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• Mark and Ethan who go shopping for flowers together and pick out the brightest yellow bouquet for Amy

• Amy and Mark are pretty good cooks but Ethan is very bad at it, so he takes a cooking lesson. The cooking lesson only teaches him how to make spaghetti but he picks up very quickly and practices it when Amy and Mark aren’t home.

Then, one night, he announces he’s gonna cook dinner for Mark and Ames, who are very nervous but not saying anything because last time Ethan tried to cook, he accidentally microwaved a fork. But Ethan takes like an hour to make the spaghetti and makes his own sauce and everything and then brings it out to Mark and Amy, who have been sitting patiently the whole time. They’re trying not to wince as they take a bite, but then they actually start chewing and it’s good. Like, really good.

So that’s how Ethan becomes amazing at cooking spaghetti and nothing else and whenever he makes it it’s a very special occasion.

• Ethan and Mark play-wrestling. Amy acts as the referee and counts down when one of them has pinned the other

• Ethan and Amy always overpowering Mark in decisions. Like whether it’s what music to play in the car or where they’re gonna go that day, Ethan and Amy always agree and Mark says they’re bullying him

• Matching promise rings? As given out by Mark, who usually isn’t the sappy one at all but on their two year anniversary he hands Amy and Ethan small boxes and explains he wants them to know he’s in it completely and Ames and Eth obviously both tear up because they’re extremely soft hearted! Mark waits until they have theirs on to show his and Amy takes a picture to put on her instagram of their hands next to each other with the dazzling rings adorning their fingers ✨

• Baking!! Together!! Amy making cookies shaped into aliens, Amy holding out the spatula so Ethan can lick the batter, Amy wiping flour-covered hands on Mark’s shirt by accident. Mark rolling the rolling pin on dough and Ethan and Amy are acting like this isn’t just an excuse to watch that boy’s muscly forearms.

Also Ethan getting all bubbly and excited when the timer goes off and not wanting to let the cookies cool! Plus Ethan having trouble with his apron so Amy laughs at him and wraps her arms around his waist, tying it for him in the back. Also Mark triple-checking the ingredients for peanuts/peanut oil and taking a bite out of the first cupcake “to make sure it’s cooked all the way” (nobody believes you, Mark).

• Mark complaining about giving up closet space when Ethan moves in, Amy is rolling her eyes because she has twice as much clothing as that boy but she still made it work

• Mark and Ethan with “If Lost, Return to Amy” shirts. Amy has a shirt that says “I’m Amy”.

• Ethan who stays up until 3am editing (canon) and Mark insists that he’s fine and Ethan does that every night don’t worry about it but Amy drags him to bed and assures him Mark is fine with it, besides Ethan needs to sleep. Mark is not very fine with it but if he says that Amy will smack him so he keeps quiet.

• Chica being mildly upset because she used to be able to curl up with Amy and Mark but now Ethan takes up the space she did so she has to sleep on her dog bed

• Literally just any of them carrying each other!
-Mark sweeping Amy off her feet and spinning her around

-Ethan giving Amy piggy back rides

-Mark trying to carry both Amy and Ethan up the stairs at the same time because Ethan was like “I’m too tired, you need to carry me.” And then Amy said “me too” so Mark makes it about halfway up before unceremoniously dropping them both and they all burst into laughter

-Amy can’t quite pick Ethan up but with Mark’s help she can and that’s how they transport sleepy Eth to beds, cars, and anywhere else he was supposed to go before falling asleep

-Mark picking up Ethan against his will and Ethan is laughing and half heartedly telling Mark to put him down, Amy is exploding with love and snapchats it, captioning “the princess has been swept off her feet”

• Tickle fights where one person always ends up being mercilessly attacked by the other two and there is no escape

• Ethan and Mark get seperated from Amy because they’re on different flights to a convention! And Amy’s flight gets delayed so she’ll be a day late, Mark and Ethan FaceTime her from the hotel room and Ethan is pouting with his arms wrapped around Mark because he misses her so much.

• Ethan and Amy are blanket hogs so Mark always ends up with no blanket or he has to yank it back

• Amy now has double the amount of boyfriend hoodies to steal

- Bonus for Ethan and Amy being partners in crime and now Mark is missing like half his wardrobe

• Eskimo kisses all the time and always

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*CRASHES THRU DOOR* I HEARD ETHAMYPLIER!! I personally like the hc of mark being poly/having an open relationship (so he's dating both but amy & eth are just gud friendos). mark feels guilty about having a crush on eth at first. he loves amy so much, but is starting to find eth rlly cute too, and is just v conflicted & confused. thankfully he talks to amy about it, and she's super understanding. she fills him in on healthy polyamory and even offers to be his wing man (as a joke but,, it works)

Ohhh heck! But I think Ethan and Amy would be more than good friends, they would basically become BFF’s since they’re around each other so much ✨ And they would never get jealous of each other because of that and like imagine them teasing Mark behind his back? Like Amy saying, “oh my god, does he do that thing with you too where he acts all pouty when you don’t kiss him?” And Ethan just goes, “Yes!!” And they burst out laughing and Mark is walking by so he’s like “what’s so funny??” So they stifle their giggling and tell him it’s nothing

Mark being sick and on flu medicine that makes him kind of loopy. Ethan and Amy take advantage of this and convince him that Amy is Ethan and Ethan is Amy and they film him because it’s hilarious ✨

(Obviously they take care of him and bring him soup and medicine and tell him to get rest too)