These are the members of my Potter Family. These are the people I will never unfollow. It’s because of them that I have a reason to log on every day. I know them all by name and they are always there when I need to talk. They are some of the most amazing people you will ever meet on tumblr and I am lucky to consider them my family. Follow them!

acciohorcrux (JK) / swelldame (Luna) /  eternallypotter (Harry)

acciophoenixes (Hermione) / accio-thegoldensnitch (Ron) / muggleborn-princess (Rose)

weareaallstardust (Ginny) / gryffindorstrength (Bellatrix) / somethinglestrange (Tonks)

lestark (Tonks) / originalspells (Draco) / pinkpygmypuff (McGonagall)