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The next three seconds feel like an eternity. Your eyes flutter closed. Your heart is pounding. You cling to Steve like he’s all you’ve got in this world.

“Quiver Cupcakes!” Vision cries and your eyes fly open as Steve’s arms wrap around your waist. Your arms circle his neck as he spins you around twice before putting you back down. “Congratulations Quiver Cupcakes.”

“You guys won this round because we loved the flavors you delivered.” Bucky says.

“Not only that but your texture was perfect and the decorations were flawless.” One of the professional judges, Maria Hill, says. “Congratulations.”

You shake hands with Tony, Peter and the three judges, sign some legal paperwork, then you’re free to go.

“We did it!” You cry causing Steve to laugh, you turn to him and grab his forearm. He loops his arms around your waist and pulls your body tightly to his.

“I knew we would.” His voice rumbles through you and you grin up at him best you can.

“Now fingers crossed for Nat and Clint.”

“I’m not worried about it.” Steve says loosening his grip on you, but just enough to see your face. “And now I believe I owe you dinner.”

“Honestly Steve I just want to go home, force my cat to snuggle and eat pizza.” His face falls so you quickly add, “But I feel like you’d be a better snuggler than Marty. So if you wanna postpone that date I’m totally good with that.”

“Or I could buy the pizza and we can still have that date.” He offers, a smile on his face.

“Can I be honest?” You ask wrapping your hand in his and he nods, “That sounds like the best first date ever.” Steve laughs, head thrown back and you grin up at him.

You walk back to your apartment hand-in-hand with him. Marty seems to approve of Steve after a few sniffs and a tail flick, something your temperamental cat rarely does.

You were right. Steve is a much better snuggler than Marty, his warm and firm and his hand drifts slowly up and down your spine. You’re almost asleep when his phone rings,

“Shit. Sorry Doll.” He says shifting to pull the phone out of his pocket. “Hey Buck.” He listens for a bit then smirks, “Nah, I’m gonna stay where I am.” He pauses as Bucky says something else, he’s very loud and it sounds like he’s at a bar. “Have fun. Later Buck.” He hangs up then looks down at you.

“He sounded like he was having fun.”

“Maybe too much.”

“You can go if you want.” You tell him sitting up.

“Seriously Doll. I’m really happy here.” He tells you sliding a thumb along your cheekbone, his hand cupping your cheek. You lean into him and he presses his lips to yours.


Imagine being Lucifers soulmate

Word count: 2186

Request by: anon - Hi! I was wondering if I could request a Lucifer x reader where Chuck is like “yeah Lucifer has a soulmate duh” so Sam, Dean, Cas, Lucifer, and Chuck all go to find them (Sam and Dean ready for her to be all evil) but they’re super intelligent and sweet? Thank you!! 

A/N: Thanks for the request <3

No one’s POV

Sam, Dean, Cas and Chuck were all sat silently in the room thinking of ways in which they could make Lucifer less angry at everything which reduces the risk of him throwing one of his ‘tantrums’ and destroying his brothers and humanity.

“I guess we could find his soulmate,” Chuck spoke out loud breaking the silence causing both Sam and Dean’s heads to shoot up and stare in Chuck’s direction.

“That’s a possibility,” Castiel replied to his father before continuing to look down at the lore book in his hands.

Both Sam and Dean just continued to stare at them in shock. The Lucifer, the very fallen angel which wanted to destroy humanity, had a soulmate, a human soulmate. A long period of silence followed as they were both too frozen to say anything.

“Wait what? Lucifer has a soulmate,” Dean spoke breaking the silence asking the question both him and Sam wanted to ask.

“Yeah Lucifer has a soulmate, duh,” Chuck laughed as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, “I made every angel have a soulmate.”

“Could you take us and Lucifer to her?” Sam asked Chuck steadily and Dean looked at him as if he had just said the most stupid and crazy thing in the world.

“Of course I can,” Chuck replied looking over the small group of people within the room, “It’s just getting Lucifer out of his room and agreeing to the plan that’s going to be the hard part, I don’t think he even knows himself that he has a mate.”

Everyone’s heads drifted to Dean silently, as a group, picking him to be the one to speak to the angry archangel only a few rooms down from them.

“Well I’m not going in there alone with no defence against a moody archangel.” Dean spoke matter-of-factly.

“Who are you calling moody?” A smooth voice called out causing everyone’s heads to shoot over to where the sound came from.

There stood Lucifer leaned against the doorframe with a smug expression covering his face, it was the first time anyone had seen him come out of his designated room almost as if he could sense that the others were talking about him.

“Lucifer, come sit,” Chuck spoke causing Lucifer to pull a face which resembled disgust.

“I’m fine here,” he replied. Lucifer still wasn’t back to being 100% father and son with God (in fact he acted like a teenager) but they seemed to be better than they were when he first got out of the cage and being moody constantly was better to Chuck than his son not talking to him at all.

“Well, what do you all want, I could hear you all thinking my name from my room,” Lucifer spoke into the silent room taking notice of the shocked expressions on the Winchester’s face’s when looking at him.

“Father decided it would be best if took you to see your soulmate.” Castiel informed Lucifer.

Shock was evident on Lucifer’s face for a split moment in time before it returned expressionless to try and hide the emotions he was feeling; it was clear to everyone in the room that he didn’t know he had a soulmate.

“Well, let’s go do that then,” Lucifer spoke calmly yet inside he knew he was excited. After the fall and spending so long in the cage, he had begun to think that his father had not created him a soulmate and was pleasantly surprised to find out that he still had the ability to feel love like his brothers and sisters, “It’s slightly better than doing nothing in my room all day,” he added not wanting anyone in the room to acknowledge his happiness, he still had the reputation of ‘the devil’ to hold.

“That was easier than expected,” mumbled Chuck to both Dean and Sam with a chuckle before raising his hand and clicking sending them all to meet Lucifer’s soulmate.

Your POV

Sighing to yourself, you collapsed onto the sofa, your favourite book in your hand ready to read the night away. The day had been so busy and you hadn’t had a second to relax so you had decided to spend the rest of the night just relaxing, listening to your favourite band and reading. That was until you heard a knocking at the door.

