ethan and kathy

Watched the new ep of Secret Life...

it was actually pretty good! It wasn’t annoying with the other characters as usual…mabye because it was less Dylan and kinda less Ben with their bullshit lol. It was awesome to see how Camille decked the shit outta Ben though…sheesh lol. Hopefully she knocked some sense into his thick ass skull.

The Jack/Grace/Clementine/Amy/Ricky scenes were great…I bet Adrian will try and put those negative thoughts into Amy’s head once again like she always does…Adrian is just never satisfied smdh lmao. We need more Jack and Ricky scenes though…not suprised the jock that Clementine slept with was Jack lmao he been feening for sex and he got it from someone that was willing to give it to him since Grace wants to act all holy-bible n shit smh. Sigh Grace just needs some peen and she will be okay again lol!

Can’t wait to see what is in store for next week…hopefully Ricky and Amy come clean about not being married. Btw, Ethan and Kathy are cute together…i will ship them! lol.