ethan hibiki

The Trio || Closed RP @ glitch-generation

Silver had moved back in with his father. And Giovanni had recovered from his illness…though it had, in some subtle way, altered him. It wasn’t that he was older (he was barely in his mid-forties) or even weaker, not quite. But he seemed to have less energy, less vigor. His temper was almost uncharacteristically mild. It was as if the gradual lessening of vitality that had started in him since the fall of Team Rocket had now finally reached its culmination, though whether that was a good or a bad thing, it was hard to say. Maybe he was just trying to be more careful around his son.

On a particularly ordinary day in early autumn, he was doing his usual work at his study desk when there was a knock on the door. When he opened the door (not bothering to look through the keyhole) he was confronted with a rather twitchy Ethan Hibiki, who was playing with a band around his wrist.

“Hi, Mister Giovanni,” mumbled Ethan. “Is Silver home?”

“Unless he’s snuck out without my noticing, I believe so,” answered Giovanni. He pulled away briefly and called up the stairs:

“Silver! You have a visitor…!”