Thinking it was just some hunters coming to you for information you decided to ignore the knocking at the door and continue reading, trying your hardest to relax. They could go to someone else for help, it’s been too long of a day.

The knocking continued so you sighed placing the book down and made your way to the persistent person knocking at your door so late at night.

Shock was evident on your face when you opened the door to 5 men staring at you, two looking slightly scared making you confused as to why they could be here. You slightly backed away from the door in case they were demons (which you doubted highly due to the friendship you had with Crowley, although they could be rouge demons) or any other monster which could have found out you were helping hunters.

Even though you were nervous, your eyes couldn’t help but drift over to the man with blonde hair you just wanted to wrap your hands in and gorgeous blue eyes that you could stare in for eternity, your eyes continued to roam over his body, as did his with yours. You quickly diverted your eyes away from him in case he noticed you checking him out.

“How can I help you lovely men?” you smiled slightly looking at them as a whole.

“We was wondering if we could speak with Y/N,” the guy in the trench coat asked.

“That would be me, please, come in,” you replied, a smile not leaving your face, you nervously watched as they all stepped onto and over the welcome mat which contained a hidden devils trap under it. Your worry slightly lifted when you saw that none of them had gotten stuck. We are demon free, I repeat, demon free you thought to yourself as the men followed you into the kitchen.

“Anybody want a cuppa?” you asked happy that you weren’t in danger, if you were they probably would have tried to attack you by now but you were still cautious just in case.

A chorus of ‘no thank you’s’ was your reply apart from the blonde headed man replying ‘please’ causing all of the other men to look at him as if he had grown another head.

“S-Sure thing,” you cursed yourself for stuttering when talking to him and you felt your cheeks begin to heat up.

You hummed a cheery tune as you quickly spun around and popped the kettle on before making a drink for the both of you. As you handed the mysteriously hot man his drink your fingers collided for a moment and everything felt right like nothing else mattered in that short moment of time but you and him, sparks of electricity running up your arm. Looking up into the man’s crystal blue eyes, you searched for any sign that he had felt the same as you but all you saw was his expressionless face. Quickly, you grabbed onto your drink before sitting down and inviting everybody else to do so.

“So, what is it you guy’s wanted,” you smiled taking a sip of your drink. You had always been a cheerful person, from a very young age up until now and you had always believed that there was too much negativity within the world that you couldn’t possibly contribute to that, so you tried to spread as much joy as possible. It was one of the reasons you started helping hunters with their boring lore work. Lucifer realised that and admired you for it.

“Well, I guess we should introduce ourselves first, shouldn’t we?” the tall long haired man said nudging the person next to him who continued to stare at you like you was some sort of myth or legend.

“Wha- oh yes. Introductions. I’m Dean, that’s…” he paused for a second whilst pointing in the blonde man’s direction, “…Nick?” he said as more of a question, “Chuck, Cas, and this is my little brother Sam.”

It was now your turn to have shock overcome your face. Did you hear them right? Sam and Dean Winchester was in your house, in front of you with the infamous Castiel you had heard so much about. What the heck would they want with you?

“Winchester brothers?” You asked out quietly, surprised that a voice even managed to come out of your mouth.

“Yeah… That’s us, how’d you know?” Sam asked slightly creeped out that you knew who they were.

“Oh come on, every hunter knows about you two,” you stated.

Silence overcame the room as the men processed what you had just said, the only person to show any form of emotion was Nick, a large, proud smirk across his face at the fact you were a hunter.

“Well then, since you know about the supernatural, we can properly introduce ourselves,” Chuck spoke motioning to him and Nick, “I’m God, but I prefer Chuck.”

“Pleasure to meet you Chuck!” You spoke happily sticking out your hand for him to shake, surprising yourself that you didn’t react massively to the fact he had just told you he was the God. He chuckled taking your hand in his, your infectious smile crawling its way onto his face. Everybody then looked in Nicks direction, you saw him nervously fiddling with his hands.

“I, uh, I’m,” he stuttered, a hand reaching to stroke the back of his neck to calm him down as he debated whether or not he should tell you the truth, “I’m Lucifer.”

You smiled and wrapped your arms around him, for some reason it just felt right and both you and Lucifer knew it. He sighed into the hug relaxing instantly when you didn’t freak out over who he was

“Well it’s a pleasure to meet you too Lucifer,” you said into the hug before pulling away from him seeing a smile on his face. The rest of the group seemed shocked at his display of emotion yet Lucifer decided to ignore them and keep smiling at you.

“So,” you spoke suddenly clapping your hands together and reluctantly turning away from Lucifer, “What brings the Winchesters, God and the angels to these neck of the woods.”

Lucifer’s metaphorical heart stopped for a moment when you acknowledged him as an angel, he didn’t think he could possibly fall in love with something as quickly as he was with you.

“You understand the concept of soulmates correct?” Castiel spoke up and you looked over in Lucifer’s direction knowing where the conversation seemed to be heading.

“I do,” you answered Castiel but not taking your eyes off of Lucifer and him not taking his eyes off of you.

“Well, we found out that you are the soulmate of-“

“Lucifer,” you spoke cutting Castiel off. It definitely was the only explanation for the strong attraction you were having for him, it felt as if you had known each other for all eternity.

“Yes, Lucifer is your mate,” Castiel confirmed.

You felt as Lucifer’s hand slid down into yours, fingers locking together causing a grin to appear on both your face and Lucifer’s.

“Okay let’s leave them to it then,” Chuck said shoving the rest of the boys out of the room and throwing a wink at you. Sam and Dean still continued to show shocked expressions at your kindness towards everyone as they were pushed by God out of the room to leave you and Lucifer some privacy to talk.

“Y/N,” Lucifer turned to you and placed a hand on your cheek the other still locked between your fingers, “I know we have only just met, but it feels as if I have been in love with you for eternity.”

“Me too Luci,” you confirmed slightly blushing and ducking your head at the way in which stared lustfully at you.

