This was sort of, half-inspired by a Dutch commercial. I mean, your muse has gotta come from somewhere, right?

(Also, nerd!Derek, because nerd!Derek)

(Also, if you know where the title is from *shoots finger guns*)

Title: Eight Feet of Water

Stiles feels like he’s going to burst out of his own skin with nerves and excitement.

BHHS had decided - for some unknown reason, but Stiles isn’t going to bother correcting them - that sending a bunch of sixteen year olds to the local swimming pool for an afternoon. He takes a moment to thank every deity out there before he steps out into the pool area.

It’s not like he’s very confident about his body or something - he’s not ugly by any means, but he’s no Chris Evans - but he knows some people who are and dear Lord, is he looking forward to seeing those in swimwear.

It’s probably kind of perverse of him, but whatever, he’s a teenager. He’s allowed to find others hot for no reason, it comes with the territory. He would say he’s mostly looking forward to seeing Lydia in a bikini, which is true to some extent, but what he’s really excited for is Derek Hale.

Mainly because Derek Hale is cute as fuck, wears glasses, and oversized sweaters and blushes at the smallest things and Stiles may or may not have a crush on him, but he’s also hot.

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literaryoblivion  asked:

I know just how you feel about wanting simple happy fluff to counter the horrors of the real world. See if any of these appeal to you. My preferred pairing is Sterek, but you can substitute as you like. “You have something on your face” OR “I can’t have a kitten” OR “So this is what it feels like!” OR “I can’t believe they made me take a cooking class. Well, I’m going to make it fun my own way!"

(If none of these trigger your imagination, then I look forward to reading whatever else you write.)  - @nothingtoseeherejustmovealong

Sorry, you submitted your prompt instead of sending it in an ask, so I sent the prompt to myself in an ask. Also… I used all of them hahaha. :)

Stiles begrudgingly trudged into the class, scanning the room for an empty station. He wasn’t sure how big the class was, had just signed up for the first available spot to get this over with. Because his dorm hall advisor is a mean and his RA is a rascal and as punishment for what was very obviously an accident involving the oven and something resembling a hot pocket, they made him sign up for a cooking class. Any cooking class in fact as long as it made him use someone else’s kitchen and he learned something.

He grumbles to himself as he sits at one of the empty cooking stations. “I can’t believe they made me take a cooking class.” He looks around and so far only about half the stations are filled, most of them are couples making googley-eyes at each other over their hot plates. Great, he signed up for a couple’s cooking class.

“Whatever,” he says to himself, eying the empty seat next to him. “I’m going to make it fun my own way!”

He’s not quite sure how he will do that, but he’s sure he’ll be inspired by something before the course is through.

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Derek raking all the leaves in the yard into a pile to bag up and Stiles jumping into the pile with their two young kids.  Derek can’t even pretend to be mad about it because their laughter is the best sound he’s ever heard, so he jumps in too so that he can kiss Stiles while their kids call them gross. 

I just have such a profound need for best friend to lover AUs when both sides think there is no chance of anything ever happening.

Sharing beds together since they were little kids and never really growing out of that habit even though it now hurts to be that close to each other, knowing it will never be anything more than platonic cuddling. 

Each of them being that one person the other goes to to feel better when they’ve had a shit day or date. Bonus if it’s 3am and they spend all night talking.

Neither of them realising how much they act like they are dating/married and getting super flustered or sad when someone asks how long they’ve been together because do you have to remind me of this painful unrequited torment I die a little more of with every passing second?

How much they make each other smile when one of them walks into a room. 

Drunk kissing.

Practice kissing.

Going as each other’s dates to everything because it’s “convenient”. 

Wearing each other’s pyjamas when staying over somehow becoming more arousing than if the other person was naked. 

Having inside jokes and finishing each other’s sentences as casual as anything. 

Knowing random medical shit about each other. Bonus if one of them takes an allergic reaction to something and the other one just pulls out some random ass medicine like they carry it around all the time- spoiler: they do- just in case of this exact eventuality. 

The heart break of seeing each other with other people but doing their best to see it through with a grin and with as much encouragement as they can muster. 

Staring a little too long at each other. 

The awkward moment when they reach the age they said they would marry each other if they were still single.

Getting fake married as kids and family members always reminding them about it , maybe going as far as to put on the video of the fake ceremony and giving them knowing looks.  

Something happening- a kiss, sleeping together- and getting into an argument about it, scared this is it, this is the end, that they’ve fucked up and just wishing they could talk to each other about it, to their best friend. 

Having the best black mail material on each other but ready to pounce on anyone else who so much as dares try black mail their BFF. 

Having a song. Having a whole playlist. 

Laughing the first time they have sex. 

Already having seen each other at their very worst.

Getting to say cheesy things like, “I can’t believe I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend” or “I know I’m marrying you but…do you think I could still be in charge of your send off party? I’ve been planning this night for ten years and I will not have someone else mess those plans up.” 

Even after years of being together, still being in awe of the fact they get to have the one person they thought they’d never get. The person they helped ask other people out. The person they used to give the “you deserve someone who loves you for you” speech to. The person they used to look at and wonder why does it have to be you? The person they look at now and think it could never have been anyone else.