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To be honest I've always wondered why we have to explain it. This is who I'm dating, what does it matter what they weigh? But I guess that kind of is to be expected. I've heard guys getting made fun of for being supposed chubby chasers so I won't even ask if they get made fun of I already do. But could you give me a clue as to why they get chastised?

I couldn’t tell ya, as I’ve only chastised people for when they date someone who’s stupid and treats them terrible. lol.

I never have been chastised, really. Joked on every now and then, but it is the pals-joking-around kind of stuff, not the hurtful shit.

I assume it’s because people are nowadays raised to be a certain way, and expect their partners to be their ideal image of what society considers as “beauty” or “handsome,” etc., etc. And of course, anything that isn’t considered to be the “norm” is strange and unusual.

T’is society. Back in the day, it was the opposite, as bigger people were looked at as wealthy, powerful, and healthy.

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Hmm. I’m really asking as I’m curious, not trying to be rude. Is it really considered (in the male world) THAT horrible to be a CC? Whereas when girls say “I love Chubby dudes” it’s cute..?

More and more people are a lot more chill about it, but then you get the frat boys and whatnot. It isn’t horrible at all, it’s the same as having a preference of any other body type. Just back in the day, there was this whole pressure to date skinny. I never did though, all the girls I dated, were with, or liked, were-in some form or another-curvy.

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Aww! That's so cute! What made you decide that it's okay to tell people, and why were you nervous in the first place?

Social stigma. I’ve done A LOT of growing in the past year, especially mentally. I’ve had a “don’t-give-a-fuck” attitude about myself for a while, but for some reason I felt a bit shy with that.

And I just said “You know what? Who cares.” And just blatantly make it known whenever someone meets me or something. I mean, my Facebook profile pic is of me wearing my “I Heart Chubby Girls” t-shirt. lol.