His hand drifted down to under your chin as he lifted your head to make you look at him. Your eyes locked with his ocean blue ones and it felt as if he was staring directly into your soul. Slowly, with his hand still on your chin, Lucifer leaned down hovering his lips over yours momentarily as your foreheads touched due to how close you were before locking his lips with yours. As cliché as it sounds, you felt butterflies erupt in your stomach when your hand reached up and gripped into his blonde hair. His gentle hand snaked its way around your waist and pulled you closer to his chest as he deepened the kiss. In this moment, wrapped in your soulmate’s arms, feeling the best you had in a while, you knew that you was truly in love as was Lucifer and that he was going to do everything in his power to protect you.

Imagine skyping with Jensen on your anniversary and him having a unique surprise for you.

“Hey, just hanging out on set here with the crew, the car… And a few friends.” Jensen turned the camera to show a group of people right behind him, making you giggle as you saw all the Supernatural fans on the background.

“Woooo!” they all cheered as Jensen waved at them, his eyes still focused on his phone’s screen and therefore you.

“You’re having all the fun there without me huh?” you put on playful frown “Shame on you.”

“Oh you know it’s never real fun without you here, sweetheart.” he grinned at you, winking.

“Just on our anniversary hm? You are a terrible boyfriend.” you tried to say as seriously as you could but it was impossible considering the adorable pout that appeared on his face. Why did you have to love him this much?

“I’m sorry, baby. You know I’d give everything to take the first plane and fly right there to you and give you on of the biggest hugs and kisses.” he sighed a little too sadly and you felt bad for bringing it up in the first place.

“Jens, I didn’t mean it like that. Come on, you know I was just kidding. I am thankful for every moment I spent with you on and off set. I know that you didn’t imagine it like this, but you had to do the extra shooting.” you shrugged, getting comfortable in your bed as you wrapped his flannel closer around you. It was some sort of comfort to be able to smell his scent days like this when he had to leave because he had extra scenes. You did have a role in Supernatural but much like Misha you didn’t have to spend so much time on set like Jensen and Jared.

“I know, I couldn’t skip this because otherwise I would break down but- this is out five-year anniversary. I had so many things planned and-” he bit his lip, turning around so that you could see the Impala again “I wanted us to do so many things today and I just- I screwed up, I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t apologize, please.” you offered him a small but sad smile “We can do this another day, we’ll pretend it’s our anniversary and we can spoil each other as much as we want.”

“It’s just it won’t be the same. And I wanted you to know it today that-” he cleared his throat looking at the group of people again “Just wait, they have a little something for you.” he said a little excited, turning to show them again.

“Alright guys, you ready?” he asked as he got a loud “Yes” as a response.

“One, two-” he glanced behind him “Three!”

“I love you!” they all shouted in unison so that it sounded almost like oe voice and you bit hard on your lip, giggling softly.

“Oh Jensen, I know that already.” you felt your heart swell inside your chest “I love you too baby, very much.”

“I just needed you to know this today.” he whispered “Because things probably didn’t go as planned but I am still set on asking you today-” he took a deep breath, giving the guys a small nod.

“(Y/n)!” they all shouted in one voice, making you grin to yourself “Open the first drawer of your nightstand!” this was harder to say but they managed.

“Ok” you chuckled with a perplexed look on your face as you went for it. But you froze mid-movement when the only thing you saw was a small red velvet box.

“What…?” you whispered, trailing off, not paying attention to your computer as you took hold of it.

“Jensen what-” you tried to swallow the lump in your throat as you felt tears well up in your eyes.

“Open it, sweetheart.” his voice was rough as well, laced with emotion. Even if you didn’t look at him you could picture that nervous and cute smile on his face as well as his glossy eyes.

You did as told, still unable to look up from it as you trembling hands you attempted to open it. For some reason it seemed harder than you’d expect, your muscles refusing to do the simple task but when you actually opened it all air got knocked out of your lungs. Your eyes widened more than before and you could swear you felt a tear slip from your eye as your lips fell apart. You stared at the diamond ring for what felt like an eternity before managing to move your eyes and look back at the screen.

“Jensen…” your voice was barely above a whisper and whatever words you had in mind to say disappeared when you saw the four words on the screen.

“(Y/n)” he breathed out, giving you a nervous smile “I wish I was there to ask you this, but I am not going to waste this day when I planned to make it the best of your life. So I need to ask you one last thing-” he said breathlessly before glancing at them and giving them a nod.

“Will you marry me?” they all shouted in unison as they held boards with the words.

“Will you marry me, princess?” Jensen repeated the question in a whisper.

Toms Wedding Vows - Headcanons
  • He would cry as you walked down the aisle, no doubt.
  • The first thing he would say to you is “You are stunning, darling.”
  • You and Tom had decided to write your own vows
  • You had already expected for his vows to make you cry.
  • So when the officiant asked for his vows you braced yourself
  • He pulls out his little notecards and begins to read them to you, looking up at you between sentences
  • I promise to love you in good times and in bad, when life seems easy and when it seems hard, when our love is simple, and when it is an effort. I promise to cherish you, and to always hold you in highest regard.
  • With our wonderful chemistry, I know we would truly win the newlywed game. And by the way - I’ve signed us up for the Newlywed Game when it comes back on the air in 2020.
  • Wherever you go, I will go. Whatever you face, I will face.
  • You have made me feel more loved than I ever thought possible. Today, I give you all that I am, and all that I have. Just as I give you my hand to hold today, I give you my heart, my faith, my life.
  • I promise to unclog the tub, even though you are the only one of us with long hair.
  • I choose you today. And I would choose you again tomorrow. I would go on choosing you the day after, and every day for the rest of our lives. You are my once-in-a-lifetime.
  • I promise to turn on the air conditioning when you are hot, even if I am totally freezing.
  • I will take you in my arms when you need to be held. I will listen when you need to talk. I will laugh with you in times of joy, and comfort you in times of sadness. I will love you for who you are, and help you to become all that you can be. I will age gracefully with you/grow old with you.
  • I, Tom , take you, [name], to be my friend, my lover, the mother of my children and my wife.
  • I promise to cherish and respect you, to care and protect you, to comfort and encourage you, and stay with you, for all eternity, baby.
  • Per expected, You would bawl your eyes out
  • So would the rest of your guests
  • His eyes would be filled with so much love
  • And he would be smiling so much
  • And oh my god can i just marry him???

