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Maybe they all have a different workers outfits for "career night" theme, and poor exasperated Bob has to remind them (especially MARK and FELIX) to be generic because if their outfits have company logos on them they could get sued somehow lol and Eth is just the most lovely delivery boy with that big smile

Poor Bob has to deal with all of these idiots and he’s just so done with all of them but knows they’d have lawsuits left and right without him.

Also I feel like Mark and Felix would want to make the company names into innuendos. I don’t have any good ones atm but like fedex would become fedSEX and bob would be like “guys no”

And ethan’s just the most adorable sweet lil blue delivery boy, he gets so many tips and never has to take his clothes off ever so everybody wins lmao

How to suggest games to Mark

Mark said in his most recent livestream he wants suggestions for games in one big place so I have made a document open to everyone to comment games.


You can comment suggestions on there or email me at weirdlyanna@gmail.com 

You can suggest through this too: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfsQaIGkyIMOWmg2N-EndXFn3MCN9X0E7-Qb7PgTY-xWBA-OQ/viewform?usp=sf_link#responses

Please share so we all have one place to suggest games and Mark can find it easily. @markiplier

I created one for Ethan too, if he needs it.

~Fanart - Teamiplier Family!~

maybe one day if, IF, i have a red bubble or something-
i just might do an artbook of these guys, a drawing based of what have they been doing for the past month/years from all of the live stream and videos that they did, and a character sheets of how WE describe the teamiplier family members!

but we’ll see

Hope you like it!