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This is written in one go and un-beta’d. Hope you’ll like it anyway.

Rating T
Tags: Humor, sexual humor, established relationship

Stiles should really have thought this through. He just thought that since Derek’s older than him maybe he would like being called daddy? Derek never asks for anything, is always so shy when it comes to sex so Stiles has to figure out Derek’s kinks himself. He wouldn’t mind if he’d have to call out daddy now and then if it made Derek feel good. And if Derek didn’t like it Stiles expected that he’d either tell Stiles this or not say anything. This, though, was completely unexpected and Stiles doesn’t really know how to handle it.

“Come on,” he says and Derek stares at him as if he’s grown a second head, standing a few feet from the bed, looking slightly nauseated.

“I know your dad,” Derek says and Stiles winces. “I have beer with him every other weekend. I work with him. He’s my boss.

Derek visibly shudders.

“I’m sorry, I was just testing-”

“To see how quickly you could make my boner die?” Derek asks and Stiles winces again.

“I’m sorry,” he says again, “I didn’t know. Come back to bed. Please.”

Derek looks to be contemplating actually not coming back but at last he sighs and lies down again next to Stiles.

“Come here,” Stiles says and pulls Derek against him, because while Derek might’ve been turned off by Stiles’ words, Stiles still was good to go. Derek sighs softly and lets Stiles kiss him.

Stiles’ words are soon all but forgotten and they’re quite heavily making out when Stiles gasps out,

“Yeah, daddy, just like that!”

Derek’s out of the room in two seconds flat.

“Too soon?” Stiles calls out.

Derek doesn’t reply.

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38. “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”
(Thanks for the prompt, I hope you like it <3)

“You fainted…straight into my arms.” Stiles stated, watching the alpha, while contemplating something. “You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

“Yes, getting stabbed by a wolfsbane laced knife was my way of getting your attention” Derek deadpanned, rolling his eyes before looking back down at his book; wondering why their witch hunt yesterday had come into conversation.

“I feel privileged you went through all that effort” Stiles smirked at him, nudging the alpha’s knee with his foot. Derek looked at Stiles’ foot and then to his face, trying to work out how long they had been so tactile, giving Stiles the impression it was okay to be so openly touchy with him. He’d never admit it, but he would miss it if Stiles stopped doing it. Derek cleared his throat and closed his book, putting it on the coffee table before getting up to walk to the kitchen area.

“Hey, what’s up?” Stiles asked as he entered the space, touching Derek’s forearm; his fingertips igniting Derek’s skin. He flinched and immediately regretted it as Stiles retracted his hand. Derek sighed heavily, trying to think of something to say. He didn’t need to think for long as it was Stiles who broke the silence.

“You know, there are easier ways of getting my attention” Stiles commented.  Derek turned to look at him, all his words hitting a block in his mind. Derek just stared as Stiles bought his hand up and placed it on Derek’s side, tracing the now non-existent wound there.

“I thought it was gonna be a lot worse than it was you know, I didn’t think you’d heal” Stiles said, pulling his hand away and looking Derek in the eye. “Kind of made me wish I had done something sooner”

“It’s fine, it wasn’t your fault” Derek tried to reassure him, not knowing why Stiles was blaming himself for Derek getting hurt, when Stiles was the one who managed to throw the knife to Allison in time to kill the witch.

“That’s not what I’m… look Derek what I’m trying to say is –” He cut himself off by moving forward and placing his lips against Derek’s briefly, lingering a moment before pulling away. Derek stared back at the gorgeous whiskey eyed man in front of him, trying to get his mind to catch up.

He watched as Stiles darted his tongue out to wet his lip and it felt like his thoughts came crashing through like a tidal wave. He moved in and kissed Stiles again, more fiercely than Stiles had kissed him, parting his mouth and tracing his tongue against Stiles’ lower lip, wanting to gain entrance into the mouth he had wanted for so long.
He felt Stiles’ hand come up to rest against the nape of his neck, the other in his hair. Derek held onto Stiles’ hip and cradled his face with the other hand, caressing his cheekbone with his thumb. When they parted, Stiles just looked up at him, his eyes bright.