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☆☾ Starset Sentence Starters ☽☆

                                                     First Light

  • Events we think to be inconsequential can affect the future unintentionally.
  • ❝ What if you had the power to affect monumental change?
  • Would you let fear consume or would you overcome?
  • We sent a message into the past; a warning!
  • We can change our fate.
  • We can change the future.
  • We can change the past.

                                        Down with the Fallen

  • I have seen an empire falling.
  • Hopeless, can you hear me calling?
  • Light the way and I’ll follow where you go
  • Can you tell me what is real? Cause I’ve lost my way again.
  • Can you tell me how to feel?
  • ‘Cause I don’t feel anything now that I’m down here again.
  • I’m down with the fallen again.


  • I can see you running every night from the same darkness–!
  • If you just say the word I’ll be there at your side. 
  • ❝ You make me superhuman. If you need me to, I’ll save you.
  • If it means the death of me, I won’t let go.
  • If I’m lost in the world’s shadows, I’ll use the light that comes to me from your halo.
  • When you’re backed against the wall I could be the one who’s always there to break your fall.
  • You’re not alone.❞
  • You’re the sun, you’re the day.


  • All my life they’ve let me know how far I could not go.
  • Inside the beast still grows, waiting, chewing through the ropes.
  • Who are you to change this world?
  • No one needs to hear your words.
  • Won’t you come digest me?
  • Take away everything I am–bring it to an END!
  • Could you come and change me?
  • Make me fall–make me BLEED!
  • Take away everything I am!
  • I will hide myself below–I’ll be what you wanted–!
  • Kept inside, I won’t let go–’til I burn beyond control!


  • I hear you calling from behind the star fields.
  • I feel you radiating energy like eternal northern lights. 
  • I will travel the distance in your eyes.
  • I will find you..

                                                It Has Begun

  • Even a well-lit place can hide salvation. 
  • It’s a map to a one-man maze that never sees the sun.  
  • That’s where the lost are the heroes and the thieves are left to drown.
  • But everyone knows by now that fairy-tales are not found.
  • But nothing could ever stop us from stealing our place in the sun.
  • We will face the odds against us and run into the fear we run from.
  • It has begun.

                                                    My Demons

  • Mayday, Mayday, Our ship is slowly sinking.
  • They think I’m crazy, but they don’t know the feeling.
  • They’re all around me, circling like vultures.
  • They want to break me and wash away my colors.
  • Take me high–and I’ll sing–!
  • You make everything okay–!
  • We are one in the same–you take all my pain away!
  • ❝Save me if I become my demons.
  • I cannot stop this sickness from taking over–it takes control and drags me into nowhere.
  • ❝ I need your help, I can’t fight this forever.
  • I know you’re watching–I can feel you out there.
  • Take me over the walls below–fly forever.
  • Don’t let me go.
  • I need a savior to heal my pain.

                                             Point of No Return

  • There’s a memory of how we used to be–I can see it through the flames.
  • Forget the lies and pain–I can’t go back now.
  • The ashes call my name!
  • Pouring the fuel–fanning the flames–making the past an unreachable place–!
  • Break your habit and melt your chains!!!
  • Embrace the fear, chase the fight–the glow of this fire will light up the night.
  • The bridges are burning, the heat’s on my face–it makes my past an unreachable place!
  • I know this is the point of no return.
  • It’s uncomfortable, but such a beautiful desire.❞
  • There’s something sinister about the way it hurts when I watch it burn–but I can’t go back.
We Don’t Talk Anymore

Originally posted by the9397

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (feat. Jimin or the other way around??)

Word Count: 2.469

A/N: this was requested before I went on hiatus when jungkook released the cover but I just now had the time to write it. I hope you enjoy it!

also I didn’t proof read yet, I’m too lazy rn please bare with me

Strolling down the street, head down, you made your way to your university. One arm clutched around the cup of coffee and the other one gripping your bag tightly, knuckles turning white. The tension in your body was eating you out alive, making it impossible to function properly. 

A piercing sound made its way to your ears, causing you to flinch and letting your cup fall to the ground. The coffee splattered all across the sidewalk, passersby throwing you judging looks while your hand roamed through your pockets, searching for the device that was equivalent to the noise that startled you.

Finally being able to grasp it in between your shaking fingers, you held it to you ear, taking a deep breath. 


“Hey babe, how’s your morning?”, his voice echoed through the device, sounding too eager for your still sleepy state.

“Mhh fine”, you mumbled while trying to dodge other passersby on the sidewalk that walked in the opposite direction. “You just startled me and I accidentally spilled all my coffee on the floor.” 

A pout formed on your lips as you realized you’d had to survive the whole day without your daily cup of sweet bitterness to give you a boost of energy. Your day was practically ruined.   

His angelic laugh made a smile appear on your face and you felt your heart flutter at that sound. 

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you (Y/N)”, a soft chuckle escaped his lips. “I’ll come by after your first period and bring you a new one, does that sound good?”

You sighed in defeat. “Jimin, it’s not that big of a deal, don’t worry. It’s just coffee”, you laughed. “I can survive without it.”

His grin was practically audible through the phone. “No, you wouldn’t (Y/N) and we both know that. Your unbearable without your morning coffee. I’ll be there.” 

Walking through the gates of your university, you nodded to some acquaintances and smiled. “How do I even deserve you Park Jimin? Thank you, really.”

He laughed. “Anything for my princess. Now go get to your class, we’ll see each other in a bit!”

You giggled and hung up before letting your phone slide back into your bag and taking a seat in the back row. Still in a lovely daze, you started to unpack and placed your paper and pen in front of you, ready to take notes for once during this lecture. It was one of the hardest to concentrate at and even though you told yourself each time before class to focus, that it’s important for your future, it always ended in a disaster. Not once had you been able to listen to what the professor said, let alone take notes. Your nerves were wrecked every time after class and the only thing that could calm you down was Jimin.

All of a sudden your hackles raised and you knew he was in the same room. He had entered and was looking directly at you, making your whole body react to his gaze even though you hadn’t looked at him yet. You didn’t have to turn to his direction to know that he was there. Your body knew. 

Nervously, you started chewing on your bottom lip and kneading your hands together, trying to hold your gaze to the front. If you looked, this lecture wouldn’t be different from all the others. You had to concentrate. You had to stay strong, You had to stay focused. 

