“A thousand, thousand lifetimes would be too little time to thank Thee, to bless Thee, to praise Thee for so immeasurable a gift.  Give me then, when Thou callest me to Thyself, an eternity in which to praise Thee beyond the veil where, for the moment, Thou art hidden in the glory of the Father and in the brightness of the Holy Ghost.  Amen.”

~Prayer of a Benedictine monk

(Art via bibletopicsonline.org)

What is love?
Its not just about proposing your girl, its about how much you protect her.

Its not just about exchanging gifts on valentine’s day, its about how transparent you both are in exchanging your thoughts.

Its not just about commitment, its about care and affection that pushes you both till eternity.

Its not just about the rings you both exchange during wedding, its about how much you value your relationship.

Its not just about sharing your bed, its about extending your love to your extended family.

Its not just about giving birth to a baby, its about letting your children know they are loved for all their imperfections.

Its not just about being together in happiness, its about fighting the hardest battle together.

Its not just about butterflies and bed of roses, its about sacrifice, understanding and accepting.

Love is in the air, love is everywhere.
Do not chase love, love everyone.
Love is the most luxurious gift that anyone could give you, Share your luxury and put a smile on everyone’s face.

—  Sneha VJ

A month ago I found on YouTube amazing animation called, “Welcome to Hell”. Since then, my life completely changed. Thank you Erica Wester! And thank you, accident!
Yes. That’s Maxwell, but I’m still not good at drawing like this. He’s in Jon’s hoodie, what also isn’t made very well. But I think…that’s cute? “Wait…that was terrible”…

You chose her. You married her. You have a kid with her. So why is it when you’re lying in bed awake at 3:00 am I’m the one you call. Why is it that when you’ve had a rough day my number is the first you dial just waiting for me to say “Hi Prince.” You left me for her so why is it that you still have my pictures saved and even after 5 years of being apart you’ve still managed to hold on to them. You’re with her so why is it that every year on my birthday at 12:00 am you’re the first to say “Happy Birthday.” You’re married to her so why is it that when we both walk past you, your eyes linger on me. Why did you choose her if you love me?

Excerpts from the book I’ll never write #350


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