another noise complaint. He stopped and I relaxed for a split second before I felt his tongue whirl inside me “UH” I moaned. I felt his warm younger explore every inch of me, sending shivers up my body. My back arched and my eyes rolled back, I gripped the sheets trying to control my now shaking body. This tightened his grip on my thighs holding me down, burying his head in between My legs, my moans get louder and he continues to do his work. “I-I’m close” I manage to say, Grayson keeps going until I release. I relax from my adrenaline and be licks my juices. He comes close to my face and smiles, his eyes as dark as before. He brings his pointer finger to my mouth “Taste yourself” he demands and I do. I slowly lick his finger looking him straight in the eye, biting the pad of his finger at the end. He clenches his jaw and kisses me yet again roughly. Trying to savor every second of this. He took off his underwear while he kissed me he pulled away breathing heavily “You got birth control?” He asked and I noded “good” and with out any warning he slammed into me. “AH OH MY GOD” I moaned loudly.
“Baby girl your so tight” he whispered in my ear. His low raspy voice making me go crazy. This moment was unforgettable, our sweaty bodies intertwining. This was different, we were expressing our love. The pounding of our bodies and the loud “I love yous”. Never have I experienced this amazing feeling.
“OH YES DADDY” I screamed as he hit my G-spot, sweat dripping from his forehead. He kissed me and rested his forehead on mine, I wrapped my Leah’s around his waist bringing him even closer to my body. “I love you so much Babe” Grayson managed to say “I…. Love you way more OH FUCK YES”.
“I’m close B-Baby” Graysons thrust became sloppier and harder “Me TOO” I said. We released at the same time. Grayson pulled out and cuddled me. “That was amazing” he breathed trying to catch his breath “ incredible” I managed to say. He wrapped his arms around my bare said and pulled me close to him. My head resting on his chest. “I love you Grayson, more than you could ever imagine” I said and pecked his lips. “I love you more princess” he said. I cuddled him and we drifted off to sleep

This was originally supposed to be my idea for a sort of ‘dark ethan’, but it was lost along the way so he doesn’t really look dark. (Hopefully when I practice posing and lighting, everything will come out better.)

I’ve been listening to THIS song on repeat, and I imagined his dark alter-ego as some sort of dark oldies swing dancer/singer? (by dark, I mean similar to Norman Bates, but not creepy and giggly? A bit hard to explain…) It’s WAY different than the normal insane creepy versions of youtubers, but not all dark versions have to make actual sense, right? I might sound a little weird saying all of this, but it’s something that I thought might be fun to do since he didn’t have one yet! I hope you like my version of what I think he’d be like! @crankgameplays

Carrie Fisher's friend Sheila Nevins: 'There was nothing about her that was phony'

((L-R) Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds.Getty/Ethan Miller)
The world lost two of Hollywood’s most towering figures in little more than the blink of an eye with the shocking deaths of Carrie Fisher, on December 27, and her mother Debbie Reynolds the next day.

As is so often the case in the career of Sheila Nevins, head of HBO Documentary Films, her cameras will be the coda to the story.

On Saturday at 8 p.m., HBO will air the documentary “Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds.” Directed by Fisher Stevens and Alexis Bloom, it gives an intimate final look inside the lives and professions of the two legends who have been dominating the news and your social-media timelines for weeks.

This is familiar ground for Nevins. When the West Memphis Three were finally let out of prison in 2011 after decades of being on death row for a crime they didn’t commit (a story brought to light by the HBO documentary “Paradise Lost” and its sequel), her cameras were there among the throng of press to recount their release. The event would later be fleshed out in Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky’s final chapter, “Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory.”

From the shocking conclusion to the true-crime miniseries “The Jinx” to director Laura Poitras’ encounter with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden in the Oscar-winning “Citizenfour,” Nevins has made HBO the home for getting the deeper story behind news that’s captivated the country.

But the death of Carrie Fisher was different because Nevins was a close friend of the actress and writer.

Nevins first became captivated by Fisher while sitting with an audience to watch her one-woman show “Wishful Drinking” in 2009. She went to Fisher so HBO Documentary Films could tape a version for the channel. That led to a friendship between the two until Fisher’s sudden death.

(Sheila Nevins.Stephen Lovekin/Getty)
“It was instant love,” Nevins recently told Business Insider over the phone while getting emotional. “I so admired her honesty and her intelligence. I mean there was nothing about her that was phony.”

Nevins recalls that Fisher was the same to everyone, whether they were going to stores together, having lunches, or Fisher was signing autographs at New York Comic-Con.

“Carrie was no different with those people on that line than she was with celebrities,” Nevins said. “She was one person fighting to be alive, fighting to have fun, fighting to survive mental illness.”

Then two years ago Nevins got a call from Fisher Stevens with the idea of doing a documentary about the lives of both Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds, an icon in her own right going back to her starring role in the 1952 musical “Singin’ in the Rain.”

“Bright Lights” follows the two through their everyday lives, which often started with Carrie walking the path to her mother’s house, as the two lived beside one another in separate houses on the same plot of land they called “the compound.” When the two aren’t having back-and-forth repartee similar to the leads from the landmark Maysles brothers’ documentary “Grey Gardens,” they are on the road giving the fans what they want. For Reynolds, at 83, it’s doing a lounge act in a casino in Connecticut while Fisher goes to a comic convention or is in London shooting “The Force Awakens.”

“I was always interested in that house. I was always bewitched by the relationship, but it didn’t occur to me that it would be something to make a documentary about,” said Nevins, who gave complete credit to Stevens and Alexis Bloom for convincing her it could be a movie.

(“Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds."HBO)
“Bright Lights” has been completed for a while and played at the Cannes and New York Film Festivals in 2016. It was scheduled to premiere on HBO May 8 (Mother’s Day) and even when Nevins got word of Fisher’s death she was wasn’t going to change the airdate.

“When I found out she died, I almost couldn’t speak because I thought she would be okay,” Nevins said. “I didn’t realistically face what could happen and we weren’t given information that she wasn’t responding. If she’s breathing she’ll come back.”

Nevins made the decision to keep the Mother’s Day airdate as the film would now be for Reynolds to remember her daughter. But then when Reynolds died, Nevis felt it had to air immediately.

“It seemed like a piece of memorabilia that needed to be shared with the public,” she said. “This movie was them, unadulterated, this was the way they were. From Debbie not wanting anyone to come in because she didn’t feel well, Carrie losing weight and drinking Coca-Cola — that was the life as I had seen it and it seemed like it was time to share it because it couldn’t be given to someone like Debbie, but it could be given to the audience.”

The passing of Debbie Reynolds is another step away from the old Hollywood royalty that was born and bred within the studio system. But Nevins said she could never see an end in sight for Fisher and that’s what’s most painful about her death.

“Carrie still had a million books, a million shows, a million wisecracks,” Nevins said. “There were many, many more songs that Carrie had to sing, and I don’t mean just music. I think she still had a lot of things to talk about. She wasn’t the end of anything — she ended too soon.”

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