A light breeze made goosebumps appear on your arms and your heart started aching when the smell of his cologne hit your nose. Slowly you closed your eyes, inhaling deeply and remembering…

“I could stay like this forever, you know. You, me and this bed”, his deep early morning voice lulled you in. You softly hummed in response, snuggling closer to his chest and inhaling his unique scent. Butterflies danced in the pit of your stomach and electricity shot through your body wherever his fingers decided to caress your naked skin. 

“Of course we’d need to hire someone then to cook for us, otherwise we’d starve to death”, he added, making you giggle. Your eyes shot up and his hands started playing with your hair while looking at you lovingly.

You loved moments like these. He treated you like the most precious thing anyone could ever hold. He made you feel like the Queen on Earth that nobody could ever compare to. You felt safe and loved. All of his being was devoted to you in those few seconds and you couldn’t think of any better feeling than that. His arms were your home. His eyes were your savior. His lips your treasure. He was everything to you and you were everything to him. 

Just the two of you.

“We could just hire Jin. I bet he’d gladly cook for his youngest child, making sure he doesn’t starve to death”, he laughed at your comment, placing soft kisses all over your face.

“I could never starve to death with you in my arms”, he muttered and you playfully hit his chest, making him gasp in fake shock.

“Geez, you’re so cheesy sometimes”, you said while hiding your face in the crook of his neck.

“Only for you (Y/N)”, he laughed, pulling you closer, enwrapping you in his scent. 

Heaven was nothing compared to his arms.

A high pitched giggle made you come back from your memories and you turned your head to the source of noise, eyebrows furrowed and heart aching. One of your classmates was sitting on his lap, throwing her head back and laughing dramatically while he grinned silently, hands placed on her waist and softly tickling her.

“Stop it Jungkook, you know how ticklish I am!”, she squealed, playfully hitting his arms and smiling widely at him. 

“I know, that’s why I’m doing it”, he answered before continuing his mission.

The professor turned his microphone on, making the girl slide back onto her chair and Jungkook turn his gaze away from her, smile fading instantly. His eye bags looked horrible, eyes sad, almost emotionless. His face was pale and lips chapped. All life seemed to be sucked out of him, just like you were feeling. 

His gaze went up and your eyes met, locking for a small eternity. You saw the blood rush through his veins back to his face again, giving his cheeks a pink tint, eyes sprinkling with all kinds of emotions and lips turning to a nostalgic smile. Your heart fluttered just like it used to with a mix of a painful feeling that seemed as if someone was slamming a knife into it over and over again. Your eyes started to water but you couldn’t tear your gaze away from him. He seemed to suck you in, not letting you go no matter how hard you tried to focus on your professor instead of Jungkook.

Until the girl nudged him in the side and he flinched, breaking eye contact and making you release the breath you didn’t even know you were holding. Quickly, you turned to the front, grabbing pen and paper and eagerly starting to write down whatever the professor was telling. Your mind was still in another dimension but your just automatically wrote everything down that you got a glimpse of. You could feel Jungkook’s stare from the other side of the room, yet you didn’t act on it. It burned holes into your ski but you stayed focused - or at least you tried to.

Throughout the whole lecture you could feel his gaze on you, so when class was finally over, you quickly grabbed your things together and ran out of the lecture hall. Almost running into your boyfriend who was waiting in front of the door, Jimin grabbed your wrist before you could splash the second coffee all over both of you.

“Wow there, slow down”, he laughed and placed a small kiss on your lips, handing you the coffee. 

You grabbed it thankfully, shooting him an apologetic smile and embracing him in a tight hug. That was all you needed in that moment. No coffee, no nothing. Just Jimin holding you tight.

He sensed that and pulled you close, still standing in the middle of the hallway, softly caressing your back, placing a kiss on top of your head. You stayed like that for a while before you looked up at him and gently smiled.

“Thank you”, you spoke, making him look a little lost.

“For what?”, Jimin asked and raised an eyebrow.

You chuckled. “Everything.”

That’s when a huge smile spread across his face, pulling you close into his arms again and softly rocking you from side to side, holding you like you were his world.

And you were. 

“Jimin!”, you called for him from your bedroom, looking at yourself in the mirror while adjusting the tight dress, already looking for a pair of shoes to wear.

His figure appeared in the door frame a second later and he looked at you questioningly. “What’s up?”

You stopped in your tracks and pulled another dress out of your wardrobe.

“Which one should I wear tonight? This black one from when we ate dinner with your parents in that really fancy Italian restaurant or the red one that I’m wearing right now?”, you turned to face him and saw his face. 

“When did you get this dress (Y/N)?”, his eyes were big and mouth slightly open, hands scratching his neck - a habit he had when he was nervous. 

“Mhh I don’t quite remember”, you said while he bit down on his lips, gaze wandering up and down your body. But boy, did you remember….

“(Y/N) have you seen m-”, Jungkook stopped in his tracks as he stepped into your bedroom, seeing you standing there in the gift he got you.

“I see you already tried your Valentine’s gift on”, he smirked before placing his bag down onto the floor and making his way over to where you were standing. His hands gently caressed the material of the dress, following your curves, exploring it as if it was all new to him. 

You hummed in response and turned back to the mirror in front of you, Jungkook holding you from behind. A smirk was placed on your lips as he started leaving sloppy kisses on your neck, biting down every once in a while.

“You know, I was wondering if this dress was maybe more of a gift for yourself than for me”, you jokingly teased, making him smirk onto your skin before sliding his hands down your body to the hem of the dress.

“I’m not gonna lie, it is a pretty convenient gift don’t you think? You get something new to wear as you always complain that you don’t have enough nice things to wear and I get to look at you in it”, cocked his eyebrows at you. “And occasionally taking if off of you again”, he winked into the mirror, making you laugh and turn to face him again.

“I thought you had practice tonight”, you smirked, letting your index finger slide down his toned chest covered by one of his typical white shirts. Purposely you pressed your body against his, letting him feel every single curve of yours.

“They won’t mind if I’m late. After all it’s still Valentine’s Day and we didn’t get to the best part of today yet, did we?”, he leaned in before you could answer but you knew you didn’t need to answer. He knew your response anyway.

