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Idea: Resident Evil as a Netflix Original series

Each season will cover the events of different games in the series, meaning it’ll act more as an anthology with a different cast of characters each year. Here’s how I’d break it down: 

1) Season one: Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil Zero (flashback episodes) 

2) Season two: Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

3) Season three: Code Veronica and presumably some other material that’ll explain the fall of Umbrella and where Rebecca ended up after escaping Raccoon City

4) Season four: Resident Evil 4 and Revelations (flashforward episodes)

5) Season five: Resident Evil 5 and Revelations 2 (flashforward episodes) 

6) Season six: Resident Evil 6 

7) Season seven: Resident Evil 7 and the playable teaser

New Dad / K.L

Requested: Yes

Summary: Kian’s a new dad.

Warnings: Cuss words like always.

Word Count: 682

Kian Lawley x Reader

A/N: Kid imagines break my heart, I love them so much. Also, you didn’t say if you wanted the kid to be a boy or girl so I’m choosing girl due to the fact that Kian would love a little princess one day, and please don’t fight me on this! Hope you enjoy! xx

You smiled down at the little infant laying on your bed, tears welling in your eyes. Your little baby girl has only been alive for a week but it feels like you’ve spent forever with her. You wrapped her up, cradling her as you walked downstairs being welcomed by Franny.

“She’s gorgeous!” Franny squealed, pushing the blanket back. 

“She is, isn’t she?” You smiled down at the little bundle of joy.

You handed her to Franny so you could take a quick shower. You jogged back upstairs, grabbing some of Kian’s clothes. Stripping out of your clothes, your eyes immediately went to your stretch marks. The old you would’ve hated every single one but the new you appreciated them, just the thought of carrying your beautiful daughter for nine months just made it all worth it.

“Baby?” You looked back, telling Kian that you were in the bathroom. 

You leaned over and started the shower, immediately feeling a sting on your backside. 

“Kian!” You groaned, wrapping your arms around Kian’s torso, earning a little smirk from him.

“Don’t bend over like that.” 

You rolled your eyes and grabbed a washcloth, stepping into the shower. 

“Have you breastfed y/d/n yet?” 

“No, I was going to when I get out. I felt nasty.” 

You leaned your head back, the water drenching your locks. You opened your eyes, smiling when you saw Kian standing in front of you. 

“I’m so proud of you.” He mumbled, putting some shampoo in his hands, slowly massaging it in your scalp. 

“Why’s that?” You hummed.

“You have birth. You carried our beautiful daughter for nine months. You fought through those contractions like a champ – I know I couldn’t have done it. Your stretch marks just make your body even more beautiful to me, it just takes my breath away how easy you made it all seemed and it just blows my mind how you just, did it.”

You smiled, turning around to wash out the shampoo, feeling Kian’s fingers trace over your marks, making your heart beat faster. You reached up, leaving a kiss on his plump lips, earning a smile from him. You had no doubt in your mind that he was going to be a bad father and you also had no doubt that your kid was going to have a boring life. She’s growing up with this crew, she’ll never get bored. 

You quickly finished your shower, already missing your little girl. You quickly dried off and informed Kian to go get your daughter. You threw on one of Kian’s long black v-necks, the cloth falling down just above your knees. 

Crawling onto the bed, a smile spread across your face seeing the sight of Kian delicately holding your daughter in his arms, leaving little kisses across her face.

“She’s so beautiful.” he whispered, carefully handing her to you. 

You agreed, awing over her once more before feeding her. Kian watched as if it was rocket science happening right in front of him. He was always interested in watching you, which you didn’t mind at all. 

You blushed as Kian pulled out his phone, pointing it towards you and your daughter.

“I’m going to do instagram live to give everyone an update.”

you groaned, telling him that it wasn’t polite with your boobs hanging out.

“Hey guys! So, it’s been about a week since we finally brought our princess home and everything is going well. I love her so much! Sadly, I can’t show you guys what she’s doing because she’s busy eating. Anyways, thank you for the love and support during this time! We’re literally just now getting settled down.”

Kian answered some fan questions, ending the video after a couple of minutes. Once she finally finished eating, you handed her off to Kian, a smile spreading his face.

“Dammit, I can’t get over how beautiful she is.” 

“Kian! Don’t curse around her!” You yelled, tossing him a spit up rag.

“Sorry, it’s a habit worth breaking for her though.” 

You smiled and watched as the two slowly drifted off to sleep. You quickly snapped a picture, posting it to instagram.

