“Here,” Scott murmured, making his way over to Allison with yet another blanket from the back. He could practically feel his heart shivering, stammering with the rest of his body and saw the shake in the dark-headed girl’s gaze. While he should have kept his ground, he couldn’t help but worry about her. After all, she did just die. With trembling fingers, he laid the material over her shuddering shoulders.

eternalhunterallison-deactivate  asked:

Stefan has died. [give me feels pls]

".....has died." finish it in my ask.

                      No, no, you’re kidding…

        [ She dark haired vampire whispered, her whole body tensing after she heard the sentence. You could see her jaw tensed, her chocolate orbs wide open, and how a mix between panic and desvatation appeared in her features while her ‘I don’t give a damn’ facade broke slowly ;painfully.

                          No, he couldn’t be dead. From all the people in Earth, from all the men in it — him. Her Stefan.

                  Her legs became jelly in a blink, shaking and finally failing, making her fall over her knees while tears were already falling over her cheeks. ]

                      He can’t be… He can’t… He…

   [ And she couldn’t take it anymore. All her control, all her sanity, everything just was thrown out the window. A yell in pain slipped out from deep of her throat, her hands holding both sides of her head like if these three simple words could make it explote.

                                                                            —Though it felt like that.

                                           Not only his husband was dead now. Oh, no — but her confident, her love ; the reason why she was still having humanity inside her. ]

                      You said forever! You said that you will be with me forever!

                            [ With who was she talking? Not even she knew it. She just wanted to stop the pain in her chest, right there, where her heart was supposed to be. ]

                      This? —This isn’t forever…

                [ This is h e l l . ]