Hand in hand you stepped into the restaurant, your heels clacking on the floor while the waiter led the way to the already full table. Heads turned to the two of you but you tried your best to ignore it. Jimin squeezed your hand, sensing how uncomfortable you were feeling. You looked at him and he smiled at you reassuringly, making a smile appear on your lips as well.

As you arrived on the table, everybody greeted you happily before you sat down on the bench side, next to Hoseok who was already smiling at you brightly, making you feel more at ease than you would have thought. He was he definition of an angel and could make anybody happy, no matter in what kind of mood they were in. 

Jimin was sat to your left, so when you accidentally kicked someone’s feet underneath the table while adjusting your seating position, your gaze automatically shot up to dramatically apologize until you met his eyes.

He looked at you as if he was trying to take a mental photograph, regret washing over his face and small tears well up before he could blink them away.

“You look really beautiful tonight (Y/N)”, he complimented you, while holding eye contact, searching for something specific in your eyes. 

“You really do (Y/N! I really love your dress, where did you get it from?”, the girl from your lecture, his girlfriend, asked you. An honest smile was plastered on her face and she seemed sincerely interested.

You smiled back at her. “Thank you! Sadly, I don’t remember where I got this from… I think it might have been a gift or something”, you smiled apologetically and she shrugged before turning her attention back to Taehyung who was sitting on her other side.

As your gaze wandered away from her you noticed Jungkook’s expression. His jaw was clenched, hands hidden under the table but you were sure they were tensed as well. His eyes full of hurt, he glared at you before sinking his look and you noticed a small tear rolling down his cheek that he was quick to wipe away before anybody else noticed. 

At his sight, your heart started to ache like it was about to burn down in flames and every inch of your body longed for his touch. You wanted to comfort him and tell him that of course you did remember. That you could never forget, not him and not anything he had done for you.      

You flinched when Jimin placed his soft hand on your thigh, making you turn your attention to him. 

“Are you okay?”, he asked concerned, motioning to your tensed posture. 

“Yes Chimchim, I’m fine”, you faked a giggle, making him sigh in relief and place a soft kiss on your lips before turning his attention back to Jin who had started to tell his famous jokes. 

You shot Jungkook one last look before turning to Hoseok and starting a conversation with him. You had to distract yourself otherwise you’d go crazy in a matter of minutes.

You hoped that Jungkook would do the same. Distract himself. Do something else than stare at you throughout the whole night.

Jimin couldn’t find out. Nobody could find out.


Thin Layer//Stiles Stilinski&Void!Stiles

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Derek Hale, Reader.

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Stiles was Void. There was no explanation yet, you only knew the term. He was in and out all the time but you were the one taking care of him. Why’d they stick you with the job? Who knows, he didn’t even like you all that much.

“Stiles?” You raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah. It’s me.” He sighed as he sat up, he was handcuffed to his bed by his ankles. Derek took the key.

“How are you?” You tried to smile.

“Oh, y'know my body’s possessed so I’m feeling great. I’m jazzed.” He rolled his eyes.

You scoff. “Yeah. Okay.” You sigh and get up. “You hit me earlier…so thanks for that.”

“I hit you?” His face fell.

“Yeah..I..I mean it’s starting to bruise but I’m okay. A black eye doesn’t compare to being possessed.” You shrug and look out the window.

“I hit you…? Like, I punched you?” He tried to get up before remembering the shackles he was in.

“Yeah. Don’t worry about it.”

“Don’t worry about it?” He scoffs. “Y/N, I hit you.”

“You were void, you didn’t know what you were doing.”

“That’s no excuse.” He sighs.

“I’m fine. Are you hungry? Do you want any food or water?” You look at him.

He shakes his head. “Just water.”

You grab him a bottle from behind you and hand it to him.

“Why are you here anyway? I wouldn’t think you’d want to be alone with me.”

“Oh I don’t.” You sit on the bed. “I just would rather be here than at home doing nothing.” You shrug.

“Fair enough.”

You help him open and drink the water. “So when the Nogitsune takes over you have no memory of the things he’s done?”

He shakes his head, “Nope. It’s like someone else’s brain is there. The last thing I remember is where I was when it takes over.”

“Huh..very strange.” You zone out for a bit, when you come to Stiles is asleep. You get up slowly, trying to not make any noise. You gasp when you’re grabbed by the shoulder.

“Hello, princess.” Stiles smirks. He stands, slamming you down onto the bed.

“Are you going to hit me again? Because, if you are just get it over with already.” You look up at him, the older boy obviously void.

“No…I won’t hit you.” His eyes quickly scan the room. He grabs a pair of handcuffs off of the desk and snaps them around your wrists. You see him reach for a flannel, he rolls it up and wraps it around your eyes. “I trust you not to scream. You know what’ll happen if you do.”

He picks you up and throws you over his shoulder, carrying you outside.

When he takes the blindfold off it’s dark. You can smell the humidity and you feel sticky. You’re in a basement.

“Hey, princess. How do you feel?” He gives you a lopsided grin. You feel goosebumps rise on your arms.

“Kidnapped. I feel kidnapped.” You sigh.

“No need to be angry about it, baby. If this is about me hitting you, that was all on me. I’m sorry.”

You roll your eyes, “Don’t call me baby.”

“So you like princess then?” He sits you in a chair.

“No, but if I argue against princess you’ll just give me another gross pet name.”

He chuckles, “You’re stubborn. I like that. I get what Stiles sees in you.” He ties you up in the chair.

“What?” You look up at him, very confused.

“Oh, you didn’t know.” He smiles and crosses his arms. “This is great.” He ties your legs to the chair.

“God, just tell me already.” You roll your eyes, kicking your legs to fight back.

He grabs your ankle and leans up, inches away from your face. “Don’t fight me, baby. I have no qualms about taking you right here.” He smirks. “See that? Right there.” He places a finger on your jugular and taps it. “I can feel and hear your pulse. It’s through the roof. I know you like this, seeing the boy you’re in love with possessed by an evil spirit. I know that you love seeing him in charge. This is just what you want, isn’t it?” He let’s go of your wrist and grips your chin, turning your face towards his.

