There is no other way

There was a time,
not so long ago, when
I longed for the way
with such cries of despair.

I cried, “Why me?!
Why must I suffer this way?
There must be a better way!
There must be a BETTER way!”

Each day I cried, and died inside,
until at long last, the Master came to me
and asked:

“Who are you to cry this way?
Do you not know the birthright,
the destiny inherent in your
very own being?”

I wiped away my tears, cleaned my face,
and bowed down low to kiss the master’s
feet with tears of gratitude swiftly replacing
the tears of soul grieving.

The Master smiled and reproached me with
profound loving kindness:

“You are the way.
There is no other way
than the way that you are right now.”

And with this, I shouted a great shout
which shook my universe to its very roots.
Crumbling, crumbling, the “I” became like
a mirage, fading, fading to reveal…

Light beyond light.
Sight beyond eyes.
Sound unhearable, yet deafening.
Love beyond love, like a star
exploding violently until my chest
could no longer contain the NOW.
Too much time, all crammed into
a single moment, my whole life,
a soap bubble in the vast ocean…

And then,
and then,


Day 8 - Best soundtrack.

Final Fantasy X-2 - Eternity - Light & Waves

Probably one of the worst Final Fantasy games with one of the best opening themes.