Behold, I have reached the peak of the mountain and my spirit has taken flight in the heavens of freedom and liberation.  I have gone far, far away, O children of my mother; the hills beyond the mists are now hidden from my view, the last traces of the valleys have been flooded by the ocean of serenity, and the paths and trails have been erased by the hand of oblivion.  The roar of ocean waves has faded.  I no longer hear anything but the anthem of eternity, which harmonizes with the spirit.

Made this for my Twin Flame @cate.dwyer I dedicate this piece to her and all the other couples who have found there twin flames. I used purple to represent the energy shared because purple is the color with the highest frequency and the love shared between twin flames is a type of love that transcends the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms. #twinflames #soulmates #eternallove #destiny #eternity #love

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