You say nothing, just glare at him.

“Answer me, princess.” He tightens his grip on you.

You kick your leg up, aiming for his shin. He doesn’t even flinch at the contact.

“I said answer me.” His hand slides down to your neck

“Yes. Yes, I like when he’s in charge. This is what I want.”

He lets go of you, the bruises on your neck and chin already forming.

“I thought so.” He spat, continuing to tie you up.

You say nothing more, you just sit quietly.

“Did I upset my princess?” He squats in front of you.

“I’m not yours.” You whisper.

“Oh, I think you are. You are now.“

“Why did you pick me anyway? I’m human?” You turn away from him.

“Baby, that’s precisely the point. You’re a weakling. You’ll do what I say because I could kill you with a twitch of my pinky.”

“I can defend myself.”

He chuckles. “It’s sweet that you think so.” He stands up and walks away, doing something on Stiles’ phone.

“What’re you doing?” You mumble.

He doesn’t respond. He turns and looks at you, his face softening. “Y/N?”

“Stiles?” He nods and rushes over to you.

“What did I do? Y/N, I’m so sorry.” He cups your cheek and looks into your eyes.

“Listen, I think he intends on keeping me here. You have to get me out so I can leave.”

He begins to untie you. “Don’t tell me where you’re going. Take the Jeep too.”

“Why not?” You let out a sigh of relief as he releases your wrists.

“He’ll know. Y/N, please be careful. I can’t lose you. Especially not to him.”



“Why the sudden change in character? I thought you hated me.”

“Y/N, I don’t hate you. I can explain when this is all over, okay? Please be careful.” He releases your ankles. “Go somewhere safe. You know who to call.”

You nod and stand up. He pulls you to him and he hugs you. “Be careful. Please.” He kisses your forehead. “Go. Quickly.”

You nod and grab the keys to the Jeep before running outside.

You drive out to your thinking spot, it was hidden in the woods, behind a big oak tree. Two rocks met and formed a small little cubby, somewhere you’d discovered not long after you’d moved here. You parked his Jeep and walked the rest of the way, just in case.

You dialed Scott’s number and explained the situation.

“Stay where you are, I’ll get Derek and Deaton. I’ll call you when it’s safe, in the meanwhile don’t have any contact with Stiles whatsoever.”

You shiver, the cold already doing you in. “Okay. Scott, please hurry?”

“I’ll do my best.”

You hung up the phone and quickly slipped out of the cubby, jogging to the Jeep. You found a flannel lying in the back and you put it on, the extra layer making a world of difference. You return to your spot. After what feels like an eternity you fall asleep, warmth flooding your body as you close your eyes.

“Scott, is she okay? Scott answer me! Jesus Christ, someone please!”

“We don’t know, Stiles. Okay? Just shut up and let us figure this out.” Derek grunted.

You couldn’t see anything, everything you heard sounded like you were underwater.

You felt someone’s hand intertwine with yours. You felt lips against your hand. “Please be okay. I can’t lose you. Not now, not like this. I’m so sorry, Y/N.” It was Stiles.

You felt heat on you, it was nice. You could feel things without the pins and needles. “Stiles?” You tried to choke out.

“She’s trying to talk. Scott!” Stiles shouted. He squeezed your hand as he pushed hair from your face. “Talk to me, baby.”

“What the hell did you kidnap me for?” You sound hoarse.

He laughs as he helps you up, quickly lifting you up off of your feet. “Oh thank God. Are you okay? What happened? I think I remember some of it this time.”

“Hey, slow down.” Scott approached Stiles.

Stiles laughs nervously. “I’m sorry…I just-..are you okay? Really?”

You nod, his eyes scanning the bruises splattered across your body.

“I did that?”

You don’t say anything.

“Y/N, did I do that to you?”

“Yes…but I mean, it’s okay. I don’t blame you. You weren’t you.”

“Except I was. I remember some of it Y/N.” He looks like he might cry.

“I’m gonna…” Scott points towards Derek’s car before walking towards it.

You watch as a tear rolls down his face. “Stiles..” You walk over to him and he turns away from you.

“I hurt you, do you know how much it kills me to know that you have a black eye because of me? That you have little blue and black marks all over your body? Because of me?”


“If I could stop him I would. I really would. I just…It’s like I’m asleep. I can’t control anything. I could only see you.”


“I’m sorry that I’ve been such an ass to you. I thought maybe it would help me, but it only makes me feel worse about everything. I thought…I thought I was going to kill you. I would’ve…he would’ve. If not that, I was afraid you’d died out here. It’s below freezing, did you know that? I don’t know why you even came out here, or why Scott let you. I would’ve never guessed you were here.”

“For God’s sake, Stiles.”


“Stop crying. Just shut up and let me talk.” You step in front of him, wiping the tears from his face with the sleeve of your shirt. “I..never thought I’d tell you this. I thought we’d graduate and go our separate ways, but being with Void earlier made me realize just how much I love you. I don’t think that that should be pushed away. I think we could have something really amazing here. I don’t care that he did this to me, I care that you’re okay. I want you to get better, I want you to not have to fight to stay conscious. The thought of you being drowned out permanently by him makes me want to die. Literally. So…” You chuckle as you watch more tears fall. “If you don’t stop crying and let me finish my speech, I’ll cry too.” He laughs with you and you wipe his eyes again.

“So, stop feeling bad about things you would never ever do, and feel good about the feelings I have for you. Void told me you have feelings for me, so I hope that’s right…considering I just poured my heart out here.”

“Having feelings for you is an understatement.” He laughs and hugs you tight, resting his head on yours. “I feel like you just said everything I was planning on saying to you.”

“Well, you know what would suffice?” You look up at him.

“Ditto.” The two of you say in unison.

“Stilinski, stop crying.” You laugh.

“I physically can’t, I’m stuck between being happy that you like me-”

“Love you.” You correct him.

“Sorry, love me and being upset that I hurt you.”

“If you don’t stop crying I’ll take my feelings back.”

“Okay, I’ll stop.” He laughs and kisses your forehead.

“We both need showers.” You crinkle your nose.

“Together?” He smirks.

