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  • Me before playing Pillars of Eternity: Great! With five companions slots I will be able to take my favorite companions with me at all times! There is no way I will love ALL of the 8 companions, after all!
  • Me after playing Pillars of Eternity: ...
  • Me after playing Pillars of Eternity: I was so wrong.
  • Me after playing Pillars of Eternity: I'm crying each time I choose party composition and venture forth.

“Never one….”
“Without the other.”
Recently I got back into playing League after taking a break due to my busy work schedule and I got to try out Kindred for the first time. I really love their design, how they play and I adore their voices ;A;. Here I already made the masks for both Lamb & Wolf parts :)  I’m planning on making the Lamb costume to wear and I wanted to try make the wolf as a puppet possibly and add some cool effects, I’ve never made anything like this before so it’ll be an interesting learning experience! This is something I have no set date for, so another project I’ll be working on between commissions and other stuff x3
Masks are made from EVA foam, then cut and shaped with a heat gun and sanded and carved with a dremel tool ~

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For tmi Tuesday, I see you mention "the first eliza" a lot. What does that mean? How many Eliza's are there?


The First Eliza is the protagonist of my eternally-in-progress fantasy series, The Little Steps! She came into my life several years before Eliza Shepard did (in fact, Eliza Shepard started out as me being curious about what the First Eliza would do in the Mass Effect universe; then she insisted on developing a personality of her own, and became the Shepard of Ghost), hence being the “First” Eliza. 

She is a hot mess – all my female OCs are, one way or another, because I love my messed up, Chaotic Good, determinator heroines, but the First Eliza is the prototype for all of them. They’re all reflections of specific aspects of the First Eliza, which…should give you a pretty good idea of how screwed-up she is. 

But she’s not giving up on herself, and she loves fiercely, and she is exactly the person you want riding in to save you when everything has gone to hell. 

And because I can never resist plugging Sparrow’s work, please enjoy this mindblowing portrait of the First Eliza that @sketchingsparrow did for me (thank you, Sparrow <3<3): 

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How are you? If you aren't feeling well I hope you get better! How did you come up with Grey's concept?

Yo! I’m doing okay, I ahaha….yeah… i hope so too, eh~

Grey? well… i doodled him in class last summer and i dunno, it just developed from there… the more i draw and the more i work on his AU the more i figure out Cx so it’s like an eternal work in progress~

heh… you wanna see what he looked like in the original drawing? it’s pretty shit…

yup! that’s the first ever drawing of him~


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If you read any fanfic, you reckon you know any good credence and graves fics ?

i laughed aloud when reading the line “if you read any fanfic” because when i’m old and gray and recall what has happened during my life i’ll probably realize i spent at least ¼ of it reading fanfic of all kinds my point is YES I CAN HELP YOU 

Shooting Stars & Silver Moons by writingramblr. A coffee shop AU, Credence is the barista, Graves happens to want coffee, it’s cute af, it’s a coffee shop AU if you need some fluff at the end of the day. WORK IN PROGRESS. 

such as is common to man by  imochan. Credence goes to London with Newt, and finds the real Graves here. He is nothing like Grindelwald. I really loved the way Graves was portrayed there. Angsty fic, perfect fic. Also Graves teaches Credence magic, and it’s incredible and very well written. SMUTTY. COMPLETE. 

What Shines Through by l_cloudy. a fUCIKING SUGAR DADDY AU TAKING PLACE DURING CANON IM !!! i read the first chapter yesterday and words cannot express how much i fucking love it im just. siGN ME THE FUCK UP. WORK IN PROGRESS. 

Where Does the Good Go?  by Midnight_Musings. Graves cares for Credence fter the incident between Tina and Mary Lou Barebone. Then Grindelwald enters and fucks it all up. 10/10 would recommend. WORK IN PROGRESS. 

I still remember your soul of beauty,  by JuliaBaggins. Grindelwald taunts the real Graves by talking to him about Credence. Sad and powerful. COMPLETE. 

Angel On His Shoulder  by writingramblr. *bangs fists on table* A !!! FUCKING !!! PRIEST !!! AU !!!! WITH CREDENCE AS THE PRIEST !!!! NEED I SAY MORE??? I DONT THINK SO !!!!! this is hitting all of my sweet spots, i’m a sucker for this kind of shit, pls do yourself a favor and read it. WORK IN PROGRESS. 

Eternity In A Heartbeat  by writingramblr. Werewolf! Credence and Vampire!Graves. The later mistakes Credence for a human and his dinner but gets more out of this encounter than he thought. Honestly. Just. Vampire Graves. VAMPIRE GRAVES. SMUT. COMPLETE.

his hands so cold they shake by plinys. Soulmate AU in which each time your partner is hurt, you feel the pain yourself. Graves is not okay, and neither is Credence. Strongly recommend it. COMPLETE. 

The Lord’s Work by betts. Modern AU. Credence is a Jehovah Witness, Graves is a cop, and I very much enjoy Sinning. It is Very Good™. SMUTTY AND COMPLETE. 

Okay, I’ll stop for now, and i hope you’ll find some of these to your liking !! I’ve been stalking the Fantastic Beasts tag on A03 since I saw the movie, and i’ve read a lot more than that, so if you need any other recommendations, maybe for other ships, let me know. Enjoy, love !!  ❤️ ❤️

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the challenge: post 5 things you like about yourself and then pass on to 10 followers (i’m bad at this y’all can do it if you want)

1. i can hold a conversation in four different languages

2. my eyelashes are ridiculously long and full

3. i taught myself to type quickly by writing fanfic in middle school (meanwhile my sister has to take a keyboarding class :P)

4. i’m super self-sufficient and can do lots of things on my own (like traveling! and exploring big cities!)

5. i’m nowhere near being perfectly accepting of myself but i know i’ve improved as a person in the past few years