“Is that what you had in mind?” Derek smirked, swiping his thumb down Stiles’ jaw, his other hand resting underneath the hem of Stiles’ batman shirt, tracing the smooth skin above his hipbone.

“Totally what I was going for” Stiles smirked before linking his hands together behind Derek’s neck. “Think we could try that again?” Derek just smirked leaning back in to nip at Stiles’ neck, tracing his tongue across the shell of his ear.

“Or that, that works too” Stiles said slightly more high pitched, before pulling Derek’s mouth to his, giving Derek the chance to chuckle slightly before kissing him again.

Since I’ve been freaking out about Hoech shaving, I decided to channel my emotions into attempting to write my second sterek fic!

Stiles is late. It’s not like this is something new. He’s always late, but only if whatever it is he’s supposed to be doing or where ever he’s supposed to be is like unimportant. There’s been way too many life or death situations happening to him over the past six years, and he’s pretty sure he’s earned the right to be late to the lame stuff. Especially since he just got home from school (he’d literally walked out of his last exam and straight to the Jeep), and he wanted to hang out with his pops. Although Dad had been kind of weird and basically kicked him out of the house by saying, “Don’t you have somewhere to be?” Stiles had looked up at him over his half eaten bag of Cheetos and glared. To which Dad’s only response was to say, “Say hi to Derek for me.” So Stiles had licked the cheese dust off his fingers, wiped his hands on his jeans, and dragged himself back out to the Jeep. He has a working theory that his dad is dating someone, and there’s a high probability that that someone is Mama McCall, and he really needs to have a discussion with Scott about this. They have spy equipment from their thirteenth birthdays. It is totally going to be used. (He’s ignoring the whole ‘say hi to Derek’ thing. Because seriously. What the fuck was that?)

But anyways, he’s dragging himself up the front steps of the McCall House, kind of dreading this whole thing because he’s late now, and the whole pack is here already, and he’s going to make a scene. As much as he acts like he enjoys attention… He just doesn’t. It’s like a coping mechanism or something. Not that it should matter with this bunch of assholes anyways. With that thought in mind, Stiles kind of just barges on in there, heading for his favorite arm chair that better fucking be open or heads are going to roll.

“Yo Scott,” He starts, striding across the living room. “Do you think it’s possible that…” He trails off, right foot half way to the ground. Something was wrong with this picture. Liam and Mason are on the loveseat, playing some kind of ridiculous hand slapping game. Scott’s got Kira on his lap, with Malia perched on the armrest of the chair they’re in like a fucking hawk or something. All normal. Lydia’s on one end of the couch, smirking at him, which while disconcerting is still normal. And then Derek… “What is going on?” Stiles finally drops his foot, stepping closer and bending slightly to just kind of study Derek.

This is bad.

Everything is bad.

HE WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THIS FUCKING BULL SHIT OKAY. Today WAS NOT the day to feel like he was fucking sixteen again experiencing awkward boners for grumpy older werewolves.

The thing is, he’s fully come to terms with his giant, no good, all-encompassing crush on Derek Hale. He’s cool with it, honestly. It’s part of his life now, and generally Derek’s presence is just kind of expected, and he totally deals with it. Because Derek… with Cora still in Brazil or something and Lydia away at college, there’s no one around to constantly hound him about his appearance, and he ends up looking like a fucking mountain man. He lets his hair grow and his beard gets all long and uneven and his eyebrows can probably support a family of barn swallows. And oh boy does it make things easier for Stiles. It’s not like Derek looks bad all scruffy and unkempt. Stiles is pretty sure he could grow a mullet or do dreads and he would still be smokin’ hot. BUT Stiles always prepares himself before seeing Derek. Gets all calm and cool and collected so he isn’t leaking arousal and shit all over the place.

But he was not expecting this BULL SHIT.

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