“No, not together. I confessed my love for you like 30 seconds ago. Get it together.”

send a number (or 2) and a pairing and i'll try and write a drabble or ficlet

1. chocolate

2. in the snow

3. rhythm

4. irresistible

5. hold my hand

6. tongue-tied

7. blue

8. with you

9. grinding

10. not wearing that

11. can you hear me

12. believe

13. in the storm

14. first kiss

15. shooting star

16. broken wings

17. last dance

18. bite

19. at the edge

20. breaking the rules

21. good riddance

22. books

23. weight of the world

24. my child

25. sunlight

26. tactile

27. happy birthday

28. waiting

29. fading away

30. all I ask

31. blame me

32. open your eyes

33. hope

34. good enough

35. eternal

36. that hurt

37. meant no harm

38. blood

39. secret admirer

40. separation

41. diamond

42. flying

43. pool

44. puppy love

45. under the influence

46. fever

47. throne

48. shackles

49. coming home

50. odds and ends

Just An Interview

Originally posted by sir-henry-cavill

Originally posted by benahffleck

Requested by @myteenwolf-world: 

“Hi lovely! Could you write an imagine where the reader is Bruce Wayne’s sister and she meets Clark Kent at a party? Clark asks her out but Bruce doesn’t approve. So they go out in secret but he finds out and gets all over protective over her? Thanks in advance!”

Warnings: Fluff, swearing

Notes: Love this request!!

“At least try to look like you’re enjoying yourself.” 

“This is me trying.” You huffed back before pressing the champagne glass to your lips and taking a sip of the bubbly liquid.

“Well try harder then.” Your brother retorted making you roll your eyes as he walked away to go talk to some rich snob. “Well try harder then.” You mimicked under your breath before downing the rest of your champagne. 

You didn’t understand why your brother felt the need to drag you to every single event and party the two of you were invited to, but he did. Every time you complained about going he would say something about being a ‘Wayne’ and having a ‘reputation’ to uphold. 

In your opinion your ‘reputation’ could suck it. 

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he says a flower can
only be picked once &
every breath spent after
that is dying & maybe my
heart only holds pictures
of sunsets because it’s
the only way I still remember
your eyes, eternity was
the way you made talking
to you feel like no time at
all - I’ve never minded
bleeding, darling, if he
can walk away, so can


Menstrual Mission: Peter Parker One Shot

Warnings: kissing mention, period, blood mention, and cuddle fluff

A/N: HI! I’M BACK! I will try to write whenever I can but my schedule has been crazyyyy because of school, scholarships, college crap, studying, medical issues, blah blah blah. We just started fiction again in my creative writing class so I will hopefully be able to get out a lot of content before we switch back to nonfiction writing and poetry. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this little drabble thing that I wrote because mother nature visited me yesterday (yay -_-). It’s not my best work, but it’ll do for now. Thanks if you read this author’s note btw, you’re the real mvp.

Not a request, but I always take them so ask away!

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(not my gifs)

Young Leonardo DiCaprio was currently trying to convince Juliet to marry him on the screen of your TV, his old-timey lines juxtaposed to the modern costumes and sets made the whole situation hilarious. You giggled at his antics, but ensured you were quiet as not to wake your sleeping boyfriend whose head rested on your lap. 

Somewhere between the start of the film and Romeo creeping up on Juliet by the pool, he had laid down on you, his feet up on the couch and head on your legs, eventually causing a little discomfort for you. You didn’t mind though because you knew how tired he could get, being Spider-Man most of the night and all.

Now, however, discomfort had been replaced with pain and the urge to get Peter off of you. You were confused with this as it’s not like his head weighed enough to cause this much pain. Just as Romeo kissed Juliet victoriously, you realized what this pain was: you had just gotten your period.

Frantically, your mind began trying to figure out how to get Peter off of you so you could go to the bathroom and not bleed all over his couch. After an eternity of mental torment, you closed your eyes and took a long breath before attempting your escape.

You placed your hand on the base of his neck and the other at that of his head to avoid accidentally jarring him awake when you got up. Sadly though, you were no Spider-Man, and therefore not as sneaky or agile as you had hoped. The second you shifted your weight to your feet in an effort to stand, Peter’s eyes lulled open.

Blinking sleepily at you, he spoke in a low voice, “Where are you going?”

“Sorry to wake you, Peter, but I need to go to the bathroom,” you replied as you bent down and stroked his hair briefly before turning to walk away.

Groaning, he rolled on his side and wrapped his arms around your legs.

“Don’t leave meee,” he whined.

In any other situation, you may have found his childishness hilarious or even endearing, but when you were seconds away from permanently staining your favorite pair of sweatpants, not so much.

“Peter, I really need to leave, please let me go!” you rushed, your eyes pleading with his begging stare.

Finneeeeeee,” he breathed out, releasing you from his embrace before slowly sitting up on the couch as he watched you scurry off to the bathroom.

His brows furrowed when he could feel your worry (thanks to his spider-senses). On edge, he stood from the couch and went to stand outside the bathroom.

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BTS Reactions - You wearing a dress

You smile at the mirror when you see the reflection of yourself. Your boyfriend recently bought you a beautiful dress, and you’re wearing it on your date tonight. A knock on the door lets you know that your boyfriend is about to come in, so you turn to the door, ready to show him how you look.

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Goodnight my love.. may your dreams be as beautiful as you and you wake with that dreamy grin that satisfies the deepest parts of my soul.. may you wake knowing that my heart is filled with love for you, for eternity..
—  Eue - Thoughts of Skeeter

There’s this greenhouse not too far from my house that I fell in love with when I went for the first time last year. It’s so crowded, but all of the plants are very healthy and pest-free. They have 50+ year old cacti and a ton of exotic plants.

@eternity-in-your-eyes this is just amazing! I don’t know if I’d be able to leave a place like that once I have entered haha thank you for the submission as I could only imagine having a greenhouse like that some day.
Addewid (V)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Kai (Jongin)

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 4,416

Summary: You cannot appeal to my better nature, for I have none. I am not human, little one.”

You’ve always known you were different. You’re able to see them, after all, able to see the Others. You’ve also always ignored them. Until the day comes where you’re forced to make a choice - one that throws your world into chaos. And sends you down a path you might never return from.

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

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