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Pure Hiphop at its finest, Multisyllabic is one of the best ways to describe the style. Few of us MC’s can pull it off proficiently but we got it on point…download or buy a physical copy!/profile.php?id=100003384773037

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Psalm 31:1-3 (VOICE)
1 You are my shelter, O Eternal One—my soul’s sanctuary!
    Shield me from shame;
    rescue me by Your righteousness.
2 Hear me, Lord! Turn Your ear in my direction.
    Come quick! Save me!
Be my rock, my shelter,
    my fortress of salvation!

3 You are my rock and my fortress—my soul’s sanctuary!
    Therefore, for the sake of Your reputation, be my leader, my guide, my navigator, my commander.

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#Salvation #MyLeader #MyGuide #MyNavigator #MyCommander

"Eternally I perceive Verbal external burnings dementedly as leaked MC skeletals reached incomparable disassembly evidently increased Inferno degrees, Lethal deployments tempted KGs evil melodies effectively relentless, Poisonous injecting rappers bodily beats suddenly fractured seized off dishonorably, Mental weaponry unleashed Instrumental murder sprees severing as Berserkers breathe elemental utensils diseased like Leprosy fatally achieved, KG 5150 unstable like epilepsy tornadoes intercepting troubled speeds of ICU Heart flutterings that speak heavily of Hiphops suffering, Black helicopters of Lyrical Holocaust proverbs critically disturbed like Sacrificial offers dispersed by Spiritual Mossbergs shooting enemies proper into mineral crosswords, Telepathic deliverance Mephistos villainous pistols dispatching missle significance leaving no fingerprints Eternals magnificent in MC disfigurements, Articulate nemesis unveiled Funeral certificates smoking cigarettes ridiculous extended malevolent clips 4 dismemberment" #EternalOne #EnterMyPsychosis


Visited the Valley News Live fb page and happened across some racist bigots on the story about the burned dog. My aunt, WHO IS NATIVE, OWNS the animal rescue on our Rez saved that dog. Great to know white peoples high regards of us. Saw these right away Tuesday and just stewed over it. These are only a few of the many racist bigot gems from the pile of turd comments. It disgusts me that these people don’t know us and yet pass judgement on us like this. “Send them to ISIS.” “Burn down the rez” ARE YOU KIDDEN ME?! What century is this?


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