‘@/yourinstaname: only two people I need’

the signs as (multiple) resident evil characters
  • Virgo: Rebecca Chambers, Annette Birkin, Ashley Graham
  • Aquarius: Claire Redfield, Billy Coen, Richard Aiken
  • Taurus: Jake Muller, Ricardo Irving, William Birkin
  • Capricorn: Leon Kennedy, Ethan Winters, Rachel Foley
  • Libra: Jill Valentine, Josh Stone, Ingrid Hunnigan
  • Aries: Chris Redfield, Carlos Oliveira, Jack Krauser
  • Leo: Piers Nivans, Sheva Alomar, Excella Gionne
  • Cancer: Sherry Birkin, Zoe Baker, Helena Harper
  • Sagittarius: Barry Burton, Luis Sera, Brad Vickers
  • Scorpio: Albert Wesker, Alexia Ashford, Lucas Baker
  • Pisces: Moira Burton, Alfred Ashford, Natalia Korda
  • Gemini: Ada Wong, Alex Wesker, Jessica Sherawat
Prompt list:

1) “Why the hell is your chair in my yard?”
2) “That’s my book.”
3) “I love you too. Now please help me with this bullet wound.”
4) “That’s my coffee.”
5) “Yes. I speak Latin.”
6) “We had a small explosion.”
7) “I just want to hear your voice.”
8) “Yes. I know we’re stuck in an elevator.”
9) “Why did the train stop?”
10) “What type of candle should I get?”
11) “Shut up. Help me out of the damn well.”
12) “That was my favorite shirt!”
13) “Yes. I brought puppies home.”
14) “I know this is weird. But can I take a photo of you?”
15) “Don’t ask. Just take the damn rooster.”
16) “Please explain why there’s a clown on our couch.”
17) “Stop getting crumbs all over my bed.”
18) “It’s 2AM, you want me to do WHAT?”
19) “I swear I had no idea it was your cat.”
20) “The shop is closed. Oh wait your hot. Come on in.”
21) “Yes. I’m aware the curtains are on fire.”
22) “I swear I didn’t pick the furniture.”
23) “I can’t loose you. I can’t.”
24) “I miss you way too much.”
25) “Okay so maybe I should have picked a different movie.”
26) “I hate Valentine’s Day.”
27) “Okay so maybe we’re both lost. But at least we can look at the lights?”
28) “I need to not be stuck in a romantic movie.”
29) “It’s three AM for god’s sake.”
30) “how did we get here?”
31) “What’s with the fancy outfit?”
32) “Cuddle. Now.”

Thought you guys might want a short prompt list. Just request/message me one or more of the numbers and fandom and character :)


i had a dream where i was ethan but instead of him being him a vampire he was a ghost but the dream was so similar to danny phantom so i went to make him a vampire and its better

in my dream, ethan hates carter cause carter was such a jerk to ethan. (KID EVEN BROKE HIS LEG)

ethan disappeared for a while because he was turned and carter went wildbtw cater is filthy rich

We’re going to be in so much trouble - WestAllen

Prompt #11. “We’re going to be in so much trouble if somebody catches us.”

Characters: Barry and Iris

Prompted by Ethan on Twitter



Barry leaned against the doorframe to Joe’s office, pressing his hand against the wooden door to ease it open. He winced at the hinges squealed and pulled his hand back, as if burned. His eyes darted over to Iris, who stood beside him, leaning towards the stairs.

No sound from downstairs other than the TV blaring. Nope, Joe had just screamed out in frustration. Looks like his football team wasn’t doing too well. Iris beamed and flashed a thumbs up to Barry. Extending her legs, she took long strides into the office, stepping down on the balls of her feet.

“I don’t think this is a good idea, Iris,” Barry whispered. “Let’s just get out of here.”

“Nothing’s going to happen, Barry, I promise,” Iris whispered back.

“But what if we get caught? We’ll be in so much trouble.”

“Please. Dad is addicted to football. The minute a game starts he doesn’t get up or look away unless he needs to go to the bathroom. And not always then.” Iris moved to Joe’s desk and started to rifle through the papers that covered the top. Then she bent over and looked through the drawers. “Did you see where he put the keys?”

“Iris, Joe just got the car—“

“—And he won’t let us drive it! I know, such a travesty, right? Besides, we’re only going to take it around the block.” Iris looked over her shoulder at Barry and shrugged. “It’s not like we’re actually stealing it. Just borrowing.”


“—Haven’t you wanted to drive it since dad brought it home?”

Barry couldn’t deny that. It was a sweet car. “Well, yeah, but I plan to work for the CCPD one day, I don’t want Grand Theft Auto on my record.”

“You don’t even have a record.”

“That’s so not the point.”

Iris let out a quiet ‘a-ha’ and jingled the keys in her hand. She walked over to Barry, continuing to shake them, tantalizing him. “Come on, Barry. Just around the block.” Now she swung them back and forth. “You know you want tooooo.”

Barry locked his eyes on Iris’s. Then he let out a quiet sigh and grabbed the keys from her hand. “Just around the block, that’s it!”

And that was the day Barry and Iris totaled Joe’s convertible.